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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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silvertears18: where the hell was barbie camping with those giant mushrooms in the background. The only two places I can think of is Mario Land or Willy Wonka's Factory.
Cliff Taylor: I worked on aircraft for 15 years in the military and was an airframe and powerplant instructor for 5 years with Air Training Command. No I did not work in corrosion control. However, I was trained to identify different types of corrosion and have the appropriate department dispatched to repair. My final assignment with the U. S. Air Force was Flightline Supervisor for the 437th MAW. 
MrMrPainone: Whats this song called?
Soriddo Suneku: I have the Genesis version and is very different! I didn't play this game too much back in the day because I didn't like it 
wilko2603: would look better if your centre console was put back properly.
hershdeep singh: do you start with the ray gun mark 2 if you purchase the vengeance map pack.
Pete Horn: Can someone give me a link for where to buy elbow grease? 

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