Changing Colors On Dr. Who Scarf (Knitting Loom Style)

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Changing Colors On Dr. Who Scarf (Knitting Loom Style)
Changing Colors On Dr. Who Scarf (Knitting Loom Style)
Knitting a Scarf on Round Loom Part 1
Knitting a Scarf on Round Loom Part 1
Loom-knitting a double-sided scarf.  (start)
Loom-knitting a double-sided scarf. (start)

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tinglesrosyrupeeland: Your scarf looks really lovely ;w;

Horace Smith: Next challenge.

jazolivia: It's possible that I decided to double the rows after doing a quick swatch. It's been ages and ages, mind you.

jazolivia: @SushiMooshi I ended up stopping at the Seasons 13 & 14 stopping point. So it ended up around 12 feet long.

jazolivia: It's been so long ago that I did this scarf, but I am pretty sure I didn't use any knots. My best guess is that I probably had a really long tail.

jazolivia: Ok...I've added the yarn details to the video description (more info)...

jazolivia: No problem! :o)

AlohaCow: @jazolivia thank you! it looks really nice!!!!

jazolivia: @xjessicaraverzx Thank-youuuuuu!!! :)

Heather Hayes: I tried making a season 12 scarf also, but it only ended up being maybe 4 feet long. Since the patterns on wittylittleknitter are for needle knitting, was there some conversion step that I missed?

cherrypizza: How do you block the scarf when you have to knit around the corners?

jazolivia: Check the description. (For some reason, YouTube never sent me a notice on this comment. Sorry for the late reply.)

jazolivia: @AlohaCow Garter...knit one row, purl one row, etc. :)

abbywithaG: Hi. I just wanted to know what are the colors and yarn you are using to make this scarf.

wakingd25: Awesome tutorial! I was wondering where did you get your loom, what's the brand of it and what weight is the yarn you're using?

AlohaCow: What stitch did you use?

jazolivia: Since this loom wasn't a double knit loom, it probably isn't the best video for that information. You might want to check out a video on Changing Colors in Double Knitting by YouTube User: KnittingBoard.

tfrailie: @jazolivia Thanks!

SuperDooperVideoBoy: Nice.

Laurie Blackwell: I don't know if you will answer. I was watching your video. How to you change a color if you double knit it? Or is it better to just do it single?

jazolivia: I had to rush the blocking process, because I had to give up the scarf quickly. I tried my best by stretching it down our longest hallway. I believe I misted it, put some towels on top, and gave it a quick iron. There are better ways to do this, I'm sure, but I was in a hurry.

Heather Hayes: That would make sense...I'll try that next time, thanks.

tfrailie: Where did you find your pattern?

Carrie Lynn: Thank you for the tip. I'm just starting to get comfortable with my EFG sock loom. Have a great night.

Paulina Stehr: I'm sorry, It's been a while since anyone commented on this video. I'm planning to make this scarf and I have a few questions if it doesn't bother you too much. How long does this scarf become? Someone told me it was twenty feet long.

weesadtomato: The tail from the #1 colour - the colour I,m changing from, keeps slipping, causing the last row of stitch to come loose. Is there a step I missed? Did you knot or something before cutting off the tail?

blueeyedgenious: thank you!!! this was exactly what i was looking for! I'm making this for a friend for her birthday, and i really had no idea what i was doing :)

jazolivia: @tfrailie Oooh...sorry...I missed seeing your comment. The pattern is now in the description.

jazolivia: Thanks kiddo... :)
Changing Colors On Dr. Who Scarf (Knitting Loom Style) 5 out of 5

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Changing Colors On Dr. Who Scarf (Knitting Loom Style)