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Brandon J: have any of you guys experienced your battery drain 10 times faster since the 4.3 update? i haven't changed any of my phone behavior and it the battery isn't the same since the update. however, i factory reseted my phone the other day and I'm currently on 22.5 hrs with 8% battery left.. only thing is once i took my phone off the charger for the first time, i made a quick 2min phone call and lost 5 % in 15mins of my phone not being on the charger. the stand by battery is okay for now. I kinda wish i didn't update my phone. if i can get any kinda possible feedback or ways to improve my battery, fire away ! lol
Amdesom Rodrigues: fis fas de dragon ball
Alejandra Alvarez: Does this work with really damadged hair!!?? Please answer
zoltansocrates: as ever labrattonnette gives his tuppence worth always hiding his secret wish to look that good in lycra, he never will, likes his sofa and butter too much
Michael Jang: Which rig is that? Norman?
Victoria Giorgiana: by me! :)
tasou17: SS012=Leeshas brush ;)

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