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GadgetsToUse: HTC Desire 816 VS Xperia T2 Ultra Comparison, Form Factor, Camera, Display, Benchmarks and Overview http://ow.ly/2HJd3h
M Sain_Dinn: why did you have to install this unit? The Aux input on the front of the stereo doesn't work?
qazwsx123456153: اهم شي انهم ما يحزنون
Yurizin88: @WackyModder84 ;)
Morgan Calvi: Wow...
Steve Heinemann: $40 value my arse! you only get 1 battery with the combo kit. That blower WITHOUT the battery retails for about $18.
charlieecv: @snakehunter17 Yeah just keep thinking sprint is better than AT&T. Thats why sprint is behind Tmobile. And AT&T is number 2 next to Verizon. Oh yeah sprint is the worst cell company in the US. Just look at the truth. Verizon and AT&T both drown sprint. Once AT&T buys Tmobile people will be saying "whats the hell is Sprint". Just because sprint has the first 3D phone doesn't mean there better than AT&T. Dude open your eyes both Verizon and AT&T kill sprint with sales and service.

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