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TonyisGaming: crap I didn't know Chubbs was so into cars. My respect just tripled.
C172Pilotdude: Cost ?
Li China: I have to say first of all you are amazing at explaining your videos. MCK hair has picked the perfect person to do their hair reviews for us youtubers. I have been watching your videos every since you were doing the aliexpress hair and was going to order but I was saved by the bell when you started doing reviews for MCK hair. I have to say that you really made me want to purchase this hair every time I watched your reviews. IM EXCITED TO SAY THAT I WILL BE PLACING A ORDER First THING MONDAY!!!! THANK YOU JESSICA SO MUCH YOU SOLD ME GIRL. I'm going to try a bit of all their hair because it seems like they really do have good quality hair and Ive been watching you for a while and I believe that you are very truthful with us...THANK U ALSO FOR THE DISCOUNT U ROCK !!! GOD BLESS YOU
RobIsNinja: LOL you would lose a duel to some country bumpkin in your video. By the way the schofield revolver isn't acquired 'early' in the game, you don't get it until you are in Mexico and meet Landon Ricketts. Not to be a douche bag but revolvers and pistols are different. Revolvers are not semi automatic, they are revolvers... By the way I can't stand the freaking high power pistol in multiplayer it is so overpowered and for CoD fags who play like annoying homos.
Zahrea Hill: The only "Bad hair" is hair that has been damaged & unkept, all other hair is good hair. Short doesn't mean ugly and long doesn't mean beautiful. Kinky isn't nappy and straight isn't perfect. Love the hair you have, take care of it and it will serve you well. #SelfLove
marwa darweesh: Overact
welovenerdmovies: AWESOME!

Home made fire piston