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GeRManDit DBC: Ах носталгия

Daniel May: All those links are dead.

ReptiIe: Thank you so much. Now I can optimize this beautiful game. 

Shadowite D: The site is down btw, its up for sale. meaning the owner sold it and these cant be found there anymore.

Evil1nside: This is not mods, this is basically cheats.
All of the stuff shown are available throughout the game as you progress.
And that "trailer armor" is just the Raven Armor that you get from the start of the game if you have imported a saves from the original witcher.
Getting it without importing a save file is basically a cheat.

Jakub Mik: worst freaking thing ever heres a link to sign a petition to restore youtube comment section back copy and paste into other peoples vids so people can see!


bennythepenny9: i have the steam version how do I get mods

Nithorias: yeah what happened? I was trying to find mods for this game and couldn't find anything there. da fuq?

oldeschoolgaming: even ultra :)

10110110100011011001: yes, you should be able to run it perfectly fine

oldeschoolgaming: Its a HD 7850 Power colour!

10110110100011011001: sorry, i dont see a comment of your graphics card? tell me what it is and i can tell you

oldeschoolgaming: Okay but would my graphics card be fine? :)

10110110100011011001: I built a pc a few months ago and got the 7770. It is more powerful than the 7750 and is just like 20 dollars more. (i run the witcher 2 on ultra with minimal drops in framerate but it stays above 30 fps on everything ultra except anti-aliasing off but that's because anti-aliasing is the 7770s weak spot.)

oldeschoolgaming: Okay thanks :)

Quaft: I think that the 5850 would be slightly better than the 7750. But don't get the 5850, if you want a similar card you should get the 7850 instead since it's newer and more powerful.

oldeschoolgaming: Im not trying to be a pickle or anything but is a 7750 better that your radeon? 

Castamir Stryder: Well you can but it is very difficult.

j: Most of it is simply cheating
The Witcher 2 - Mods 5 out of 5

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GeRManDit DBC: Ах носталгия
Stasiaa Phiouphanh: Im entering and I loved you vid
Mayur 9850013601: swift vs Punto
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chris herbert: Like that r2 d2 figure
HDanke: +TechnicBRICKs is this set worth it's price? Are the functions interesting enough compared to the crawler? Is it as enjoyable to build as the unimog? I'd buy this over 42009, just due to the fact that we'll get a new crawler crane this summer.
Ian Jefferys: Love the Battlefield 1942 music! Multiple ships are always pretty :)

The Witcher 2 - Mods