Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA

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Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA
Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA
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Rossi Model 62 .22 Pump Action Rifle - Is It Junk?
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John Goodwin: It's also a take-down, in case you didn't know. Unscrew the big screw and while the screw is still connected to the receiver, pull the barrel and it goes into two pieces. Cheers

Matthew Drinkwine: A lot of people don't mention this but when Winchester stopped making the Model 62, Rossi actually purchased all of the machining tools from Winchester and brought them down to Brazil. Even though it's a replica, technically it's made from the same machining tools that Winchester used.

MrZombieslayer409: how much do u want for it

jasonwalldog: I have this exact same model Rossi. My father gave it to me 25 years ago. I would never sell it. Broken down it makes a fun rifle to take backpacking. Only thing you didn't mention is that you can hold down the trigger and just work the pump for fast (but inaccurate) shooting.

gostodearmas9mm: do not porcaries de guns

superjosh2001: Please don't sell that, it is priceless and you can't just pick one up. its Beautiful

The Real Hawkeye II: You failed to mention that it's a replica of the wonderful Winchester Model 62 (introduced in 1932), a John Browning design that was hugely popular before it was discontinued by Winchester in 1964, and which was an update on the model 1890, first produced by Winchester in that year.

jbmortensen: Thanks for showing. Had one of these as a teenager. I still have several of the guns given to me as a kid by my dad. Will not sell them. Why are you selling? I assume it is sold by now. Why not take it out more and shoot it??? Just because something sits in the safe more doesn't mean its time to sell??

Brady C: I have one

spiderpig85: This was the first gun I ever fired. My dad still has it back home... love this rifle.

chanderson1: Funny, but I think that gun would outlast most modern day firearms. Very cool little rifle. They dont make them like that anymore. Thanks for sharing.

Benmeister233: I got one of these for my 16th Birthday party, at a nice log cabin located right next to a National forest in Ohio. A friend who i inited had an uncle who just happened to live a few miles away so he stopped by and gave me one of these along with a pant load of LR ammo. It was in perfect condition. It's very accurate and fast shooting this a perfect example of a "oldy but a goodie" rifle. You can also take it apart pretty easily to store in a back pack.

pjc1536me: have you sold it yet? how much are you selling it for?

megaphantom84: dont sell your guns just buy more

fisherdigital: nooooo dont sell it . i sold my first now i wish i had not.

chapiit08: Buy from private sellers, don't fill up any paperwork, after you do that THEY know what you have and will come to confiscate it if need be.

Rawley Wilkes: Great video bro.

Patriot36: Thanks was cool! Such classic lines on that thing. Thanks for the vid!

rockbay79: How much does a rifle like this sell for these days?

chapiit08: I own a Winchester 1906 and a 62A, both are great guns, foolproof mechanism from the design table of genius John Moses Browning. I wish Miroku came up with a run of the 62A

brian5171995: I just bought one of these from a pawn shop and it looks brand new out of the box. There is no scratches or anything on it and i would just like to know the value of it. I think its worth about $250-$300 but IDK

Mrcaffinebean: Great video. I gotta ask, why are you selling it? It's your first don't your want to keep it for sentimental reasons?

nevadacoz: Your first gun - a gun your dad gave you 20 years ago - and you're gonna sell it? You're gonna regret that one day. I have one too and wouldn't sell or trade it for anything.

randomxdinosaur: I don't think you should sell it. Give it to one of your children and keep it in the family.

djrocker1007: How much did you end up selling it for?

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: My dad had the 22 short only rifle made by Winchester just for the shooting booth at the fairs long time ago with the octagon barrel.

Samuel Taylor: the firs gun i ever shot was a rossi

HPG45: Looks pretty damn good but can't surpass the original, have mine passed down through five generations. Old as hell and even with its special/unique slide function it still shoots like a beauty. Great, informative video on a somewhat rare rifle.

T Walker: I want it back! Dad

BowerBladeworks: Don't sell! You will regret it, trust me.

CWBD: I Have one of these, which Are common in Brazil. I love it, my father left to me. With the right ammo (CBC Hyper), it has the same stopping power as a .38 pistol. I´m buying another, semi-auto, with scope, but still feeling bored to fill up all the paper work necessary to buy any gun in Brazil ...

ponsau: I have one of these, they are awesome. And you can unscrew them and break it in two pieces. So it's easy to pack. I think they make great survival rifles because of this. And mine is really accurate.

STEBO211: what did you got for it !!

megaphantom84: I sold years ago to a PRIVATE buyer ;)

collin carroll: i truely enjoy ur vids

hckrwolf: My dad had this gun... and when my parents divorced and we moved out, my mom had the police confiscate it because she thought it was "too dangerous".

therealdeal989: ? Why would you sell it? Your suppose to hand it down to your blood.

krazy45cat: Great Little Rifle ,The Take Down Feature Is Nice !

brctom1: I have the Winchester Model 62 dated 1937 (according to Win. by serial #).. Thanks for sharing ! Mine shoots like a dream.... Inherited it from my Dad...

GUNSMITH44: Wtf your dad gave it to you and your selling it.

rockbay79: I have one of these rifles but mine says "SAC" . What does this indicate?

Nigamin Celso: An oldy but a goody? wut

Ebon Drake: I have this same exact rifle. My dad bought it for me as my first rifle back in the 80s. I wouldn't sell mine for the world.

Wayne Galley: I have the same gun, I've been thinking of selling mine and buying a semi auto. It's a great little gun and pretty rare here on the east coast of Canada.

YourMilageMayVary: My number one rule is never sell a gun....

sidewindermack: You will be sorry that you sold this rifle. You've had it for over 20 years. It was your first gun and your Father gave it to you. If you want another gun just go buy it. You need to put it back in the safe.

DemonHide: I find it interesting how it has "external" lugs for the locking mechanism, no doubt also copied from the Winchester. Gotta agree with some folks in the comments, be a shame to sell it... You got your reasons, I'm sure. Good luck with the sale!

The ol 31: stock to mine cracked on the neck looks good until you see the break

Tim Masters: I bet u miss it.I have a stainless model 23" barrel I replaced the sights w/fiber optic its very accurate.I gave 225.00 for it.I can't take it anywhere without being offered 500.00 over and over.but nope I say its going to my son when he's ready.

youblowyouidiot: God, my only wish is that I had something of my Father's. You're a great son.
Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA 4.4 out of 5

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Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA