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jimmy siler: How many GB of ram?
iimJeQex: One of the first 5
Totte2109: Digger den <3
zhentrix calipso: Make sure you guys PATCH your windows 7 before you get mad at this guy.OFCOURSE one wrong step-your stuck with a windows 95 grey theme.
David Hatch: I read in the history of the 95th Rifles during the Peninsular campaign that a regimental order was issued condemning the men for not using patches when skirmishing and threatening punishment if anyone was caught not doing so. So, your tests are interesting, the reason given by the writer was that not using the patch reduced the recoil of the rifle and reduced battle fatigue when firing over long periods. 
maaplyYugioh: However, Solemn Warning in OCG is like.. 3 out of 1 box of duelist revolution...
Goran Jordanov: Great video shot in great light and HD. The best from any reloading videos Ive seen. I guess I can't use this bullet feeder with Lee Pro1000? I need an extra stage right? I only have three. Might need to upgrade to the Loadmaster.

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