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Y0URADH3RE: are you using reloads? ive never seen so much powder discharge before
crazy4honda: Sorry, I'll spell it out the way you guys pronounce it: Pili pino. Lol
chalkmaker chanel: .
kerberos623: cool gun, but a long silencer on a 20? inch barrel makes it darn unwieldy in the woods. I tried it once on a regular M16a2 and that silencer found every tree in my path to bump into.
Relentlessv2: My Wasr was nice but the fit & finish sucked /: Not as accurate as Norincos or Arsenal. I've had 2 mak 90's both were great. My SLR 107FR is my favorite AK. Most accurate maybe 1moa more accurate than my MAK90's doesn't really matter for AK's but yeah. Very pretty gun full side folding stock is awesome aswell kind of why I went with it d: its in the good ol 7.62 round aswell
RALPH FOX: I've never seen The Walking Dead but I'm about to go watch it right now because of you
Justin Crespo: How old is this kid lol.Hes way under age

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