Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean

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Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean
Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean
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Marvels Mystery Oil Engine ticking lifter noise
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Marvel Mystery Oil Injector Long Term Test
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COL DELAROSA: You don't necessarily need to go through all that...... Try this instead. When you do your oil change substitute one quart of MMO and top off the rest with your favorite motor oil. The MMO will lubricate the crank and berring....reducing engine heat and wear. In addition when you drop the oil more dirt and deposits will come out. Add 6 onces to a full tank of gas and see a vast improvement in performance and fuel economy

Daniel McDaniels: I also cleaned the throttle body.

Daniel McDaniels: I used it my 1997 volvo s90 for the first time and now it gets better fuel mileage then it did. I also used seafoam in vacuum line. That stuff did work....... i can more miles out of her did i did.

Conservative America: it's an oil! yes! but it also has solvents!! so it does clean!!!

MrShanerocks123: Let's rev it to the max im sure that's gonna help 👌

John Kukic: This is what happens when you pour crap down the carb. It didn't clean anything. You want results rebuild your carb and clean your intake.

jmoyet: haha wow I haven't seen this videos in years!

douglas adams: this video was a waste of time

Robert Cowan: I'm pretty sure those had throttle body fuel injection, not a carb...

Tanya Boo: The white smoke is from the water content in the can, it works like a steam cleaning. To get the idea, whenever you drive in heavy rain your engine seems to run better, that is the humidity being sucked into the combustion process.

manny6584: my lawnmower did that when i poured to much mmo in it.

Andy Amodio: Using oil to clean carbon? Hmm sounds like a oxymoron.

Jason Ander: What's the difference between this and Sea Foam?

Protec Autocare: Not all engine flushes are created equally. Our engine flush has been used in MILLIONS of cars without ANY issues. Why? Because Protec Autocare dissolves contamination down to a micron, bonds with it and removes it after the flush. During the flush the motor is protected with Dialkyl Zinc and the flush boosts the dirty oil viscosity by 96% to lower friction during the flush. If your looking to boost your performance, start by using this engine flush to restore piston compression.

David G: you don't need an oil change if your using it through the vacuum lines(brake booster line) it doesn't drop down past the piston rings.

JCSgIobal: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God - All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST. May God save you !

NOS351W: Got the same effect running a lawnmower engine straight off the stuff one day out of boredom, it seemed to help out, also geo metros are fuel injected.

NOS351W: Bit late but diesel fuel and PB Blaster work the best for freeing a seized engine.

ColtDeltaElite10mm: Marvel mystery oil isn't supposed to be dumped down the carb!!! It's to be used mixed in the fuel and 20% mix in the engine oil!!!! Dummy!

clinton fisher: If you say so mike. But as long as the strong live in the weak die I will always be higher on the food chain then you
Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean 5 out of 5

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Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean