DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier

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DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier
DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier
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SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table - First Look - IWF 2014
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Philip Tancredi: I like your slide rail. I would like to build one for my table saw. would you tell me what parts did you use and where did you buy all them.
Thank you,

Cecil Dean: Did you make a video showing how to build the complete slide table?

Jay Dee: Are you going to remove one of the cast iron wing so you are closer to the blade?

bones549: You should put the cost for doing these on your website, I'd bet they'd sell well.  I know I'd buy one.

Gary Garoutte: I can't wait to see the detailed instructions for this. It is something I have always wanted. By the way, I believe you put out the best videos on how you build your products than any I have ever seen. Thanks for being so thorough..

AskWoodMan: I have a full series shot and partially edited on this build, including the mistakes and corrections I made. It is on my list to get done. Thanks for watching and for the interest to see details. Keep in touch. Allan

Eric Wexler: which bearing, ball, cross-roller, etc?? Could you give the model numbers you purchased?

mattygee5000: How long bearing slides did you use? Thx- M

David Borch: seems like a great idea, can't wait to she it in action,

Tayler Made: my sliding table is about the same distance from the blade as yours. for most things i use the mitre square in the table track. when i need to do larger pieces i slot the mitre gauge into the sliding table. i do understand the space limitations as i think my shop is even smaller than yours lol. we just have to be very creative with what we have.

AskWoodMan: My setup is quite a bit further from the blade versus a Euro saw. But I was not willing to drop my extension wing on the left. One of the reason I have resisted using it more is that in my small shop to leave the fence on the sliding table restricts my movement. I am scheming on how to make the fence fold parallel to the sliding table and lock back in place with stops and a cam lock.

AskWoodMan: I think it is just THK Bearing from Japan. Just Google and you will know more than you want ;) Another brand is Hiwin from Taiwan. These linear bearing are used in a wide range of manufacturing and industry. I will check out A-Line. We have been mostly working with 80/20. Thanks for watching. Allan

duncang55: Man, waiting to see the series but also some of what it can do! :)

Tayler Made: great to see some more video's appearing out of your shop. i learnt on an old wadkin sliding table saw, so that was one of the prerequisites when i bought my own table saw. believe me once you get used to it you will love it, especially for cutting large pieces like cupboard doors etc.

George Cooper Jr.: Check out A-Line Corporation for t-track aluminum extrusions. They're outta Charlotte, NC. I'm still wretsling w/ "THK"... What's that abbreviated for? Thanks in advance.

mick walker: wouldnt expect anything less lol

AskWoodMan: You know it will be detailed ;)

AskWoodMan: Check out 80/20. The variety of extrusions they carry will make you dizzy.

AskWoodMan: I will cover every aspect of designing and building this. The only way I know how to do it :) There will be some interesting stuff about steel fabrication and using the linear glide bearings. What I am really going to stress is the power of the extrusions to make things for our shops. Thanks for the generous comment. Allan

Bowcase: Anxious to see the series. Keep thinking. You've got some great ideas up there...
DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier 5 out of 5

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DIY Table Saw Sliding Crosscut Carrier