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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Smoos54: woooooooow biased video. what the freak did you do to your nexus 5 to be slow as this. i mean cmon it tooks more than one second to launch GTA SA. On mine it doesnt even take a half sec. Your video is a jock. MAN!!! look at your loading time. My nexus 5 gta loading is faster than your iphone 5s. You know what, next time you should go clean up your android before making a comparison video cuz your nexus is bottleneck. oh also the graphics on your nexus is way better than on your iphone 5s. iphone 5s=medium graphics, dont ask me why its fluid.
Kaylyn Shaw: omg! I made this skin ages ago D: thanks for posting a video on it I know its not the best but its one of the first skins ive made xD <3
Chris H.: love this car!
To Huynh Thanh Tin: Các bạn xem nha , hay lắm đó
BontaKun117: Well it certainly LOOKS cool, but looks can be deceiving.
anab osman: are u arab?
czytupalono: 0:20 invisible passanger :DDDDDDDDDDDD

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