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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Aimeslee W.: This is why I keep my old Big Red Sizzix machine.
Gary Hendershot: very nicely done ... great to see these in production ...
TheBestEwinter: va dans parametre puis profil et tu prend normal et tu peux tout changer
darbusmaximus: @darbusmaximus Also the sound is amazing. The sound of the guns make every firefight intense and so does the great AI and destructible cover. You seem a little bit jaded in all your reviews.
ramoncikoO: wenas tioo va bien ese 320td!!!!!este es ese rojo ke ai en la pagina de eprom??tu kres ke metiendole pasta a mi 320d 136cv en eprom se podria hacer algo??un saludo
NitrousBreather: Amazing!!!
scott6154: Just bought one and really like it! Paid $489 with the $50 rebate. That is not a misprint, yes $529 and a $50 rebate in Mesa AZ! September 2014! It does exactly what it is suppose to do. Decent accuracy (50 yards was printing a two inch group with iron sights), good recoil and 100% reliable with about 250 rounds. I did the 25 round barrel break in as well. (shoot one round then clean the barrel, and repeat for 25 rounds!) 

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