Home Made Fire Piston

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new  twist on homemade fire piston design
new twist on homemade fire piston design
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How to make a Compact Fire Piston
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Homemade Fire Piston
Homemade Fire Piston

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crazywhitedog78: Great video!!! Thanks for posting this! I have to make one! You wouldn't sell one would you ?

BushBasics: Thanks I really enjoyed making it.
Home made fire piston 5 out of 5

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Captain Caveman: I would have pissed myself laughing when the interviewer started talking. BOSSSS, DE PLANE, DE PLANE !
You are a top shelf film maker Mr Jackson, and you did Smaug justice. The whole cast, and everyone involved did an excellent job.

gabo .l.: what is the name of the first song of the video ?
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Frage, wieviel Piloten kommen auf dem Server da zu einem Event zusammen bzw. wieviel Piloten + KI kann der Server handeln ?

Ddub6565: Great video as usual. Congrats to Drew and DESTROYING that stupid ant haha I hate that thing so much lol

Home made fire piston