Mazda 3 Timing Chain Noise

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Mazda 3 timing chain noise
Mazda 3 timing chain noise
Timing chain noise. Mazda MazdaSpeed6 Special Service Program 87 (SSP-87)
Timing chain noise. Mazda MazdaSpeed6 Special Service Program 87 (SSP-87)
Timing chain noise Mazda 3 gt gen1.
Timing chain noise Mazda 3 gt gen1.
2007 Mazda 3 running with a BAD TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER
2007 Mazda 3 running with a BAD TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER
Mazdaspeed 3 vvt noise? Timing chain? Both?
Mazdaspeed 3 vvt noise? Timing chain? Both?

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penniesforwisdom: No update. But i can bet he found out the VVT was the culprit.

Luke J: Most cars that go to the scrap yard is because of bad timing chains. If the chain snaps, say goodbye to your engine. It'll demolish all the valves.

Vnpexpose: Yikes...... take off the gasket and align those tick marks. and get some good tension on that biatch! and you should be good to go. Check the spark plugs too if your leaking oil. inside it.

Chuchin Chris: ugh i own a 2005 mazda 3 2.3l,and had the same problem,it was the timing chain, its really expensive, the mechanic told me there might be something else inside the engine,because when i changed the oil,there was, a little of shredded metal,but hope its only the chain...

FullUhFools: Ahhhh! Sounded like it was screaming at you to change the oil. "Fix me fix me!" Listen to your Mazda it's pissed.

John tolentino: I can't tell how loud it sounds through video but that happened to me today & it sounded like (metal on metal clanking together) ..also Its been almost 5,000 miles since my last oil change ? what did you find out about your car? Does it still make that clanking noise? Please help 

ELPaso1990TX: Fiat Multijet diesels have timing chains that need changing every 40,000 miles! It costs $1500 to change the timing chain too!

therealjharris: Sounds like a faulty chain tensioner.  As far as oil goes, I'm pretty sure that oil pressure actuates the tensioner.  Perhaps the tensioner wasn't sticking out all the way?

Deepak Koppula: Same problem with 07 Mazda 3, 2.3L AT. I spent over $1,500 to get things fixed, changed all sorts of parts in the engine and the noise actually got worse. It sounds like a diesel engine now and noticed that AC use makes the noise worse, it sounds less awful when i move the shift lever to N while at a stop light. I have driven 1,000 miles since and worry that i would be stranded with a dead engine sometime soon. Any comments or thoughts welcome. Thanks.

Kamper Art: high chance your tensioner is weak.

Huzee66: WARNING: With Mazda and Variable Valve Timing (VVT engines) , DO NOT EVER let oil get low -or- let it go without regular oil changes. Great engines but low oil, or oil not changed frequently will KILL THEM. Happened to me. You've been warned.

RoadRacerGT: Great point and now with Kevlar available...belts appear to be a safer bet.

Chikonmon: duuuurrppp. derp da durp da duuurr!

1dirosa1 .Michael Dirosa: thats not the timming chain!!!!! was it confirmed, freak thats sounds horrible

pinoyeh: Holly mother trucker........

David Knetsch: We've got the same problem on my wife's '05. Our mechanic said it is a well known problem that Mazda is aware of, forgot the part he said was defective. I found this as I was searching to see if it's covered under an extended warranty.

Trent Taylor: It's weird but, this problem went away when I changed the oil. Must have been low...

Nicholas Lefebvre: or replace it takes like 2-3 hours

burnz2510: Make sure you get that fixed/sell it. I just sold my suzuki that had a problem like that, it only gets worse over time. And if it snaps, goodbye engine.

pinoyeh: Chain tensioner needs to be replaced. Usually, the noise starts when during the 1st engine start up, once oil starts to circurlate, the noise goes away slightly. It will be an expensive job as the parts to be replaced will be the chain, chain guides, chain tensioner and all sprockets.
Mazda 3 timing chain noise 5 out of 5

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Mazda 3 timing chain noise