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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Gary Hendershot: very nicely done ... great to see these in production ...
RCSparks Studio™ / djmedic2008: Number of Days Incident Free: 0
Adam Holt: Its time!
Will: Great vid but I have two questions: -Where did you get the light lot? -Of what car did you put the body on? Cool body design thinking about making my own like that
chang lee: how do you turn of..
SuperHyperSnarky: primitive, poorly "engineered", and what about all the condensate that starts to drip off the cheapy plastic box? BLOCK ICE LASTS LONGER, etc. etc. Most of these vids do not show the ACTUAL temp of the air EXITING these boxes, so how good are they? How well do they ACTUALLY work? Most of these hillbilly ice boxes sugg digg and are pretty worthless, esp. if they run on 120v AC as opposed to 12v DC setups. I am building one with a small heater core for a cooling coil, a 12v pump, 2 120mm fans, solar panel. Yes, costs more upfront but will work EXC. I have the early ver. running 1 fan and a 12v MC battery that I trickly charge overnight. BLOX of ice. Will add a cooling core and 2nd fan soon. Stay tuned, dummies!
Annchirisu: I love seeing what you get from Choies :3

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