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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Carla deSantos: Which iPad app did you use? :)
unieshun: Looking gorg, can't wait to try the Chanel CC cream thank u for the review.
HiMaintanenceGrl: Loooove ur makeup:)
Redneck Garage: How wonderful. As a NV200 owner I am impressed how Nissan bends me over for substandard tires that only last 18K miles and then charges 175.00 each for replacements which are the only tire available and then ONLY at the dealership. Dont buy one unless you want to spend 700.00 every 18K miles for tires. 
Fabricio Calil: yeah annoying beep 
frankensteinmoneymac: Out of all of Superman's Powers.....this ones gotta be the lamest (ok seeing through clothes is kinda cool....but thats it)
Liam Baillie: Is it bad that i still want this even though i know its a joke?

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