Toppik Spray Applicator How-To

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thrillamf: I can't seem to take the top part of my toppik bottle off like you can in the video. It almost seems glued on.

bishbangboosh: hi may i know which sized bottle this is??? because i'm buying it for my mom, but i the spray only works on regular and economic sized bottles??? may i pls know which size this featured bottle is?

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Toppik Spray Applicator How-To 3.8 out of 5

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LT05DELUXE: I just purchased one and can't wait to take it out. Thanks for the great review!
loser0in0love: ahhhh =D Danke, das war eine Erleuchtung =) dieser blöden Beschreibung der Betriebsanleitung konnte ich nie entnehmen, wie das funktionieren soll
jay123health: They really need too bring the GTD too the states 
XavierReyes1: Beautiful!
meintalley: Thank you for showing me this procedure. Only problem is my mini lathe won't hold the 24" long by 3/4" diameter rod to put the live center point rest into the end of the part. I guess I need a gun smith lathe to accomplish this on long rods.
WildWestBudgie: @sspope calm down. UmadBro? lol, im just kidding. But seriously, calm down.
mickskitz: i'm about to get it, i haven't heard any bad reviews, and it seems to have fixed a lot of what people complain about in WOW.

Toppik Spray Applicator How-To