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A PBusardo Review & Contest - The Innokin iTaste VTR. holster. and new iClear30s!
A PBusardo Review & Contest - The Innokin iTaste VTR. holster. and new iClear30s!
Innokin iTaste VTR   Resistance Checker. Variable Power. Wattage. Voltage VV. VW. New
Innokin iTaste VTR Resistance Checker. Variable Power. Wattage. Voltage VV. VW. New
Innokin iTaste VTR iClear 30S Overview
Innokin iTaste VTR iClear 30S Overview
iTASTE VTR REVIEW - IndoorSmokers
iTASTE VTR REVIEW - IndoorSmokers
Innokin iTaste VTR and NEW iClear 30
Innokin iTaste VTR and NEW iClear 30
Innokin iTaste 134 Review - IndoorSmokers
Innokin iTaste 134 Review - IndoorSmokers
Innokin iTaste SVD Review by Smoke Free Source
Innokin iTaste SVD Review by Smoke Free Source

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laug66: I have had this for two months and it is the best you can get. Ego-type tanks do not give this consistency and quality. The vtr does not allow or encourage faffing about with your wicks and your coils, You replace the inside easily and it always works, If you want a great vape with no hassle, this is it!

P1ng37: gotta vape that thing with medical gloves

Gareth Witty: another top notch review, but I think I would have issues with the weight, but from what I hear its a stellar device and I think the new iClear30s Clearomiser is being praised with much regard :-) 

Elcapitano R.T.Z: Hi scott thanks for your reviews really help the beginners ive got a rok legend i moved on from ecigalikes didn't like being reminded of the old fags but i find with the rok legend im not getting enough vapour would this be a better option or is there something else you could recommend?

fuzzjunky: i've got an MVP 2 on the way :)

TheAegisClaw: A shame it won't fit my Kayfun or I'd be tempted. 

TheLogicalAtheistOne kp: I have a vtr and its great. this thing can stop a bullet

Gareth Witty: Of couse I am would like to try a iClear30s but have to wait :-(

Dylan Tayag: "Taste it, love it". "Not sure what that's all about.." hahahahah that's exactly what I said when I got it!

chucky braswell: ok so when the battery dies do you have to buy a new one or can you charge it

Michael Gorman: Looks good, trifle on the expensive side-excellent review as always mate...

SuzieLady: Hiya Scott..Great review as always matey :-) My fiance has just brought me one of these for Christimas, so can't get my hands on it yet *sulks Shame about being limited with the tank but hopefully I will get on well with the one provided. All the best love x

bagpopuk: Great device. The button placement is questionably wrong but is something you get used to in very little time. The weight issue is more difficult to overcome but persevere, and you will adjust. Now, for those who are a dab hand with sticky back plastic or fancy xmas wrapping paper (the really tough stuff), craft knives/scalpels, sellotape, steel rules, and/or superglue, here's a tip in creating a cheap sleeve for your VTR. An empty pack of superking cigarettes (preferably Pall Mall Superkings, 'cos the packet contains 19 cigs and has nice, chamfered corners), when emptied of cigs and the foil liner, is a glove into which the VTR fits like a hand. There, I planted the seed. Grow!

Ady Thomson: Update. The new innokin iclear30 b tank is fantastic, but you guessed it, it doesn't fit in the 19mm bracket of the vtr, very very annoyed :-(

jake jackson: Looks like a phone

phil ellis: I have had this a month now...really enjoy it..i would like to find one of these genesis tanks you speak of...hyda is it?

john lowndes: another top review scott and a nice looking mod.

kai cutts: rely good video when i screw the adapter on hasnt there got to be a certain size atomiser or cartomiser to screw on top

nick w: the transcript fails with his accent. good video though!

Valter Nascimento: Hey again Scott, so about the e-liquids, by your preference, what to choose to use with both the Nemesis and the Innokin VTR? Cheers! 

Carl Richardson: This must be the old batch, as i have just received mine from a different vendor at a very much lower price than the vendor you mention and the VTR now comes with a fixed 510 which makes the device rattle free and holds the tanks firmly in place, also this 510 also has 4 air channels cut into the surface and two holes.

Valka: I like your videos, very well presented and all ways very informative. Your a great guy! :)

Jonathon Jones: I need a website to order good but cheap natural flovors to smoke out of my cool fire 2 ecig!, any suggestions?

Daren pink: Thanks at last someone whos explains things nice and simple 

Will Jewell: I wish someone would talk more about the battery for this device. How long before the battery needs to be fully replaced? What kind of battery to buy? What kind of charger to use? And any more information on the battery of this device if that is possible. Thank you! P.S Great review!

lutobor13: Nice review, rubbish mod. :)

Maurice Atkinson: did you ever find your atty?.

Anuar Hamid: Another fantastic review. Any possibility that you would know what's the lowest resistance the vtr accepts and is there any cutoff? Like it stops firing after you hold down the firing button for let say 10 sec? Thanks

Sexual Potato: I've been rocking a VTR for a few months now. It's been dropped, beaten, and cursed at, in addition to seeing heavy, daily use from my chain-vaping. The main button up front has begun to feel a little loose, but it still reliably fires up! It's really a solid piece of equipment.

ZombiteDeSade: Had mine a little over a month now, got it to replace an MVP which was going strong for a while until the button fell off whilst I was at work. I like box mods, always have, ever since the Reo mods which were my main vaping devices for years. The VTR is a quality, incredibly well built device. As Scott says, you can't go wrong in terms of sheer simplicity with the VV/VW options here. Yes its a bit heavy and yeah it does limit the sheer array of atty devices you can put on it, but frankly the iclear 30s tanks are probably the best I've ever used. They don't leak like novas and the vapour isn't cold and muted like the pro tanks. Love my VTR, worth every penny IMO.

Bryan Sage: I have had mine for over a month. I really like it. There is a lot of talk about its weight. I like it because I work out of doors. The weight makes it easy to find in my layers of clothing. Its also easy to use with gloves and the most stable mod I own when it comes to standing on it's own. The replacement price of coils/carto's makes the tank a waste of time even though I like it. My Kanger tanks all work well with it. One more plus. I reckon it would come in handy in a pub fight. Great review as always Scott.

MrTerrierLove: I have the protank 2 on mine. That's how I prefer it for looks AND performance

Brlja2: Hey, can you check if Cobra can fit on this device?

kai cutts: what would you say is the best ecig all your videos are great by the way :)

Ady Thomson: I've had mine for a month, love the thing, the only problem I have found with the 30s as with the original 30 is that unless I use 100% vg the eliquid pisses out the bottom, not sure if I'm missing something but I can't see what, any thoughts mr bonner? :-)

inxs13: Love the reviews as always. Hope you locate that atty soon. Best luck my friend. 

Sig Shooter: Great review as usual Scott. PS I lose alot of things in my bed somehow. Check there. lol :D

Jack Brown: Not 4 me

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