DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier

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DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier
DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier
Sliding table saw benefits by FELDER®
Sliding table saw benefits by FELDER®
SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table at IWF 14 by Woodworker's Journal
SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table at IWF 14 by Woodworker's Journal
SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table
SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table
Homemade Table Saw Sliding Table Demo
Homemade Table Saw Sliding Table Demo

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Mike Spriggs (cavfootball): Alan, do you have video on how to make this sliding table?

Chong VOON FAH: The best attachment so far......good job

Ken Kimura: Did details ever get posted? I looked at THKs website along with MSC's page, but there are so many different kinds. Any info on which THK system was used?

Philip Tancredi: I like your slide rail. I would like to build one for my table saw. would you tell me what parts did you use and where did you buy all them.
Thank you,

Jay Dee: Are you going to remove one of the cast iron wing so you are closer to the blade?

bones549: You should put the cost for doing these on your website, I'd bet they'd sell well.  I know I'd buy one.

Gary Garoutte: I can't wait to see the detailed instructions for this. It is something I have always wanted. By the way, I believe you put out the best videos on how you build your products than any I have ever seen. Thanks for being so thorough..

AskWoodMan: I have a full series shot and partially edited on this build, including the mistakes and corrections I made. It is on my list to get done. Thanks for watching and for the interest to see details. Keep in touch. Allan 

Eric Wexler: which bearing, ball, cross-roller, etc?? Could you give the model numbers you purchased?

mattygee5000: How long bearing slides did you use? Thx- M

David Borch: seems like a great idea, can't wait to she it in action,

Tayler Made: my sliding table is about the same distance from the blade as yours. for most things i use the mitre square in the table track. when i need to do larger pieces i slot the mitre gauge into the sliding table. i do understand the space limitations as i think my shop is even smaller than yours lol. we just have to be very creative with what we have.

AskWoodMan: My setup is quite a bit further from the blade versus a Euro saw. But I was not willing to drop my extension wing on the left. One of the reason I have resisted using it more is that in my small shop to leave the fence on the sliding table restricts my movement. I am scheming on how to make the fence fold parallel to the sliding table and lock back in place with stops and a cam lock. 

AskWoodMan: I think it is just THK Bearing from Japan. Just Google and you will know more than you want ;) Another brand is Hiwin from Taiwan. These linear bearing are used in a wide range of manufacturing and industry. I will check out A-Line. We have been mostly working with 80/20. Thanks for watching. Allan

Tayler Made: great to see some more video's appearing out of your shop. i learnt on an old wadkin sliding table saw, so that was one of the prerequisites when i bought my own table saw. believe me once you get used to it you will love it, especially for cutting large pieces like cupboard doors etc.

George Cooper Jr.: Check out A-Line Corporation for t-track aluminum extrusions. They're outta Charlotte, NC. I'm still wretsling w/ "THK"... What's that abbreviated for? Thanks in advance.

Mick Walker: wouldnt expect anything less lol

AskWoodMan: You know it will be detailed ;)

AskWoodMan: Check out 80/20. The variety of extrusions they carry will make you dizzy.

AskWoodMan: I will cover every aspect of designing and building this. The only way I know how to do it :) There will be some interesting stuff about steel fabrication and using the linear glide bearings. What I am really going to stress is the power of the extrusions to make things for our shops. Thanks for the generous comment. Allan
DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier 5 out of 5

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Mike Spriggs (cavfootball): Alan, do you have video on how to make this sliding table?
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DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier