Benjamin Discovery .22 W/ TKO Muzzlebrake

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OG Isaac: Looks freaking sick, mate! you should get a dremel and.. well, dremel out  the dust cap. then you can fit it back on :)

Ben Onisor: does the muzzle break reduce accuracy at all? I'm wondering if I should get it but I don't want to if it opens up the groups at all?

phantomshTTer: It's not wise to call them "silencers" and "suppressors" folks. They are muzzle brakes as advertised. You're going to end up calling the ATF over to the sport of airgunning and give us trouble.

Mon S: is there any baffles in the muzzle break ? if so, how many is in there ? thanks

clay boualinthong: Hey there, im thinking about getting this muzzle break, Do you know if i can buy this muzzlebrake in California? or if they can send it to me ? thanks..

billdurnce: Where did you purchase your second barrel band?

Bryce Kinney: Are you still selling this gun?

melvinvswaldo: I went to and its a multimedia site now. Can I still get this muzzle brake?

luke schempf: u in usa

Evan Williams: hey, i'm trying to install a muzzle break on my crossman optimus air rifle, it has fiber optics at the end of the barrel though anyone know how to fix/get around this? just got it today for my bday, would loveee to get the muzzle break on it

Airgun Entertainment & Education Channel: Hey Great Vid And Channel where would I buy a second barrel band for the Benji Disco? Thanks

0001Gamefreak: @Gamovarminthunter1 Hey, i know im most likely to late, but have you sold this already?

John Brody: @hockeyfanatic44 I am but please subscribe and talk to me on my new channel. Outdoorsforum

John Brody: @MESSER8989 All together the whole benjamin discovery setup with the scope, pump, gun, pellets, second barrel band, muzzlebrake and newly added trigger job cost me about 750$ and I am now selling it for a mere 250$. Why they dont call it a silencer is unknown to me

MESSER8989: @Gamovarminthunter1 Oh ok, why not just call it a silencer? haha Is it expensive when its all done? Such as shaving the cover, adding another band, etc

John Brody: @MESSER8989 This gun is pretty loud without it. Almost as loud as a real .22LR without the muzzlebrake. With the muzzle break it makes it so that you can actually shoot in your yard. It makes it more quiet

MESSER8989: What is a muzzle break for?

John Brody: @MrJeffDomer TKO you can get by googleing tko III muzzlebrake or at tko22com. You have to call crosman and order a second barrel band.

Grant Bujold: where did you buy the TKO muzzle brake and barrel band and what did they cost?

John Brody: @frog45678 Good luck!! PCP guns are amazingly fun but they are a pain to fill. I think it might even be worth the extra money to get the fill tank and adapter
Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake 5 out of 5

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OG Isaac: Looks freaking sick, mate! you should get a dremel and.. well, dremel out  the dust cap. then you can fit it back on :)
SPX: You're so full of crap! Talking about it with so much exaggerated excitement like you just have received a flying unicorn. It is just an Intel NUC with a different lid, and a system76 sticker which is labeled on top of the original Intel sticker on the back with Ubuntu installed you stupid f*ck!
S Wells: Excellent Series! Great information.
John Ebata: Customers have asked if they can make an appointment to consult directly with me with their purchase.YES email .Thank you for watching our video!!
MP Taios: Clan Brennerchn 2.0

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V- twelveV: can u upgrade its specs by urself??

Benjamin Discovery .22 w/ TKO Muzzlebrake