Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean

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Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean
Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean
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Marvel Mystery Oil
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Marvels Mystery Oil
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Using Marvel Mystery oil to remove Aluminum Oxide and clean up rusty chrome on your motorcycle
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Marvel Magic Mystery Oil Cafe Racer Seized engine
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My DIY Marvel Mystery Oil Product Review
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How to Seafoam your vehicle (Also called Top Engine Clean)
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douglas adams: this video was a waste of time

jmoyet: haha wow I haven't seen this videos in years!

BLUESTAR: ? haaaaaaa very funny ..

Andy Amodio: Using oil to clean carbon? Hmm sounds like a oxymoron. .

manny6584: my lawnmower did that when i poured to much mmo in it.

tanya bolton: The white smoke is from the water content in the can, it works like a steam cleaning. To get the idea, whenever you drive in heavy rain your engine seems to run better, that is the humidity being sucked into the combustion process.

Robert Cowan: I'm pretty sure those had throttle body fuel injection, not a carb...

Jason Ander: What's the difference between this and Sea Foam?

John fromSpace: Dont forget to recycle, buy energy efficient light bulbs and water your lawn after 7pm =P

Israel Mora: @oohitslong what rubber seals? spark plugs wont foul out that fast and as for the cat learn about how it works.

Pre5tig3: I just seafoamed my ciera the other day runs much better now. And was going to do my cousins SHO but didnt have enough time before he had to go to work.

jeff sealy: ok i really app your help hopefully it wont mess my car up lol but ive seen vids were ur car smokes really bad untill u burn it off and people say it works so hopefully it does tnx again:)

minorot: That white smoke is not from MMO. It's a blown head gasket. MMO doesn't cause those kinds of problems unless you put gallons of it in your tank.

John fromSpace: Jeremy Clarkson is that you! ZEDR1 Rules!

John fromSpace: @sluggo06 Did your engine sieze up? Theres a small chance if yoy pull the spark plugs off your engine and pour a little mmo in each spark plug hole you can maybe unsieze the engine.

jmoyet: ok. im going to do it a week or so before the next oil change.

Marine052191: Goddamn I miss that geo... I have a Fird Ranger XLT V6, meh... I once wanted to remember driving my older bros Geo nick named it (The GoKart) so, I jacked his Nissan Sentra lol, he didn't have a car for days, although I left him my Ranger. I swear I saved like atleast 100+ on gas with that sentra

John fromSpace: Seafoam or Marvel mystery oil dissolves the gunk. I've soaked dirty oily bolts in seafoam and a lot of gunk does come off without scrubbing when I do do that, so maybe the longer you let it soak up in your engine the better? Just for reference when I first got this Metro I was getting 25 mpg Since then I did the top engine clean, new distributor, wires and air filter and now I'm averaging 38 MPG. I wonder how much the cleaning contributed though.

fomocoboy: there is no cheap way to add horsepower without coating the the bores in teflon witch prematrulely wears them out so at rebulid time you have to buy a new block.

niggerpleasenojitsu: Actually, it's not too big of a deal. It's just carbon, and carbon isnt a gas, and cant really harm the ozone layer, it'll smog up stuff, but for what he's doing, it's not permanent and will all be on the ground or whatever. Also, this is cleaning his engine, if he's only getting 20something mpg, then he's polluting a lot more while actually driving it. So stop being an enviromentalist asshole.

FEGTTTSDH: poor ozone u.u

CougarandDrummin: so you can use this just like seafoam basically?

John fromSpace: @1001Hobbies My butt dyno doesnt work well. Even on my other cars I don't notice a difference when I mod them because it's all placebo. The only mod that my butt dyno feels is Supercharger pulley drops.

John fromSpace: @nathanlorimer Thats the plan

John fromSpace: The Metro is running great I just want to add something unique and Japanese (even though the Metro is a Suzuki Swift)with my Turbo Diesel V8 Truck and my supercharged v6 Buick. The 8000 RPM redline of the GSR is cool and its something different to what I'm used too. I figure now is the time to sell while my Metro is still running great and gas prices are high you know? Just waiting to see If I get a promotion at work before I pull the trigger and sell it.

ninethourpm: Wanna know where all that gunk from your engine went? I bet your cats are clogged.

John fromSpace: Okay

jmoyet: having problems with the Metro?

garrett6699: Was that Ludacris/Saturday playin in that white sequoia that drove by at :50!!!

John fromSpace: I think someone wrote a book called "All Metros are Red or Blue" =P

John fromSpace: What kind of cars did you use it on besides your Plymouth? How many miles did you get out of your cars? A lot of people say MMO is like chicken soup, doesnt help or hurt but I personally put 1 quart of it (2 in the diesel) in each of my cars in addition to the oil. I dont know its its helping but a lot of the old school mechanics get hundreds of thousands of miles out of their cars.

John fromSpace: @FEGTTTSDH You'll thank me when people are able to grow Oranges in Alaska =)

Marine052191: My bro had a geo, four door sedan. That car would have lasted, but a dumbass rearended us... We had some good times, especially when we pushed the "Turbo button" (AC off) Go little car! Go!!!! Lol, that's a great car, should last you forever.

John fromSpace: Not at all, working class neighborhood =) The house in front of me just happens to be the biggest one thats all =P Notice its just a Scion in the Driveway. 20 people live there I think they all just chip in for rent and they all drive economy cars so no AMG BenZ's or anything like that =)

John fromSpace: sure is

John fromSpace: @myoutdoorworld I have a Chevy

John fromSpace: @ninethourpm You're probably right

clinton fisher: If you say so mike. But as long as the strong live in the weak die I will always be higher on the food chain then you

QuantumCarl: The earth system doesn't care what we do. It's going to freak us up anyways. D:

adam hoier: Thinking I may try this on my 88 Dodge Aries :) It needs a clean up.....right now, I got some Regane in the tank, and it's leaving BLACK soot at the end of my drive way from the exhaust :P As if something's trying to "break free".....tank before that I had Seafoam in the tank, with the same affects....thinking a top end clean is in order. Just dump it down the air cleaner/carb? :)

John fromSpace: I put in 1/4 of the bottle. Post a video of the smoke show =)

bob10marley: lol @ schoolbus

jose f: Your killing the ozone dude !

jackazle: it's carbon monoxide that cars put out. not carbon dioxide, that's what we exhale and plants inhale.

John fromSpace: Right on man!

krankiev: refrigerant breaks down the ozone layer, not CO2 emissions. stay in school.

xargos: I see people here have been brainwashed into believing that global warming has nothing to do with humans. Listening to the "think tanks" put together by the oil companies. Sad, sad, sad.

starbucksmunky: Global warming also turned out to be a huge scam. And carbon isn't doing anything to the enviroment.

jr540123: Got the same effect running a lawnmower engine straight off the stuff one day out of boredom, it seemed to help out, also geo metros are fuel injected.

mmxzero101: I have an old 94 camry that needs an oil change. I burn a quart every 2-3 weeks so I basically do an oil change every 3 months. Is my logic flawed? Also, i bought this stuff recently, I haven't tried it yet.. So I'll need an oil change soon after using it? PS. I do change out the oil every 3-5 months. Since I don't drive it much anymore.
Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean 3.4 out of 5

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Marvel Mystery Oil Top Engine Clean