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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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pammazola: Awesome video! It helped bunches.
Cesar Arango: Come on dude. Geez, pot is mainstream now. The ones that should be hiding are in the ignorant.
Mike Smith: great shooting, well done!
CamRebires: ( 2:09 ) Woher ist die Musik nochmal?
fxsxo: Lancia managers you shoul feel shame! monkey brains!! you put on the trash all the glorious history of the brand. This piece of crap do not have nothing in relation with the original DELTA car concept, where the sportiness, the power, the heart???!!! please review and learn from your history and hope you understand what it means LANCIA from your fans and customers.
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emily dobbins: Not that I can do any better, and not to offend you, but you should at LEAST look at a picture of John BEFORE you sculpt him. I mean, that toy looked NOTHING like John!!! In fact, it actually looked suckish. If you want to do an actual toy of John, look up red dead redemption on Google. Until then, stick to playing the video game. You're just wasting your time making a sculpture that looks NOTHING like John. Toodles.

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