Colloidal Silver Generator With Pure .9999 Silver Wire

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Colloidal Silver Generator with pure .9999 Silver wire
Colloidal Silver Generator with pure .9999 Silver wire
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How to Make Colloidal Silver Generator 99.99% vs 99.9% Pure Silver
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Make an Emergency Colloidal Silver Generator
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Colloidal Silver Generator Tutorial. Make Your Own Colloidal Silver.
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Colloidal Silver Generator Field Test. Takes a Licking...
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Colloidal silver generator review
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How to Operate the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator

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Watch Ryder: You don't have to use Distilled water do you? The silver would surely be fine for tap water?

FireThunderTV: Yeah! First to comment! I don't know where to get that kind of wire...I wish I had one of those units you made.

MauserBroom: I just use a 9v battery with a cap on it and make it in a wine glass (of water) :)

mixcatcom: Nice.. Thats an interesting way to make it.. Hope you have a great night. -Pete

star2000dancer: Pete, I want to order one. Do you have a phone number? I want a tester too. Thanks

mixcatcom: Very good ideas.. I really wanted to make something very cheap but very durable to start. Im going to have a rechargeable one next with switches. PPM meter is a super idea. I might have to think on that some more. Thanks for the great post! -Pete

Revengeancer89: @HymnsForWorship Let me know if you hear anything.

Pepsifx357: I was taught to boil the water and keep it hot while the process takes place. You end up with yellow water. It changes the PPM and you get really high amounts of silver. It tastes very strong almost like the taste of copper.

Byle do pierwszego Oscara: Great stuff, great work. Thanks so much. This is much better than shady vaccines or hoax anti-cold drugs. I was wondering how to do it myself and I received you friend invite and here we go. Right there an instruction manual. Can't believe it :)

laythesmack23: what is colliadal silver good for?

mixcatcom: Agreed thanks for the comments.. We use it all the time also! -Pete

b41984: i like this a lot i think the loonger it is the bigge r the sivler gets ???

mixcatcom: Are you still getting silver that cheap? I would gladly buy some. -Pete

b41984: so is that 99 per snet of 999 per cent???

Paul Smith: does that cost include the batteries and shipping? i bought 1 a few weeks ago. Complete CS Generator Kit. Includes batteries, two 6 inch .9999 silver electrodes, instruction booklet and cleaning pad for electrodes. ($59.95 Includes Shipping). i need another and if yours includes batteries and shipping then you have my business. also what and how many batteries does your use?

mixcatcom: This one plugs into the wall and comes with the power pack. Its more powerful then the battery units. Sure, I will through in the shipping and extra silver to go with it. Just shoot me an email and let me know, I will bring one with me tomorrow to ship. -Pete

kleimllc: Hi, love your videos. Where can i buy a water device you used on silver water video. Also if you would know of a device to check the hho charged water. Thanks a bunch

mixcatcom: Nice! Im glad to be of service ;o) Its very easy! If you need pure .9999 silver check the link in the description. All the best, -Pete

govinda1pk: awesome :-)

mixcatcom: Sure.. I can do that.. Thanks, -Pete

mixcatcom: Man you should have asked I would have sent you 5 gallons a lot cheaper then that.. Im glad you like the design... Still work in progress. -Pete

AgainstTheGrain35: Excellent!!!

mixcatcom: There is no need to boil the water unless you are using tap water and you want to kill anything that might be in it. -Pete

scoobydog411: I knew a Guy who said it made him well. But He charged it for a few days.

mixcatcom: I use .9999 pure .999 is 10 times less pure. -Pete

ZeroFossilFuel: How many volts are you using on your electrodes?

Paul Smith: when will the units be available for sale? and cost?

MadCanada597: use it for lots of things... cuts, bruises... works a lot like neosporin.... but cheaper. 2 drops of this in a drink a day, should keep the flu from bringing you down too. Good luck. (if you drink too much, say a liter a day for a couple years, you'll turn blue... minor amounts only)

mixcatcom: Yeah I have heard a lot of similar stories but this one you dont want to leave that long. The water would be undrinkable its very powerful. -Pete

6Intuition: i'll prolly just strip some wire on a 12v charger, how much of that are we supposed to drink? Do you store it? Can i get some silver wire from u, i just want enough to make my own little generator.

mixcatcom: I have a couple made up and ready $69.99 and that includes silver! If anyone wants one just shoot me an email and I can take paypal. I will also have them on the website very soon. -Pete

mixcatcom: Thanks for the kind words. They keep deleting my comments.. The website to order is in the video description. All the best, -Pete

mixcatcom: Thanks, The longer you leave it running the stronger it is. Always use pure silver .9999 wire -Pete

HymnsForWorship: I have 2 questions. I was looking at various youtube videos and there is a guy who has a beast of a CS generator. It has huge rods of silver and a fish tank pump. It makes 5 gallons of CS at a time. He paid $700 for it. Anyway he says that CS water should be clear like drinking water & you should see no signs of the silver in the water. I have a generator I made that is identical to yours and I get the silvery cloud the drifts off the silver rod. I am curious what u think about his comment.

mixcatcom: MadCanada597 summed it up well. Its very hand for all types of things. -Pete

HulaAnglers: Hi - does your unit come with 16 gage wire or 10

MissPickletoes: Looks like a practical low cost way of obtaining silver....I bought a 5 gl jug from a site..cost me over 600 bucks!! Of course ,it will last a long time if you take a teaspoon a day.

inegma29: Modern day Colloidal Silver is an electrolyte* of pure water, silver ions and microscopic particles. Strictly speaking only the particles are actually colloids** but 'colloidal silver' has become the popular name for an ionic/particle mixture, although some researchers prefer the name Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS). Both the ions and particles are beneficial.

Lisa Hurley: @WatchRyder I have heard that tap water is a no no.

theamazingone1111111: how often do you drink this?

infamos: What exactly do you use it for, Ive never heard of a bugout bag etc.

HymnsForWorship: Water issues. I have been trying to buy distilled water that is not deionized and I cannot find it. Right now I am only trying to convert my swimming pool over to CS instead of all of the chemicals you normally use. I need 80 gallons so distilling my own water is not an option. The closest I have come to the right water is purified from Target which tested at 015 ppm prior to using my CS generator. Anyone have any advice about not being able to find 0ppm water that is not deionized?

star2000dancer: I see other people are asking about a tester too. Does it come with the generator? Would you please post a phone number on your site e? Also how about a little kit with extra silver & batteries & a tester?

HHO4ALL: Hey Pete, nice design. Have you thought about putting an illuminated switch on the top of the unit? Another nice option would be if you could figure out how to modify a PPM meter into your design. It's probably cost prohibitive, but would still be a really nice option.

mixcatcom: I put a couple drops in my water daily. I been using it for years. -Pete

inegma29: Colloidal Silver, also known as Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS) is the most modern and safest form of silver for human consumption. It is simply silver ions and microscopic silver particles produced by electrolysis and suspended in distilled water. It is a mineral supplement that may provide support for your body's natural immune system. ;)
Colloidal Silver Generator with pure .9999 Silver wire 4.9 out of 5

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Colloidal Silver Generator with pure .9999 Silver wire