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LegendaryDancerMarc: thanks =D
Chef Danger: I carried this phone for almost two years. It was my second foray into smartphones, and replaced my Virgin Mobile Chaser. The Chaser is an absolute pile of crap. I carried it for a year before upgrading to the Rise. While the Rise is slightly better than the Chaser, make no mistake, this thing is a pile of crap in its own right. It crashes all the time, and freezes up, and the battery must be removed and the phone restarted to clear a freeze up. The screen is also prone to scrapes and scratches, but it never cracked on me, despite numerous drops onto hard surfaces. Other than the low price, the thing that drew me to this phone was the slide out QWERTY keyboard. However, it just so happened that this was the phone that I adjusted to the touchscreen keyboard with, and I hardly used the QWERTY keyboard at all. Don't waste money on this phone. Virgin Mobile provides much better options at reasonable prices. I upgraded to the LG Tribute last month, and it is 100 times better than this hunk of junk. While not exactly top of the line, the Tribute actually looks and performs like a smartphone; the Rise is nothing more than a glorified feature phone. 
Domibgo Berbe: Y desde hasta cual android funciona
Scummy Devils: Nice video Ian.  That's the shiniest tank I've seen in a while :)
paul Gindre: je passe en 3:58
Ben Asker Anis: Yes
realtotherealest: Don't ever use citrus essential oils for hair and skin they are Phototoxic.

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