Drawing On Ipad

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Carla deSantos: Which iPad app did you use? :)

RAD TEETH: what kind of pen were you using

emilycoool: SketchBook Pro

BillShuYouTube: Hi Carlarazzi, from the picture it looks like the Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk.
drawing on ipad 3.8 out of 5

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BROCK SHOCK: I am using the turtles, I am running on nothing but HDMI on both sides of the elgato, so if I use the AV adapter will it still record in full 1080? 
Carla deSantos: Which iPad app did you use? :)
izri1: The speaker is a cyborg.
howard Banning Bigalow: Fix or repair daily Found on road dead Fiftieth on race day Friggin old remodeled Datsun = FORD
Mr Ben Dover: you can get all of those speeds over usb3.0
Diane Mumm Garden Videos: @tamu1750 usually 2 tablespoons , I thought I had that stated on the video , I better check.. , but anyway if you have heavy soiled clothes use 3-4 tablespoons.. it really is a matter of your water hardness and soiled clothes..
supertrendy77351: lol this vid is a joke i just changed my forend out and put a tactical in less than 5 minutes. you don't need to do all this.

drawing on ipad