RFX-75 Installation In A Galaxy 99V

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james hook: how about a dx959? same procedure? thanks. by the way, do you intall if i ship mine ?

cbrepairguy: You get about the same on SSB as well. Mabe a little more but nothing big.

bspn33: yea i was trying to see if he would just show it. hahahahhaah

samalayork: Hello CbRepairguy! Nice work on getting that rig upgraded with the amp! by the way, can you mention if this could be used as a replacement to install it in an hr 2510? that would be awesome for all of us who have a 2510 with the MRF477 final busted!! i personally have 3 of them with that problem..

Daryn (ChelseaCat): Thats an awesome piece of kit

truckstopcowboy: This guy is custom cb radio,dip stick.

Rob Livingston: Can these RFX-75's be installed in a Cobra base 142 or 2000?? Or would the power supply in the base radio burn up??

cbrepairguy: It could be done but you would have to deal with the heat sink on the back of the radio.

Tyrel Carver: what mode of operation that put out the 90 watts? and what do you get on SSB?

robert segade: How can you expect anyone to take you seriously with such crappy spelling,and also you think every mod you see on the internet is correct lol If your gonna tell people to go to a website at least spell it right.Every browser on the planet has spell check try using it ya duck.

cbrepairguy: Well I have talked on it for over an hour and got nothing but great reports. The scope is not perfect sine wave but it does have round corners, and you have the ability to turn it do more if need be. A lot of this can be taken care of from biasing.

raginghusky: Except that the dead-key level you see on your meter IS FROM the final output... NOT the driver. Stop selling snake oil; DK 2 swinging 90 is a blown out, over modulated splatter box that will sound like ass... Put a low pass filter in front of that meter and let's see what the wattage is. I'm betting a lot of it is 2nd and 3rd harmonics...

wulff707: and instull is spelled "INSTALL" must be his accent! LOL!

lll2223333lll: that was a real 92W

cbrepairguy: It can me mounted to most radio with some work. It has to fit on the back, so make sure you have the space.

Marcus Nierman: could you install it in a galaxy 959 radio

cbrepairguy: Thank you.

Justa Mann: so can I ship mine for you to install the RFX-75?,,its fresh back from a warrenty repair, havent touched it since

Jason Wade: hi i would like to know how to get in touch with you and see if i could possibly ship some of my radios to you for repair. i have a 99v and would like to have it tuned and possibly get a rfx added to it i have a uniden and a older cobra 29 that needs repaired. the uniden has a rfx on it. i had it installed by a guy in OH but it has given some trouble since im wondering if mayby from a bad install ur work looks very professional and clean. he also worked on my 29 and its really distorted on recev

bspn33: could you please show the scope pattern? i would love to see how great that much modulation must look. great job!

scott231us: cb repair man, what is your handle in Terre Haute? I talk to Terre Haute from Indy time to time.

cbrepairguy: All I can tell you is the radio sound great on the air and it is no worse that most of the tuned radios out there. If you leave the limiter in the radio you still have control and you have great sound. It might be a little wide but so are most CB Radios.

hibuckhobby: Raging husky...obviously you don't understand what happens when audio is applied to this module. the carrier rises along with the audio, so the splatter and overmodulation you allege isn't there. Do your homework first.

cbrepairguy: @waterlooguy1 Let's see how can I explain this... My videos are NOT instructions on how to, they are informational on what I have done and the results. If I did how to videos then I could not make my living doing this.. Next, this is how you spell Custom not coustom and finels is spelled finals. Volting MOSFETS is just fine as you are taking the load off the regulator and this keeps the radio cooler. Also some manufactures do this from the factory so it can't be all bad no can it.

Chip Burkhart: beastofold, obviously, you dont understand the function of a driver and final. if you did, you would know they dont create or modify modulation. please dont tell people what you dont know.

meangreen69Nova: Is the 93 watts peak or rms?

Tazor41: If it's swinging to 90 watts the dead key should be around 22 watts for a clean pattern.

jason lewis: hi how is your day im jason .have dowen a dx 88 or a corba 25 ltd think for your vedo

Justa Mann: i want one installed on my dx 959

cbrepairguy: Peak

waterlooguy1: i think it bull crap this guy never showes yoy all of how to instull things just so u people know go to cbtiicks it will show u every think there this guy is from coustom cb watch out he likes to volt the finels

Bryant Murden: love your videos keep up the good work

cbrepairguy: Thank you... I do try .

neubie182: beautiful install. :)

Herban Gypsy: can you still use this to drive a Texas Star?

hibuckhobby: The carrier voltage and the carrier rises as the signal is modulated. do your homework before you start spouting about splatter and low pass filters.
RFX-75 Installation in a Galaxy 99V 5 out of 5

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RFX-75 Installation in a Galaxy 99V