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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Backstabber303: Great video editing my friend. That must have been lots of work, but you must be proud of the output. I have several rockets I wish I had time to assemble. Pyrotechnics and me don't get along to well.
AmenAmen AneMone: Bryson don't u like it? I looooove it :)
MrDreamie: the plastic is still looking new as of today. :) this watch is very solid built on every part....just that it's a heavy watch!
Tomek Zie: o czym mowisz jakie ograniczone
iLikTacos: @BelgianEvo i have this machine and yes it will use the same amount of beans just less water so in this case it will be very strong
Yo Dawg: but please(1000....please) make a video i really wanna see
courperationX: Holy crap, this is the only video I found shedding light on the ACTUAL outfits, not the dyed clothing.

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