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Christian Toboon: anyone can tell me the songs that have the video? Alguien me puede pasar el nombre de las canciones por favor.
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Cindy Krutish: Gameio mewio ur helpful not sarcastic 
Willie Squatpump: Sir, this is one of the most comprehensible tutorials I have seen yet, thank-you! If there was an 11-thumbs-up button here, I would uncontrollably be pressing it like an epileptic seizure case.....and you would win the First Place Pennant! It's very unfortunate how many go on YouTube with full intentions to show how it's done, but completely miss the point of "education". So many just literally fly right through chaotically at high speed themselves confused and yes, we do understand that "you" know how it's done, but people go away more angrily, confused and wa-ay more frustrated. We come here to get tips on how to do it a little more precisely, thoroughly, patiently and to the point.....and THAT my friend, is exactly what you have achieved here with your highly skilled way of showing us. THANK-YOU SO VERY MUCH.
william leary: i can explain this: eren finally has a personal trainer. nuff said
Ninetails: You don't need more than one Necropolis, and having three gold mines is for the most part overkill, two is enough, a spell with a yellow border can be right clicked for auto-cast.
Brandon G: Not sure if anyone can help me but its worth a shot. I have my dual monitor set up, I have Windows 8 so it was quite simple. However my one monitor has noticeably better display, as the other was just a stock monitor that came with an old pc of mine. When playing full screen games, every single time, they open up on the standard monitor, and I want to play them on my high def monitor but I cant. These particular games dont offer a windowed mode/borderless option so i cant drag it to the other screen, I tried using Steam Big picture, but it really doesnt do anything, even tho the hd monitor is set as the primary and everything, even in the display settings it is set as my main monitor, but my full screen games keep opening on my secondary monitor, Ive tried switching the crap monitor to the primary but it doesnt change anything, still opens up on that monitor.

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