Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA

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credit card shooting with rossi .22
credit card shooting with rossi .22
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myfoodbox: totally have one of those lol nice little rifle mine has the polished furniture with rust lists and lots of rust

Redington Hallmark: I need to figure out where to get a new butt stock for ming

shaverlocal: Owned a gun store and gave one of these to my son when he was 10 in 1990. He brought it up to shoot on our property about a month ago and forgot to take it home. I have been having a ball with it, extremely accurate. I woke up the other morning and wife says a gopher has been sticking its head in and out of it's hole. Went out with the 22, not even having a cup of coffee and timed his head bob with a twenty yard kill. Really cool rifles and more accurate than my Henry.

rugerron67: You are going to regret selling this rifle .
I did.
So years latter I bought another one that I will never sell.
The Price on these little rifles is starting to clime pretty good.

John Goodwin: It's also a take-down, in case you didn't know.  Unscrew the big screw and while the screw is still connected to the receiver, pull the barrel and it goes into two pieces.

Matthew Drinkwine: A lot of people don't mention this but when Winchester stopped making the Model 62, Rossi actually purchased all of the machining tools from Winchester and brought them down to Brazil.  Even though it's a replica, technically it's made from the same machining tools that Winchester used.

ponsau: I have one of these, they are awesome. And you can unscrew them and break it in two pieces. So it's easy to pack. I think they make great survival rifles because of this. And mine is really accurate.

Brady C: I have one but, the barrel and stock, was shorting to hind in a wall of a house (where we found it) or for kids, kinda bad shape but shots fine

Brady C: I have one

Ebon Drake: I have this same exact rifle. My dad bought it for me as my first rifle back in the 80s. I wouldn't sell mine for the world.

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: My dad had the 22 short only rifle made by Winchester just for the shooting booth at the fairs long time ago with the octagon barrel.

chapiit08: I own a Winchester 1906 and a 62A, both are great guns, foolproof mechanism from the design table of genius John Moses Browning. I wish Miroku came up with a run of the 62A

chapiit08: Buy from private sellers, don't fill up any paperwork, after you do that THEY know what you have and will come to confiscate it if need be.

chapiit08: I'd rather eat porridge every day rather than sell any of the guns my dad gave to me.

Nigamin Celso: An oldy but a goody? wut

TapRack2: Wow...I couldn't imagine parting with mine. My granddad gave me this same gun. It is definitely not for sale. Nice video.

blucotech: Dad gave me mine too....I will never sell it. Ever.

Tim Masters: I bet ur missing it by now.

CWBD: I Have one of these, which Are common in Brazil. I love it, my father left to me. With the right ammo (CBC Hyper), it has the same stopping power as a .38 pistol. I´m buying another, semi-auto, with scope, but still feeling bored to fill up all the paper work necessary to buy any gun in Brazil ...

The Real Hawkeye II: You failed to mention that it's a replica of the wonderful Winchester Model 62 (introduced in 1932), a John Browning design that was hugely popular before it was discontinued by Winchester in 1964, and which was an update on the model 1890, first produced by Winchester in that year.
Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA 5 out of 5

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Amadeo Rossi Model 62 SA