Benjamin Discovery .22 W/ TKO Muzzlebrake

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Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake
Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake
PCP .22 Benjamin Discovery  with muzzle brake vs .177 Gamo Bigcat sound
PCP .22 Benjamin Discovery with muzzle brake vs .177 Gamo Bigcat sound
Review of The Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle in .22
Review of The Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle in .22
Benjamin Discovery and TKO22 MuzzleBrake
Benjamin Discovery and TKO22 MuzzleBrake
Benjamin Discovery Review -- Amazing PCP airgun for the common man
Benjamin Discovery Review -- Amazing PCP airgun for the common man
Benjamin Discovery Part 2 - AGR Episode #22
Benjamin Discovery Part 2 - AGR Episode #22
Benjamin Discovery - AOA Showcase
Benjamin Discovery - AOA Showcase
Repeating magazine for the Benjamin Discovery
Repeating magazine for the Benjamin Discovery
Benjamin Discovery update
Benjamin Discovery update

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Hexa Gon: Looks freaking sick, mate! you should get a dremel and.. well, dremel out the dust cap. then you can fit it back on :)

John Brody: @frog45678 Personally I would say it is a better Idea to get the Disco and the muzzlebrake because it is almost the same but much cheaper

Jordenkl: nice review man, for how much did you bought him?

pantucci: Nice vid. Do you know how difficult it is to put a power adjuster on the disco? I've modded a 2240, which is easy to disassemble, but haven't touched the Disco yet..

John Brody: @hockeyfanatic44 I am but please subscribe and talk to me on my new channel. Outdoorsforum

frog45678: awesome-do you think its as quiet as a marauder??

MESSER8989: What is a muzzle break for?

BETA hunter: u in usa

QuikskopingProD: Where do you buy one?

Mon S: is there any baffles in the muzzle break ? if so, how many is in there ? thanks

Jordenkl: nice man ! maybe i will buy one for me.. the weihrauch one is 200$.. =( i need to think about it

John Brody: @MrJeffDomer TKO you can get by googleing tko III muzzlebrake or at tko22com. You have to call crosman and order a second barrel band.

billdurnce: Where did you purchase your second barrel band?

TheBlitz1: @TheBlitz1 no answers huh... nice.. lol

John Brody: @MESSER8989 All together the whole benjamin discovery setup with the scope, pump, gun, pellets, second barrel band, muzzlebrake and newly added trigger job cost me about 750$ and I am now selling it for a mere 250$. Why they dont call it a silencer is unknown to me

John Brody: @frog45678 Good luck!! PCP guns are amazingly fun but they are a pain to fill. I think it might even be worth the extra money to get the fill tank and adapter

Ben Onisor: does the muzzle break reduce accuracy at all? I'm wondering if I should get it but I don't want to if it opens up the groups at all?

Grant Bujold: where did you buy the TKO muzzle brake and barrel band and what did they cost?

clay boualinthong: Hey there, im thinking about getting this muzzle break, Do you know if i can buy this muzzlebrake in California? or if they can send it to me ? thanks..

MESSER8989: @Gamovarminthunter1 Oh ok, why not just call it a silencer? haha Is it expensive when its all done? Such as shaving the cover, adding another band, etc

Bryce Kinney: Are you still selling this gun?

iipoloqscopeii: that is not a muzzel break wow your a dumb ass

0001Gamefreak: @Gamovarminthunter1 Hey, i know im most likely to late, but have you sold this already?

John Brody: I think it was about 35$

MrDominickmoore: @Gamovarminthunter1 do u lose velocity with the muzzle brake "silencer"?

XxrushxX1: Where can i get the second barrel band

frog45678: @Gamovarminthunter1 thx again,i will definately be getting the scuba setup,i put 1800 rds a month through my quest 800x so ill probably do double that with the marader lol

Vaoutdoorsman96: @Gamovarminthunter1 i just read this i know its been a year but um....ur not still selling it right

John Brody: @MESSER8989 This gun is pretty loud without it. Almost as loud as a real .22LR without the muzzlebrake. With the muzzle break it makes it so that you can actually shoot in your yard. It makes it more quiet

hockeyfanatic44: Hey are you still selling this gun? Thanks

John Brody: LOL. Yep. I am suprized how amazing this gun has preformed all the time. The brake is also amazing.

frog45678: @Gamovarminthunter1 @frog45678 thats pretty sweet considering the price of the tko

AirgunSlayer77: Message me if anyone wants a .22 benjamin discovery with a custom kantana stack and a tko just like the one in the vid

phantomshtter: It's not wise to call them "silencers" and "suppressors" folks. They are muzzle brakes as advertised. You're going to end up calling the ATF over to the sport of airgunning and give us trouble.

John Brody: @frog45678 I haven't shot the marauder but I have seen a few videos on it and I can say they are about they same if the Benjamin Discovery isn't more quiet

John Brody: Check out PHGHunters video on how to do it. I haven't yet done it but it looks like a good days work

John Brody: @frog45678 Ya after everything you get it runs you up about 600$ for just the bare necesisities to use it. But then again there is no other option for a .25 with that kind of power. I was thinking about getting one but I decided to save up about the same amount of money and get a Remington 870 12 gauge.

TheBlitz1: how does this break effect the rifles accuracy and velocity?

frog45678: thats funny, i really like my quest 800 with an illuminated 6to 24 by 50 scope but want to try a pcp(had springers all my life).i was thinking maybe ill see 3 of my current guns,the scopes and visit the local dive shop and see what their used tanks are goin for ,i know the adapter and foster connect are 100dollars at pyramid.bc i really do alot of shooting so i dont feel like spending my life pumpimg lol.

frog45678: especially now that 10 rd mags are available.wish they made the disco in .25,the marauder .25 just camo out so no one has it yet-0waiting to see reviews.the prive difference is absurd,like 300 dollars difference after buying pump,a marauder clip,and degasser,none of which are included.,

phgHunter: Good review. I still want to do some sound testing with and without the brake but there hasn't been a good day, its either raining or windy. Can't wait to see some shooting videos.

melvinvswaldo: I went to and its a multimedia site now. Can I still get this muzzle brake?

OneLastThing: Hey Great Vid And Channel where would I buy a second barrel band for the Benji Disco? Thanks

Evan Williams: hey, i'm trying to install a muzzle break on my crossman optimus air rifle, it has fiber optics at the end of the barrel though anyone know how to fix/get around this? just got it today for my bday, would loveee to get the muzzle break on it

2022sigsauerpro: Can u take apart the silencer to clean it?
Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake 4.4 out of 5

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Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake