Breastfeeding Product Review Latch Assist

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Breastfeeding product review   Latch Assist
Breastfeeding product review Latch Assist
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Ana Garcia: This is a educational breastfeeding video about a very useful product that could make the life of nursing mothers much easier. Stop being disrespectful. If a man was doing the demo of the product nobody would have insulted me.

getfitwithkatelyn: I'm having a lot of trouble getting my 3 weeks old son to latch on. I breast feed and pump to bottle feed. He doesn't feed from the breast often and I would really like to buy this product. Where can I get it from. 

Frank Mclovin: Nice tits

isadaloxo: My son was drinking 9 to 11 oz of breastmilk a feeding and I had to pump for a whole year because he would not latch. It was extremely hard but all of my children thankfully have a great immune system. My kids never get sick.

Ashley Pruitt: +WordOFAngel Hey punk, you're freaking immature, and just disgusting, and not to mention so disrespectful. You need to learn how to keep your own sick, demented, twisted, perverted thoughts to yourself. You're a perfect example of the kind of people that need really good, and I mean good, like freaking grrreeeat ass kicking to just beat some freaking sense and respect for women into your no good disrespectful sack of crap you call a body. Now learn to grow the hell up and quit freaking drooling all over women and saying those revolting lines that'll get your damn face slapped off by a woman if you said soemthing like that to a woman's face. You need one now for speaking to that woman like that, outright disrespectful. You're extremely immature, and just stupid. I mean apparently you were not raised right at all. No man that has even a tiny bit of love and respect for his mother or any woman would say crap like that to any woman. You're a douche bag. The perfect example of the person no one should ever be. But anyways.. I'm done here. You're a real asshole. Definitely not no "word of an angel". Hahaha. Yeah right.

Inlike Flynn: This is a great idea to share about your experience with this product. The mommy of our son and I really could have been blessed from your expounding on YouTube almost 13 years ago. You will help many. Great love and kindness

Scott Hannah: Nice tata's! 

LadaMeetingVideos: wtf i'm doing here?

Seneca Houston: I have flat nipples, so I would love one! This is so simple, but its amazing. 

bookmarkthis: Hi guys. 03:36 You're welcome.

Juha Hiltunen: freak oh jellly video

Abby Magnuson: You are so brave! I would have disabled comments, but I think you for the video! I'm thinking of breast feeding when I have kids and this helps me understand more :)!

John Richardson: I must admit being a man I hoped to see your breasts, from that point of view I was not disappointed, very nice. Good for you, as a father I favor breastfeeding.

TheNashvilleMusicMan: so why dont you just use your own fingers and save the money and just play with your own nipple till it comes out... looks like a waste of money to me.

swjennigs wendy: Don't let the nasty perverts discourage you. Your videos are very helpful to those that use the breast for what they are intended for.

Asif Ansari: I saw your nipples in the thumbail before visiting this video..... WIN baby WIN *wink* ;)

ali farag: I searched latch and this popped up wtf

CooCooAwesome: BOOBIES

Dimon Zimarin: pretty boobs

bloy1: you talk too much, just let us see ur titties. am i a perv for liking tits? dat logic...

Mateo Green: That's why women ask for help sorry but boobs aren't the same anymore

papa jo: I want one.

Mason Smith: Gosh, people these days. Thanks ana :)

Dee Dee: Sounds like a great product. Just remember that proper nipple latching involves the baby putting their mouth around the areola, too. Otherwise if the baby is only latching on to the nipple it will be painful after a while. There are other videos on proper latching. Good luck!

Maggie Madison: You haters need to stop she's just helping other moms out! I also have had to report so many people in these nasty comments from these perverted men! 

lily taylor: ashley pruit stop

Eduardo Machado: I'm a guy and my wife breastfeed my 5 months old son 100%, I will take the Certified Lactation Educator next year.... as you can see , not all man are disrespectull, keep up the good work and help!

Gen3ralGrimReaper: Ana Garcia. Don't think I don't see what you're doing. How many breast feeding videos does it take to make women understand how to become better mothers? 1 or 3 breast feeding videos are ok but I've seen too many and now you want to argue about a man's maturity level? You're pathetic

Chelsealynnism: i just ordered the latch assist!! i ordered it the other day and im so glad i found a video about it!! thank you!

bankxyl: fap fap fap

sean david: Poor and you

TheNameOfMinecraftPE: Thx for the video it helped me A LOT

Serina Downey: Love the video! Ignore all of those horrible comments because you are really helping first time breastfeeders like me! I love the fact that your videos are tutorial like and you show us exactly what to do! Really great help when breastfeeding becomes a bit hard at times! Thanks for uploading!

Adam Stansel: I cant believe people would have the nerve to be disrespectful towards you!! you seem like such a friendly woman I wouldn't pay them any mind they are not worth your time!! thanks for the great video very informative!! your adorable by the way hold your pretty head up!!

Clark Vitti Hall: love those twins

adriana montoya: I like

paul smith: I keep coming back to your site. I must have not been breast baby. Lolol

Juan Teniente: You are so pretty, you are in Facebook!!?

FreakyKate: I'm curious if you think it would cause bruising at all? Or is the suction really soft? 

CherikaBadra: need one

Amy Belcher: Finally love how someone demonstrates a product in the way it is meant to be used! Expecting our first in May 2014, so research is a must to make me feel more aware of my own body. Thank you :)

Hanz Akhyar: Good, i'll show this to my wife...tQ

Catalina Garrido: Me encanta

Elmecos Sapiente: thank you¡¡¡¡ you are a inspiration........ 

Valerie Elfering: I liked your video! I have flat nipples and was wondering if this product works. I'm sorry some people are so ignorant and disrespectful towards you. I appreciate the video and am glad I got to see a review on this product. I wish I would have had this for my daughter. She's 8 months old and I pump and give her my milk in a bottle because I couldn't get her to latch. This would have been so helpful with her in the beginning and plan to get one for our next child! Thank you!

Allan Fernandes: You talk more rather than actually showing it how to do.. 

Natalie Moody: There is another one that I used with my daughter when I first started because she was a 'sleepy baby' it was a silicone cover though! worked well, really great to see someone review this :) 

Paige Gann: This is interesting! Good to know for the future, thanks, Ana!

aku black: Nice information and nice nipple btw..=)

Breastfeeding product review Latch Assist 3.8 out of 5

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Breastfeeding product review   Latch Assist