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iTASTE VTR REVIEW - IndoorSmokers
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Innokin iTaste VTR and NEW iClear 30
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A PBusardo Review & Contest - The Innokin iTaste VTR. holster. and new iClear30s!
Innokin iTaste VTR Review
Innokin iTaste VTR Review
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The Innokin iTaste VTR Review
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VaporChase Review - Innokin iTaste VTR + iClear 30S
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Innokin iTaste VTR Resistance Checker. Variable Power. Wattage. Voltage VV. VW. New
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Innokin iTaste VTR Review with iClear 30 and OMG EJuice from ECSmokes - iTazte
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VVV 10/16/13 ( Innokin VTR FIRST IMPRESSIONS )
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The iTASTE VTR aka The Fingerprint magnet
BATTLE of the BOX MODS! iClear VTR vs MVPv2 -IndoorSmokers
BATTLE of the BOX MODS! iClear VTR vs MVPv2 -IndoorSmokers

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Quinzy Hebbins: VTR? More like DVR. That thing is big.

Gunzee: I have a strange one mate. I use two tanks, one shows A3.5 and the other A1.9 using P7 so 7 watts. The 1.9 should be hotter right? The resistance is lower but it's actually the other way round, I had to dial down to 4 because 7 was way to high and gave a harsh taste and throat sensation. Why is this? On the vtr A=ohms right? The only sense I can make of this is that A actually means amps. Otherwise this makes no sense whatsoever because as you know 3.5 is very high and would require much more power right?

CountryHouseGent: What a superb channel and nice real world reviews. Cheers.

Ira Robinson: I've used one of these for a couple of months now and love it. It works great and is VERY solid. I moved into this one from a Tesla and a Vamo VV/VW type, and I tend to like this one quite a bit more. It feels great in the hand, shocks people when they see it and, if nothing else, makes a great conversation starter lol

Nedspodos: I have a Samsung Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2600mAh-ICR18650-26F Rechargeable Battery that I use in this. I use a Kangertech Protank with a 2.2 Ohm coil. I vape about a tank a day. I have it set at P 7.5, U 3.8 and A 2.4. This will give me just under 2 days worth of a charge to the yellow color. At the yellow the ITaste VTR seems to not get the best performance during vaping in then which I will change to my freshly charged battery. Is it best to charge the battery when it becomes yellow or should I use it down till it becomes red? How long of a usage life will these batteries last at this rate? 

Stuart Callender: Hey Scott, there's a shop in Glasgow selling the VTR, the tank, the case, an 18650 and a charger for £65. Good deal?

Mark Amsterdam: I have VTR and it is great!!manage to get the battery to last for solid five days (Samsung SDI 2E22,settings at 3.5V and 7.0W) with midium usage equal to smoking 20 cigs a day!!

The Gamers Crib: The thing that would drive me insane with the VTR is the finger prints. Much like my mobile phone that I'm constantly wiping off the screen on my shirt or other soft cloth, I imagine if I had one of these I'd be constantly wiping off all the finger prints. Having to use the extension tube however to use my bigger tanks would (to me) mean that I'm using another mod entirely for my larger tanks which would defeat the purpose of buying this one. The i30 tank that comes with the MVP and VTR I just don't think are all that great. If they supplied a really fantastic tank (for me, the aerotank mega is a wonderful tank but too large for this) similar to some of the great tanks available and it fit their device I'd run (not walk) to go get one of these units. I think it's great for people that don't use large tanks, but for the 5ml tankers, it's a bust. Yeah, I just hate the look of it with the extension tube that much, probably because it looks beautiful with a tank sitting in the correct location though.

Steven Peck: Thank you for the great vid, very informative I have been looking into getting one myself. Think I will.

sponge me: personally i think the vtr is overated,yes it looks great but the wheel thats used for volts and watts.control is very hit and miss,i wish i had bought the 134 instead,hope this helps,happy vaping all

GCIIRonaldo: Hey Scott (everyone feel free to answer), does this specific iTaste come with a battery or should I buy one in advance? Also the iTaste MVP V2, does it come with a battery or do you need to install one by yourself? Thanks for the help in advance guys!

gimpeyLegs: Hey Scott does the aspire nautalis mini fit in this mod ? 

squid4104: What charger and batteries would be compatible with this and where can I get them from in the UK?

strykerboy23: fyi they have updated the bottom dial at the bottom where it's a fixed dial just bought one so much better no more rattling. great vjd peace.

Celsiuz: Hey mate. Why is there so little info anywhere about the genesis hydra atomiser you're talking so much about? I could only find one online for 120$. That's a bit too steep for me. Can you show me which one you mean or where to order it from? Also, I bought this device (the VTR), but I can't figure out if it's the atomiser over-producing e-liquid so that my mouth feels like absolute rancid horror after 15 or so drags, or if it's the actual e-liquid that is of crape quality. It's called camel 24mg. Ugh, it's so rancid mate lol. I just want a normal camel-tasting e-liquid that doesn't turn your mouth into a nuclear zone. Would you also happen to know which one I can buy that is of highest quality when it comes to camel liquid? Thanks in advance!

Thomas Dingle: Hi Again Scott, Just wanted to ask, Is the discount code still work. Or was there a time limit on when you can use it by? 

