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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rose Kimberly: Overly saturated hmm we know about that!! Love you gorgeous!! I know the feeling of the effort & time & others!! Hope to see you on Sunday!!
dtm030: They are just reflectors on the mirrors, not blinkers so it doesn;t matter.
quadzilla26b: how much? i wanna get sumfing like this
Rama Krishna Udupa: what a dialogue....my god Geetha in a few lines....only Kannadasan can do it......what a meaningful lines.....
radhya triandi: Hey josh i still have an nike CTR360 maestri ii sg but i lost one of 6 studs if i buy with premium replacement pro studs it is fit / working?
Ultimate Handyman: @richdad360 Thanks for the comment
Alf Foote: I wish I brought one and now there gone :(