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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Olivia Nottage: this was great!!
Filip Hosni: I watched this video two times,maybe more.
Lollypopsgirl999: "It's cold" LOL
jason carrier: He missed
Mountain Man: The guy is a genius...! Using a spacer to adjust the toe-in is just the information I needed to stop my brakes screaming. I decided to use a dead wooden match, (you know, to light fires with), as a spacer as that gave me about 1mm toe-in. Backing-off the barrel adjuster on the brake leaver housing before you start was another good idea. Thanks for the help, 10/10 for useful and informative vid.
dburke351: Best tutorial evaa
TheMcSqueakers: These guys have the greatest commentator's voices ever!

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