E39 540i Instrument Cluster Pixels Fixed

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Mohammed Miah: Need help how did u power bottom lcd or can you tel me which pin is it for the light of the lcd

OriScrapAttack: At 0:36 the instrument cluster starts making weird noises. I never heared that in my car. Where do I find this secret option to make the instrument cluster start playing those weird noises. Also, do I need a speaker that is capable of playing polytones?

Eduards: Greetings, i do have a problem with the signals, always, while driving, the R one turns one by itself. I would like to ask, if the problem is in the instrument panel or is another thing??? Thanks.

Andrew Stanford: wow... ambitious fix!

thevanomxxx: I think this guy is showing that the speedo does work over 240km per hour..

Sebastian Rogers: lol nice i don't even know how to set the time on mine yet

Marek Madware: Really cool masterpiece ! Respect.

bimmeredme: @TheBMWdiag Google for "dash_conn.pdf", there are many places on the net you can get it from.

multisilhoutte: I find this really cool, wish my pixels were back, so i will try to do it your way. Since i screwed up my own cluster some while ago, i can experiment with it. I just need to know one thing- do i need copper magnet wire ? Or any cable will do ?

Lathe Tool: So you can use a pencil, great. Educationally it has as much value as a video of you polishing the paint work. Better luck next time.

bimmeredme: Many people before you found the instructions helpful. That's some attitude you have there by the way. Good luck!

bimmeredme: Thanks! I screwed up my first panel as well while trying to repair it by adding padding to the pressure points :) The wire needs to be thin enough and insulated at the same time. I don't think you could use a stranded wire because the glue wouldn't hold it well and a solid insulated wire will probably be too thick and stiff, so the glue won't hold it as well. So yes, I think copper magnet wire is the best option, it's insulated, thin and flexible. Good luck with yours!

Mehmet Emin Toksöz: If anybody needs to fix speedometers, ABS modules, throttle modules, I can help them.. for BMW please do not try to take out needle's directly, I can give %100 guaranty you will broke step motors. We do; all German cars all French cars All Japanese cars All Korean cars Volvo (From 1998 - until now) Porsche American Cars also I can support ABS modules Throttle modules BMW MID SAAB (all Saab electronics available) our website will be ready, you can reach our website as a "moduleexpert"

RP Chapagain: simply great. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . i am telling you, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. dont run away have a try now => bit.ly/11MWQSb?=bthghl

joe brown: point of this?

SomY00: Ratty - Sunrise : ) Great video.

Muha BA: thank you very much best regards m8

交 性: Is it hard to change the bulb of my low coolant light? Please reply.

bimmeredme: @sazimam Thanks :) I've been planning to put together a video about how this was done, if only I had more time on my hands... Some day.

Andrew McMillenium: PEOPLE, WHO DONT UNDERSTAND: he wired each contact using enameled copper magnet wire, instead of ribbon!

Heidi Jackson: Sorry I don't see any value in this video. You fixed it but how. The instructions are nice but I'd like to see what was done before tackling the job. I'm trying to find a video to show a friend so he can fix his E39. This is a video of the function after a fix. Okay his is still broken. I guess I can make a video of my truck running and a copy of your instructions and that would be the same help.

bimmeredme: lol... dunno, maybe you can help me figure it out? :)

Andrew McMillenium: You're good, man!

Muha BA: can you please post how did you connected cluster to power suply?

chefnician2: How did you remove the housing w/ the clear panel?

Spray-On Chrome.com: can you share what kind of material you are using to connect the board to the LCD
E39 540i Instrument cluster pixels fixed 4.5 out of 5

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Mohammed Miah: Need help how did u power bottom lcd or can you tel me which pin is it for the light of the lcd
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E39 540i Instrument cluster pixels fixed