AppleTV 2 - XBMC, Icefilms Plugin From Fusion Server Step By Step

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AMBER WOODS: i dont see the map 'video' in fusion, what can i do?

Marco estrada: it doesn't show the FUSION option any help with that pls

toppdogg93: hey my addon has been marked as broken for some reason ... do you have a fix for this 

XC techs: my friend add fusion servers its listed under this video step number 3

Kyle G: I don't have fusion

Marta Bartlett: I installed xbmc and folow your steps and keep saying its icefilms its broken inside only change log? What do I do wrong? Please help

Coy London: Excellent!!! Thank you so much. Very informative.

Jorge: THANKS!!!! finalllyy

Bekir Akca: My question is that when I go to Add-ons/install from zip file and I cant see Fusion on my list. So that's why I can't fine ice Films. How can I able to get Fusion file on my list? Thanks

XC techs: please report at our forums section xbmchub dot com and i am sure it will be answered quickly by ice films group

iliketotrain kyd: my icefilms say broken help!!!!!!!!

XC techs: my friend you need to read the info under this video, I don't support working or not working plugins you need to go to there official website and ask questions why its not working

XC techs: They are having server issues

junkiespacey: anyone who knows why there isnt any movies on icefilms?? all the folders are empty??thanks for the help xctechs i find your help very usefull :)

XC techs: please use this video re-install your Icefilms to install 1.1.17, i have no problems, yes there are some videos which the links are dead but that is not something we could fix here, you need to go on Icefilms official website and report ...

junkiespacey: my icefilms keep telling its broken?? any ideas on what that is about?? please help

XC techs: my friend, i wont let you down ;)

gokkunmeplease: i respect that you honor requests. subscribed!

XC techs: I am still against Icefilms, but i am not showing how the movie section works or playing a movie works, you have problem you need to contact the Creator, I want nothing to do with video not working, since i am not the creator of the icefilms Plugin.... but since alot of you guys requested on how to install the Plugin Here is How

gokkunmeplease: i remember in one of your videos in the past saying that your against icefilms...what happened now?
AppleTV 2 - XBMC, Icefilms Plugin From Fusion Server Step by Step 5 out of 5

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AppleTV 2 - XBMC, Icefilms Plugin From Fusion Server Step by Step