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Our First Upload on The New Channel! Innokin iTaste VTR Review!
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A PBusardo Review - VapeOnly BCC Mini & iTaste VV V3
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Parcels Aliexpress .Innokin iTaste MVP 2 0 and iClear 30 Tank .review
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Fire in the head: damn can't believe this stuff has been out this long.. haha i thought it was all newer.. anyways, nice video and thanks for the information.

Steven Barnes: this is been the best vapor unit I've ever owned. if you're a cloud chaser this is definitely not the unit for you. but if you're someone who works and breaks things a lot at work then this is definitely the vapor unit for you. I've had mine for a year I dropped it in my coffee big cup of coffee. I quit working for about 2 days I bought a new unit. then I watch the YouTube video where I saw a guy fix hey Mac computer from the nineties in just plain water. all he did was soak the computer then dry. so I tried that had nothing to lose it was already broke. It's been working fine for a month now

Ebola Chan: Correct me if I got it wrong, this device works with AW IMR 2200mAh 18650 batteries but not with Efest Purple 2800mAh 35A 18650 batteries?

Brett Wright: how do I charge this thing

Brea's Channel: I just bought this and I don't know how to charge it 

Gunnar Hegg: you blow the most amazing Os

Nina Booker: Hi...noob here. I don't know if anyone has asked this yet but how do you know which atomisers have a high/low resistance?

Andrew Bailey: how long does the battery last?

uktottys: Really clear video quality, so rare! Did you have problems with the battery not connecting due to that horrible battery door?

Grace Minner: Hey mate. The have updated the spinning ring to two versions bother are now stationery. However one has four air channels on top of the ring which is how mine is and the other has only two channels but also has two holes also. So in any case no matter how you hold the vtr you will have adequate air flow. Just got mine two days ago n luv it. Thanks for the review. Chango

Quinzy Hebbins: VTR? More like DVR. That thing is big.

Steven Peck (Bootes): Thank you for the great vid, very informative I have been looking into getting one myself. Think I will.

Mark Amsterdam: I have VTR and it is great!!manage to get the battery to last for solid five days (Samsung SDI 2E22,settings at 3.5V and 7.0W) with midium usage equal to smoking 20 cigs a day!!

Ira Robinson: I've used one of these for a couple of months now and love it.  It works great and is VERY solid.

I moved into this one from a Tesla and a Vamo VV/VW type, and I tend to like this one quite a bit more.  It feels great in the hand, shocks people when they see it and, if nothing else, makes a great conversation starter  lol

CountryHouseGent: What a superb channel and nice real world reviews. Cheers.

Creepy Cooter: Hey Scott, there's a shop in Glasgow selling the VTR, the tank, the case, an 18650 and a charger for £65. Good deal?

The Gamers Crib: The thing that would drive me insane with the VTR is the finger prints.  Much like my mobile phone that I'm constantly wiping off the screen on my shirt or other soft cloth, I imagine if I had one of these I'd be constantly wiping off all the finger prints.  Having to use the extension tube however to use my bigger tanks would (to me) mean that I'm using another mod entirely for my larger tanks which would defeat the purpose of buying this one.  
The i30 tank that comes with the MVP and VTR I just don't think are all that great.  If they supplied a really fantastic tank (for me, the aerotank mega is a wonderful tank but too large for this) similar to some of the great tanks available and it fit their device I'd run (not walk) to go get one of these units.

I think it's great for people that don't use large tanks, but for the 5ml tankers, it's a bust.  Yeah, I just hate the look of it with the extension tube that much, probably because it looks beautiful with a tank sitting in the correct location though.

GCIIRonaldo: Hey Scott (everyone feel free to answer), does this specific iTaste come with a battery or should I buy one in advance? Also the iTaste MVP V2, does it come with a battery or do you need to install one by yourself? Thanks for the help in advance guys!

sponge me: personally i think the vtr is overated,yes it looks great but the wheel thats used for volts and watts.control is very hit and miss,i wish i had bought the 134 instead,hope this helps,happy vaping all

whelkshuffler: It looks like the battery release button at the bottom isn't proud, so it would stand on end ok without wobblin'. is that true?
Great review.

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