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Holy Fiction: They won't kill Daryl by Negan because everyone is already predicting it. Also, Daryl (Norman Reedus) makes way too much money for AMC. He lives close to the set, which is convenient, and he's a fan favorite and sells a lot of merchandise for AMC. 
игорь литвинский: че за гавнище?
DudeOfDiamonds DOD: 0:01 Dumbass Ryan Braun. Noone likes you anymore. You let down your own team with steroids. Whoever protests against this comment, take the stick out of your ass and deal with it.
LookAtAllYouMadLittleFarts: What's trolling??
theblackdimond22: that is a Celica gt
ronnie watson: Yes,I know them all,such wonderful memories.this is the nearest you will get to heaven on earth,do not hesitate, get there and you will see for yourself.Take the coach tour of the lake or a ride on the car ferry to Riva from Garda a great day out
disisgood123: he means very good and im only 10

Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake