How To Curl Your Hair One Handed

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How to put your hair in a pony tail with one hand or arm.MP4
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Favorite How to Dry Hair One Hand Review
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janek: You look gorgeous! What a confident young woman you are. You are real inspiration..!

andie3131: I recently bought a curling wand online not realizing that it didn't have a clamp(it's been awhile since I've bought a curling iron lol) and I went to YouTube to see if there was a way to use it with one hand, I honestly did not expect to find it but thought you never know and then your video popped up! While I'm not so sure I want to try the rubber band idea for fear of really burning myself(I have a small movable stump which does come in handy for many things though) it is very creative :-) I may have to stick with a regular curling iron especially when curling my daughters hair ... I love that you teach kids to do things. I myself lost my arm at 19 and have adapted pretty well, it did take my 3 years to learn to put a ponytail but I did it and over the last 22 years I'm still learning haha. I admit I'm thankful my 17 year old son's old babysitter taught him to tie his shoes as I've tried to teach my 5 yr old daughter and while I can do it myself no problem it's not easy to show her how lol.

LaToya English: thank you

princess63ar: Hi Ally was looking for some tips on hair styling have my arm in a sling after surgery clicked on your tutorial. What an inspiration you are you have a beautiful soul. Your an amazing young women you handled that curling iron like a pro.

Jenny Vie: Hey! I'm a one-hand freelance makeup artist and kind of shied away studying hairstyling...and I'm looking for an inspiration and saw your video! this really gave me tips on how to handle some of the hairstyling tools. My right hand looks like a paw of the cat! Thank you for posting this :)

Jules Nunez: I'm missing my left hand to its a lil shorter than yours, I always hid my arm in sweaters and I got a prosthetic,but it really was just to hid it.., it mostly just gets in my way cause I was born missing my hand all my life so I've adapted doing everything without it. I didn't get bullied but I knew people would talk under their breathe about me and my hand.wish I had the confidence you had at 16. I'm 21 now going to college with a job and I have boyfriend & I been with 3 years. Life gets better :)

Jonna Page: You are a delightful and beautiful young lady. Great work, and great attitude!

경이: I made this specially for you....

amanda costa: I have one Hand too had it since i was born also never knew if i could curl my hair but watching you now i know i can and i wanna thank you so much for giving me the inspiration to curl my hair now :)

haley xtina: I have cerebral palsy in my left hand, I found this video very helpful!

Staring In The Stars: This video just made my day. I loved it. I have Right Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy and I have no use of my right hand. It has been very difficult trying to curl my own hair. I have tried many innovative products and nothing has worked. So, watching you curl your hair gave me some hope that I will be able to do it myself without relying on others. Thank you so much. Btw, your spirit and positive outlook on life is wonderful.

nya jimenez: Hey my name is Nya, I have the same exact thing on my left hand except I have a thumb and little miniature fingers when I was in my moms belly the umbilical cord wrapped aroundmy hand and neck and my hand did not develop. kind of like yours I have had so many struggles growing up like tying my shoes and straightening my hair, I also have had some difficulties  in school I would always hide my hand with sweaters or long sleeves but my mom found out and basically never let me were long sleeves for a while (hahhaha! ) I did get bullied once in middle school  I would get called alien ,ugly that I should've died a long time ago that I was taking up there space and etc.. but thankfully not as much as in high school im currently a sophomore and In in a relationship with someone who accepts me for me, and im appreciative of that. But I am so glad that Im able to know that there is more people like me and life gives challenges and I love that I can accomplish them and overcome them  I  just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do for others that have the same type of condition and may god or whoever you believe in, bless your soul because there should be more people like us <3 hopefully you get the chance to reply to this long messege and if not just know that im appreciative much love sent !!
sincerely, Nya

Audrey Colleen: Do you have symbrachydactyly or amniotic band syndrome? I was just wondering because my hand is just like yours (except on the right), but I would consider what I have symbrachydactyly.

Sally Syrup: You have such a beautiful and strong soul! Growing up, I always hid my arm.. I wish I had the strength you do! Thanks for this tutorial! I never though it could be possible for me to curl my hair with a curing wand, (I use a straighter) but this definitely helped. Thanks girly! :)

Stasia Bogart: I just want to say thank you for putting this out here. I'm in the same boat as you, born with the same syndrome and i never thought i could curl my hair on my own until now, i always have my best friend do it for me. So thank you, it's really nice to see a tutorial like this, theyre hard to come by

donna doyle:  I too was born with the use of my left not full use of my right hand....  not the same reason  .... we do what we have to

Caroline Reed: Thank you for sharing your experiences, your honesty is refreshing!

: You are amazing!!!

Feels Flows: Marry Me..Please. I love your soul, the auras that radiated off of you. :) And I love redheads!! : p 

Izzy Bella: You are awesome. I was born with Erbs Palsy and my right arm never grew to full size and I have very limited use of it. I really appreciate this video. I've been looking for sights to demonstrate how to style hair with one arm. Thank you and keep up the positive attitude. It's hard sometimes. I'm in my 30s and it's still hard sometimes especially when people stare at you but you just have to shrug it off and keep going. If you have more vids for hairstyles please post them! :)
How to curl your hair one handed 5 out of 5

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janek: You look gorgeous! What a confident young woman you are. You are real inspiration..!
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How to curl your hair one handed