Breastfeeding Product Review Latch Assist

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Breastfeeding product review   Latch Assist
Breastfeeding product review Latch Assist
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Latch Assist UK WMV
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Ana Garcia: This is a educational breastfeeding video about a very useful product that could make the life of nursing mothers much easier. Stop being disrespectful. If a man was doing the demo of the product nobody would have insulted me.

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Charlotte Woodhead: thanks for the review, I need to get one of these. my baby is due end of December 2014. my first and I have inverted nipples. please don't listen to all the negative jerks on here. they should be ashamed of themselves. xxx

Gen3ralGrimReaper: Ana Garcia. Don't think I don't see what you're doing. How many breast feeding videos does it take to make women understand how to become better mothers? 1 or 3 breast feeding videos are ok but I've seen too many and now you want to argue about a man's maturity level? You're pathetic

swjennigs wendy: Don't let the nasty perverts discourage you. Your videos are very helpful to those that use the breast for what they are intended for.

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bookmarkthis: Hi guys. 03:36 You're welcome.

papa jo: I want one.

Inlike Flynn: This is a great idea to share about your experience with this product. The mommy of our son and I really could have been blessed from your expounding on YouTube almost 13 years ago. You will help many. Great love and kindness

SurpriseBreeze: All them views doe

Sarah Clegg: Just see your video and have ordered one of these to try. My baby is due early November, I have one inverted nipple and I'm hoping this will help x thank you x

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getfitwithkatelyn: I'm having a lot of trouble getting my 3 weeks old son to latch on. I breast feed and pump to bottle feed. He doesn't feed from the breast often and I would really like to buy this product. Where can I get it from. 

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SOCRATES DE ATENAS: Es un buen articulo, le sera muy util a una amiga que recien tiene bebe, es grato que realices videos como medio para difundir tanto educativa como de experiencia. Un medico puede darnos guia, pero que una madre comparta la propia experiencia, se agradece. Saludos Ana!!!

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Serina Downey: Love the video! Ignore all of those horrible comments because you are really helping first time breastfeeders like me! I love the fact that your videos are tutorial like and you show us exactly what to do! Really great help when breastfeeding becomes a bit hard at times! Thanks for uploading!

Eduardo Machado: I'm a guy and my wife breastfeed my 5 months old son 100%, I will take the Certified Lactation Educator next year.... as you can see , not all man are disrespectull, keep up the good work and help!

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Chelsealynnism: i just ordered the latch assist!! i ordered it the other day and im so glad i found a video about it!! thank you!

isadaloxo: My son was drinking 9 to 11 oz of breastmilk a feeding and I had to pump for a whole year because he would not latch. It was extremely hard but all of my children thankfully have a great immune system. My kids never get sick.


aku black: Nice information and nice nipple btw..=)

Seneca Houston: I have flat nipples, so I would love one! This is so simple, but its amazing. 

FreakyKate: I'm curious if you think it would cause bruising at all? Or is the suction really soft? 

sean david: Poor and you

TheNameOfMinecraftPE: Thx for the video it helped me A LOT
Breastfeeding product review Latch Assist 3.8 out of 5

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Breastfeeding product review   Latch Assist