Trillockboy Watson: I don't think I am too worried about using the extension tube for a larger diameter tank, because it is not much difference than using my Aspire Nautilus on my MVP v2, as that tank is near enough as long as the MVP.........:) Just waiting for my VTR to arrive in the post.

Chris Hall: Hiya Scott bought one yesterday and lov it. I used a Kanga pro tank 2 on this only to find major leaking any info? Great review and keep up the good work. Thanks.

Thakiid101: not enough wattage to chuck the clouds bro

Ady Thomson: Update. The new innokin iclear30 b tank is fantastic, but you guessed it, it doesn't fit in the 19mm bracket of the vtr, very very annoyed :-(

Vaper Holster: A fantastic piece of kit, going to make a quality leather case for it, another great video well produced

MrHairyNutz: 7:30 you blew a great smoke ring, you oughta make a how-to video on doing smoke rings.

Atheistscumbag kp: I have a vtr and its great. this thing can stop a bullet

laug66: I have had this for two months and it is the best you can get. Ego-type tanks do not give this consistency and quality. The vtr does not allow or encourage faffing about with your wicks and your coils, You replace the inside easily and it always works, If you want a great vape with no hassle, this is it!

George Arzola: I have an ego twist 900 mah battery. The battery lasts me until Friday, I guess I am a Light Vaper so how much time will a 2000 mah battery last me?

Dylan Tayag: "Taste it, love it". "Not sure what that's all about.." hahahahah that's exactly what I said when I got it!

Gareth Witty: Of couse I am would like to try a iClear30s but have to wait :-(

DocterKnockor: Your smoke rings... The only reason why I watch your videos. xD

whelkshuffler: It looks like the battery release button at the bottom isn't proud, so it would stand on end ok without wobblin'. is that true? Great review.

Jonathon Jones: I need a website to order good but cheap natural flovors to smoke out of my cool fire 2 ecig!, any suggestions?

Antonio rodriguez: Don't buy this, i have one, and i have heard of many who had the same issue. The connector where you screw in your atomizer is made out of brass, it wears out and your atomizer won't stay put and it won't make any connection making this device useless.

P1ng37: gotta vape that thing with medical gloves

Daren pink: Thanks at last someone whos explains things nice and simple 

Advection357: I think I'll get an Itaste SVD... this one seems a bit over the top.

jake jackson: Looks like a phone

kai cutts: what would you say is the best ecig all your videos are great by the way :)

Colin McPhail: Same device branded as TECC VTR at totally wicked - just bought, awesome.. Doesn't have the "Garish Design" on the back either ;-)

bagpopuk: Great device. The button placement is questionably wrong but is something you get used to in very little time. The weight issue is more difficult to overcome but persevere, and you will adjust. Now, for those who are a dab hand with sticky back plastic or fancy xmas wrapping paper (the really tough stuff), craft knives/scalpels, sellotape, steel rules, and/or superglue, here's a tip in creating a cheap sleeve for your VTR. An empty pack of superking cigarettes (preferably Pall Mall Superkings, 'cos the packet contains 19 cigs and has nice, chamfered corners), when emptied of cigs and the foil liner, is a glove into which the VTR fits like a hand. There, I planted the seed. Grow!

Sexual Potato: I've been rocking a VTR for a few months now. It's been dropped, beaten, and cursed at, in addition to seeing heavy, daily use from my chain-vaping. The main button up front has begun to feel a little loose, but it still reliably fires up! It's really a solid piece of equipment.

nick w: the transcript fails with his accent. good video though!

TheAegisClaw: A shame it won't fit my Kayfun or I'd be tempted. 

Carl Richardson: This must be the old batch, as i have just received mine from a different vendor at a very much lower price than the vendor you mention and the VTR now comes with a fixed 510 which makes the device rattle free and holds the tanks firmly in place, also this 510 also has 4 air channels cut into the surface and two holes.

EvilPanda1988: The Aero tank fits and works very well.

chucky braswell: ok so when the battery dies do you have to buy a new one or can you charge it

Will Jewell: I wish someone would talk more about the battery for this device. How long before the battery needs to be fully replaced? What kind of battery to buy? What kind of charger to use? And any more information on the battery of this device if that is possible. Thank you! P.S Great review!

lutobor13: Nice review, rubbish mod. :)

ZombiteDeSade: Had mine a little over a month now, got it to replace an MVP which was going strong for a while until the button fell off whilst I was at work. I like box mods, always have, ever since the Reo mods which were my main vaping devices for years. The VTR is a quality, incredibly well built device. As Scott says, you can't go wrong in terms of sheer simplicity with the VV/VW options here. Yes its a bit heavy and yeah it does limit the sheer array of atty devices you can put on it, but frankly the iclear 30s tanks are probably the best I've ever used. They don't leak like novas and the vapour isn't cold and muted like the pro tanks. Love my VTR, worth every penny IMO.

Gareth Witty: another top notch review, but I think I would have issues with the weight, but from what I hear its a stellar device and I think the new iClear30s Clearomiser is being praised with much regard :-) 

Brigadier Jones: Hi scott thanks for your reviews really help the beginners ive got a rok legend i moved on from ecigalikes didn't like being reminded of the old fags but i find with the rok legend im not getting enough vapour would this be a better option or is there something else you could recommend?

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