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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Robert Mitchum: This safe is good only for fire protection. As for security, you'd better off burying your valuables in the ground. I bought one of these so called safes and the locking mechanism is made of plastic. The handle is plastic, the tumblers are plastic, even the wedge to keep the safe locked is plastic. As for those 4 steel bolts, there made of cheap cast metal and will snap with a decent impact. If you want a burglary rated safe, buy a burglary rated safe, this thing ain't it. It's a poor excuse for a safe at best. 
Rabbit Jane: And make sure you say "amazing" like Mauricio from rhbh
x Epic Mel x: My mom has that Mickey mouse sweatshirt bury so dat just sad but keep up the good work and I love it vids
Valadez Santino: Very quickly (without breaking your controller) move the joystick in a counterclockwise rotation. (XBOX360)
Mlklocks: Vai toma no cu japa fdp quero ver a luta nao sua cara de sono ¬¬
dimmufan88: I loved my 32x when I was a kid I had virtua fighter and starwars for some reason my brother shoved pop tarts into the catridge so I beat the crap out of him!
luis alain avila: en mi avvio 760 en la occion de teclado sale s.o.s yno me deja hacer nada solo lllamadas de emergencia que hago gracias

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