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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Carla deSantos: Which iPad app did you use? :)
valdezmiguel2: mutant mass, will help you gain weight. just fyi.
adam ferrer: is it a sharp knife¿?
Nick Wee: Hilarious. I'm also astounded by how much stuff came out of the bag. I expected an anvil to appear at some point.
Jennifer Debnar: I used to live in TN by a logging company and they always give "their word" that they're going to replant new trees but they never do. And then the people int he area would complain about mud slides and the area looking ugly.
Andrzej Rusztowicz: Old news, but I missed it somehow. Turns out ABB in Chinese sounds the same as in Polish (abebe) #ABB
muscleoutlaw: i just downloaded the facebook mobile app. I've put the folder into the "Games & Apps" folder, that doesn't work. I've taken the facebook file itself and put it into the the "Games & Apps" folder, that doesn't work. I've even put the folder beside the other ones and it still doesn't work. No matter what the app doesn't show up on my phone.

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