Lego Sniper Rifle Instruction Part 1.

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lego sniper rifle instruction part 1.
lego sniper rifle instruction part 1.
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Steven Wright: I could not see ANYTHING!!!! Wtf!! 

AwesomeAlvin: You guys are in luck, here's the list of Lego Bricks http :// www. mediafire. com/ download/ 1bjg09k57atqvgd /long+ range +sniper +rifle .xlsx Get rid of the spaces. And also, I don't know if this includes the parts for the ammo. To order the parts, go to http:// shop. /en-NZ /Pick-A-Brick-ByTheme

alisson lisnet: how to make the very ties gun? . 1: prepare SEVERAL box (small) 2 prepare the parts for each part (eg charger. Taking all parts of chargeure and meter in a box) 3 after having all preparere build

enrique chagoya: can you give me the parts list??

ifjimre: Good job men. Are we post to see anyting from that?

dafydd morgan: Anyone got a parts list for this ?

John Simon: 07:22 ??? what are you doing there

Malik Ellison: Where did you get those legos

charlie williams: no i wasnt being sarcastic i asked that because i couldn't find any of the parts in my lego box

Дан Иващенко: Ты русский чтоле?Или мне послышалось

Sebastian C: Your funny thumbs! oO?

mirage16605: 2 blurry

MrRussellisawsome: do you have to youse the spring in the trigger

legotechnicfan128: bij 7:07 snap ik het niet graag uitleg dutch nederlands

gamerman rooge: Thx for making this vid for me

forstfroze: What kind of lego sets do you buy or do you buy the parts separate on sites?

infectedbear95: No

BackpackAdventures24: there is a program called lego digital designer that lets you create models with virtual bricks and an unlimited supply of bricks.

infectedbear95: 3rd part of the instruction

chris .Mati: Nope it isn't it is soooo much better than ur guns mirage, so back off!

Azuon79: ok I will try it without :D

utkarsh singh: infectedbear95 can you send me a list of the parts because I REALLY LOVE this sniper!!!!!!! please I want it so bad!!!!!!!!!! : \

infectedbear95: Unfortunately i haven't part list :(

Tan Wee Huat: oh then its okay, ill just watch how u fix the whole process and take down what pieces i need~

GhVxBL4DE: thanks! :)

Poisoned Azure: Can you make one xD That's so amazing

Pippippip vk: Pls could i get a list off all used parts?

Poisoned Azure: Can you maybe give me a list of which bricks you used? You are amazing :)

Francesco Servetti: can you give a pieces list?

Барьял Сераджи: Но все равно круто сделано!

Tan Wee Huat: hey can you tell me what parts and the amount u used in making the sniper? coz I want to check if i have the materials needed to make.

Poisoned Azure: You are a genius

infectedbear95: i can make it in lego digital designer. but it can take some time

Tan Wee Huat: same here, BTW what technic set u used to make? I was thinking of using 8070 and 8049 since i haven't used them. ty

infectedbear95: as minimum 80 hours. I have this instruction in my memory. You can make it with instruction in 10-15 hours

infectedbear95: I don't have a part list.

charlie williams: What site did you get this set from and is it available in the UK?

Oriandrakon: Okay and thx for the fast reply :)

The T.O.F Channel: yes I know that but I just don't want to download anything on my computer

xXUNF0RG1V3NXx: Btw I subed and liked! :)

infectedbear95: I haven't buy new parts since 2008. I really don't know how to order parts...

NoobFanDisser: Cool

The T.O.F Channel: could you make another instructions for a easier sniper rifle i don't have the right parts and have that much parts

xXUNF0RG1V3NXx: Oh okay don't worry I've got a site just tryin to get better ones to look at ya a Lego gun builder to but my guns don't shoot nice job! :)

infectedbear95: I don't know what sets. But u can order parts on Bricklink(dot)com

Oriandrakon: What does the piece in stage 13?? I tried to figure it out but i just dont get the funktion of that piece. Or is it just for decoration? (still made it though)

infectedbear95: Yes

xXUNF0RG1V3NXx: Nice thnxs bro btw what way do u get ur Lego pieces do u order online? If so wat website

charlie williams: send me a list of the parts??

GhVxBL4DE: wich vid do i go too just to see how to make athe body becuase i want to make it shoot bricks i just want to make the body :) sorry for my lack of grammar
lego sniper rifle instruction part 1. 4.8 out of 5

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Steven Wright: I could not see ANYTHING!!!! Wtf!! 
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lego sniper rifle instruction part 1.