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Senna Belmer: Haha sleek!! 😂😂 geweldig ik vind je video's echt leuk 😘
Crystal Cruze: that was great!!! you're so patient and u must reeeally love hair you do sooo many diff styles its quite amazing.well done..u have some verrrry helpful tutorials, thank you !!!!
SoHBetaSword: 1st off, I'll second the Placement of the Claw-Weapon being placed on his lower arm, instead than his Hand. 2nd, isn't it possible to attach the Weapon-Storage onto his back? I think they should be able to lock in there somehow.
Crayonfactory: I recently got my first tsum tsum(s? Is the plural with an s? I don't even know XD). I got a Stitch and a Dale and they are adorable <3 I also want some of the big ones but I didn't have enough for them.
BoatingforLif3: I have a 255 hp 180 challenger and iv gone 55-60... does the switch between the 215 and the 255 really make that much of a difference?
DiplexHeated: You guys did really put me against the wall with the question you gave me haha, there sooo many good videos on Realm that I couldnt pick one xD
TheOccasionalGentleman: that has nothing to do with it if u unlock it u will be able to use it in europe but no 3g because the frequencies are different but if u get the htc touch pro which came out months before this it will work fine without problem since the touch pro is european

E39 540i Instrument cluster pixels fixed