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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ivan Bekish: All that community crap they copied from driving driveclub Microsoft bunch of losers
xeleader: What is the name of this road ????
ericktetotube: Isso é que é motocicleta...Excelente video...
André Baillaud: "sierra nevada", en espagne ou en californie???????
Amir Stern: The setting is max. quality , manual WB for the dive... to stop the flicking you neet to LOCK the exposure. (press the UP key)
ztarrfect: @bagus kurniawan, somehow its not possible to reply direclty to your comment. If your Canon Pixma ip4500 blinks 5 time, that not too good new my friend. It means your printing head is not recognized. It could be fried or if you didn't print for long time the ink has dried up in the printing head. Try to clean it by putting it under warm water if this happened do remember to dry it all up even with hairdryer before putting it back... Good Luck!
go shin: いいね~~

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