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Roy Rodriguez: out standing .great...thank you
BMcknightC: Nastiest Hardflip Ever!!
shadowthehedgehog181: Are you trolling? How the hell did you think that's the poster's voice?
Babbitgoezboom: The one you thought was a chihuahua was a boston terrier
jeff dipietro: Unsure about it, but the mic is a little iffy on the device, worth a shot though for the price, it would expand the useability a bit
Jonathan Suarez: #Xbox #MachinimaLatino #Microsoft 
Trevor C: I wish your flight attendants would be a little bit nicer to Asian people on flights to and from Seoul and Tokyo. I have done both of those flights many times and it always seems as though the flight attendants are quite miserable. They just hand you the peanuts and midflight snack instead of saying "Here you are :) " I don't like their attitude. I never experienced a delta flight attendant on an international flight as nice as this lady. Especially the male flight attendants. They always seem so grumpy.

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