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DR 650 Review and KLR Comparison With 6IOD
KLR 650 VS DR 650 comparison
KLR 650 VS DR 650 comparison
2008 Kawasaki KLR650 vs. Suzuki DR650SE Preview - MotoUSA
2008 Kawasaki KLR650 vs. Suzuki DR650SE Preview - MotoUSA
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Kawasaki KLR 650 vs. Suzuki V Strom 650 DEATHMATCH! o#o
Kawasaki KLR 650 vs. Suzuki V Strom 650 DEATHMATCH! o#o

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Danny's Cooking and DIY: KLR..too heavy. Good for long distance trips and highways. The DR 650 = THE BEST BIKE EVER.

brownclown69: What's the vs part ? The dr does wheelies ?

joseynovember: Love the soundtrack ... Name PLS

The2012waiting: DR

Bugzee894: The cruel sea - Better get a lawyer. An Aussie indie band youtube.com/watch?v=vEB0l6OqLR4

mogearz: @ralph66hd hey did you ever find out the name to this song im trying to find it

ADVENTURE OZ: @graemelockieable nup, speeded it up. wide angle lens makes things look slower so just upped the speed so it wasn't such a long boring vid.

ADVENTURE OZ: @germanshep1 glad yours is working. the KLR in this vid totally mangled its top end at only 25000 miles, so badly the owner parted it out instead of fixing it.

ADVENTURE OZ: @onehitkill google "motard dr650" and you'll find the website with the free info pack. its a very easy mod if you can access the honda cbr250rr used - very common in australia, fairly common in UK and europe but rare as hen's teeth in the USA. cost me $600 complete, got a mate to machine the specified wheel spacers.

ADVENTURE OZ: @onehitkill imo i think the KLR is better as a budget adventure bike for road and easy dirt roads. but if you want to include some dirt riding then the DR would be the way to go. if you google "klr650 v dr650" you'll get a pile of opinions that might offer good advice (or not) ;-)

ADVENTURE OZ: @graemelockieable um, the video is sped up a bit! those guys arent good enough to actually do those speeds real time.

phillipseric: @graemelockieable The video is sped up. Thats not real-time, but cool nonetheless.

phillipseric: everything looks cooler through a fish eye lens....

mmcfee1: I can't imagine running a DR without full knobbies, but then I'm off road 90% of the time........Nice vid!

saintvernon77: GO DRRIDERS.COM good vid, good bike and well done from another dr rider- your bike looks better

ADVENTURE OZ: @graemelockieable why did honda stop making the xr650?? i've met a pile of guys who say this, and reckon if honda just added electric start and dropped a bit of weight off it they would have the ultimate bullet proof dual purpose bike.

ADVENTURE OZ: if you want to see an xr then buy me one. @DRugfree1987

DRugfree1987: what no xr650l? xr650r?

MrRusty316: the klr is more stylish for street riding, and does very good offroad.If you like a dual sport bike thats similar to a dirt bike , the dr is for you.Overall, the klr has more power but heavier, and the dr is light and good at jumps for a dual sport.

wheelsofnz: @dakaraabbccdd If you look at videos of both bikes under the search dirt track you will quickly see that the DR is a much more accomplished off road bike. The DR is much lighter than the KLR which is what you want off road.
KAWASAKI KLR650 vs SUZUKI DR650 5 out of 5

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