Breastfeeding Product Review Latch Assist

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Andres Flores: te amo ana

اريد انساك: هاي القناة جميله

اريد انساك: روعه

Nicole Kim: Thank you for the review. I'm a first time mom at 20 weeks and I have inverted nipples so I'm looking for a simple product that is going to help me breastfeed my little one. I found them online for under 7 dollars so not bad and not as expensive as nipple shells or nipple shields.

Arif Genç: good tits

Billy Currington: The shape of your breasts are perfect

manuela martinez: ew

Sabuj Chandra: lol

brittany ttc/life l: I had no idea they have things like this with my first child I had such a hard time bf this would had helped allot

Jessie Sims: deem nips

Sonia Aparecida: Ola

jpierceification: Thank you!!! I needed one of these for my son. I had to stop breast feeding. It killed me. ...this go round, I'll have one of these!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Sarah Krueger: Thank you for your review!

Lucia Durmush: Very educational I think I will get this product. I think very sad to the men that have watched this the sickos. This is directed at breastfeeding mothers.

emcupcakefresh: Thank you for posting a video on how to use it!! I am waiting on this product in the mail to be used for my little!! ☺️🙏 #gracias

Shelby J: I love this video and I wish that I would have known about this product with my first baby, i am now pregnant with my second and i am deff getting this product. oh and I am so sorry for all of the disrespect you are getting from your videos but just know that is helping a lot of women out there. 

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King Leung: This is useful video.
btw,i love your tits its cute,no offense.
Breastfeeding product review Latch Assist 5 out of 5

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