Toppik Spray Applicator How-To

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thrillamf: I can't seem to take the top part of my toppik bottle off like you can in the video. It almost seems glued on.

bishbangboosh: hi may i know which sized bottle this is??? because i'm buying it for my mom, but i the spray only works on regular and economic sized bottles??? may i pls know which size this featured bottle is?

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Felipe Marques: Google for Ringke Slim for Nexus 4.
thrillamf: I can't seem to take the top part of my toppik bottle off like you can in the video. It almost seems glued on.
xlovesfemke: Hahahaha 0:46, Gregor. Haha! Leukerd!
Brooke M: I have been watching for 16 min now which is crazy because usually i dont have the patience to sit through long videos something about your videos i just love !
Travis Goltry: 21 grains of IMR 4064 works great as well.I was able to improve the accuracy of these bullets by using a Lyman 4500 with the gas check seater to ensure that the gas checks were installed perfectly flat on the base of the bullet.Using the lee sizer the checks didn't crimp on perfectly square and I got pie plate size groups at 30 yards which was very disappointing.I didn't give up though and after getting the Lyman lubersizer and with the checks installed properly the accuracy improved to that of jacketed bullets.With the cost savings of these cast bullets I can shoot 223 for about the same price as 22lr.Thanks for the great videos.
1957user: This helps my understanding of double flare but the video is so out of focus that I can't see what I am suppose to see but thanks for your effort and I think that I get the general idea.
jwash3rd: That sounds a lot better than the redneck windage I use with my Simmons.

Toppik Spray Applicator How-To