All New Yamaha T135 TVC Jupiter MX Sniper MX 135LC Exciter 135 Spark 135 Crypton X

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MrKneecart: how much??

Faizal Hashim: u stupid i said about 4stroke.not 2 stroke

Hyo Neul: địt! dân Thái cũng khổ, được cái đầu đẹp đẹp đem gắn biển số rồi. Hayzz còn đâu là duyên nữa

Faizal Hashim: raider 150 cilinder 62mm =150cc jupiter mx cilinder 54mm=135cc if jupiter mx change cilinder to 62mm = 180cc u see ?

Nino Octaviano: really stupid. i know they are 4stroke engine.. MORON. search 1st what is bore x stroke. moron.

spamsafe: @japayuko0831 its now available in philippines for P93K Yamaha Sniper MX 2011

paulo nio: look like abnormal

ThePotatoIsAStarchyTuberousCropFromThePerennialSolanumTuberosumOfTheNightshadeFamilyLOL: its cool that these are so populair there

Christian Altarejos: @spamsafe .,sa amin po dito sa Bacolod ay 88.4k.,depende din po sa companya.,

spamsafe: @adrianrubi nope. raider is 150cc while sniper is 135cc.

kendel1224: @DonAnjelo2k11 meron na bro! avail na satin ng may14! naka showcase sa MOA ng may14 to hehe

TU Bi CONTINUED: hey thailand or indonesia,Yamaha T135,Yamaha Jupiter MX not beautiful with exciter 135 2011 of vietnam haha.yamaha exciter 135 2011 of viet nam is win

japayuko0831: spamsafe,,,musta?saan lugar to?meron din bah ganito sa pinas na model?salamat

hoangnhanbt2: Quảng cáo toàn mấy thằng điên

adrianrubi: @spamsafe ok. They should've made it in 145.76cc instead and called it "Sniper MX 145-76".

adrianrubi: can it beat the raider 150?

Okky Kadavi: Slogan LEBAY.!!!!. Topseed JABLAY!!!! Wkwkwkwkwk..:D

josh13844: i am a fan of yamaha, and my first bike was DT125. id still prefer them, i rode a zero 225 and it was awesome dude!! but i had with me now my MX SNIPER...i hope ther wud be a sniper 200...hehehehe

reza maulana: iyyeeh!! jangan sirik lu!

MrZOinx: anu ba mas ok bilhin?? suzuki 150 o sniper mx 135??? advice lang mga tol...

Hoàng Phi Hồng: sao xe Thái lúc nào cũng đẹp hơn xe VN...giá thì cũng = nhau...nhưng về các bố Hải Quan đánh thuế 100%...1 lũ ác ôn...freak you

Jordansp: yang laen semakin PASRAH, Boleh juga ni Motor hahaiii Indonesia Motor

Sorosot411: that is indonesia

Rudy Santiago: i know wala pa nito sa pilipinas,.. baka mag endorse uli ang Yamaha ng PAN-ASEAN 7 nation endurace test ng ganang model tulad ng ginawa sa Sniper bago i produce sa South East asian countries

Nino Octaviano: how about the stroke? 48.8 vs 58 .. stupid

marvin3252: @josh13844 I hope palitan nila handle bar,baduy parang scooter lang...

kayode dela cruz: diasil forged piston TPS 5 speed... rear disc brake.. wow!

boggs2005: I'd still prefer the Yamaha DT125, Yamaha XT225/250 over this bike they are not good to ride for tall people like me 6 feet 1 inch.

Giniefied: i want to have that!!

MrDinakdakan: @josh13844 yamaha serow not zero
All new Yamaha T135 TVC Jupiter MX Sniper MX 135LC Exciter 135 Spark 135 Crypton X 4.4 out of 5

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MrKneecart: how much??
dboy270: Yes, Dice should have delayed BF4, way too many issues and imbalances 
Kyoshi WeeD: Be complimenti ancora per il video :D Poi ho smesso di giocare quand avevo fatto 3 account -1 al 999 -2 al 400 -3 e' a 170 Be erano bei momenti :') ma ora l'ho lasciato...La battaglia piu' bella che non scordero' mai e' stata contro Il deviljho che con l'scia dell'alatreon uppata al massimo ho fatto esplodere '' L'aura'' o come si chiamava xD ...In faccia mentre usava la nebbia E' stato un EPIC WIN :')
amazingsparckman: 1)put the keys in the ignition but don't try to start the van. Leave it for 20 to 30 mins alone. when you try the next time the van will start. 2) Tighten up the battery terminals, make sure no dirt is there.
NeverShadowDIE: ขอบคุณคร้าบบบ ~~~~ // ดี๊ด๊าๆๆๆ....
Herp Derp: I counted to 52 freaks in this 9min vid. Most be some kind of record.
Dan Lewis: Very cool video. You let us look at it well. You offer good background music. Bravo.

All new Yamaha T135 TVC Jupiter MX Sniper MX 135LC Exciter 135 Spark 135 Crypton X