How To Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

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How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter
How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter
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Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Repair. Easy Fix. Common problem
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how to replace or add 12 volt accessory cigarette lighters in your car
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How To Replace A Cigarette Lighter In A Car
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Cigarette Lighter Fix 2005 Ford Focus

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Allison Jung: anybody have any advice on why my light in my ashtray went out at the same time my lighter did?

Russell Adams: Tried a paper clip fix up today. Worked like a charm.

mister leeds: renault megane3 dynamic 1.5 dci cigarette lights fuse replacement . anyone else to help

Treaos Serrare: while getting the proper parts from a dealership will more or less guarantee you functional parts from the manufacturer, you could just as easily find a replacement part like this at any junkyard for significantly less money.

Jak Hussain: hi
i accidently tapped the cigarette lighter with a screw driver and blew the fuse after replacing the fuse now the lights back on but doesn't fully charge the phone and the charge keeps dropping, any ideas?

BIG OH: whybob, you are the MAN!  Was doing the compressor thing to keep the spare properly inflated a day before heading on a road trip and yes compressor screwed things up.  How was I going to charge my phone on the road, or use my portable Magellan navigation?  But of course YOU and YouTube had me covered.  Did this on BOTH the cig. lighter (stopped working a long time ago and now I know why) and the power outlet.  Now my phone and I are ready (and my navi too) to hit the road.  Thank you so MUCH!

Arz2003: I forgot to post. When i plug the cell charger into the cig lighter outlet the charger lights up but wont charge the phone. I was wondering will it work if i just swap another washer instead?

Arz2003: Thanks for the vid! I have 85 Corolla Sedan and the cig ligther just gave up on me. I replace the cig lighter fuse with another 15A fuse still nothing. I am going to try what you did in the video if not i ll just drive to the junkyard to pick up the whole cig lighter part. 

Ian Finnesey: Don't think this is the problem I'm having, but solid advice for those who face this problem.

Vegas “Vegas747” Seven four seven: Now is the cigarette lighter and 12V the same thing. Because on is heating up very hot and the other is just feeding current to a electrically powered object So my point being is that. Could i pull the actual thing that heats up to light a cigarette and plug a 12V cord into it ?

monarch1957: I had the same thing happen to my car lighter when I was pumping up a tire,. I check that; thanks.

chris lee: First of all thank for your helpful knowledge but I strongly recommend that you need some notify note on your dash board to let the others know that  as well...!!! 

ELPxoxo: the very same thing happened to me! air compressor blew my lighter socket out. I'm going to try to repair it. Never again will I use a portable air compressor.

tirthb: Thank u for the video. Saved me a lot of time and money. Learnt how to fix the lighter.

Joan F Castro: i did it but no my car doesn't start 😞😞

Charles Cook: Worked like a charm!  I am ordering a new one but I will use it in this manner until the new one comes in.  Thanks for posting.!

Terrance “T” Hedrick: I'm SO glad I found this! I have the same problem, and the OEM part can no longer be found. Thanks, whybbob!!

George Allen: Thanks I have the same problem on Camry, I dont smoke so dont need the lighter but I do use a small compressor,  so rather than dismantle I think I will get some crocodile clips and attach to the battery,  good informative video pop in for a nice cup of tea if you are ever in nelson Bay!!

Rich H: When you sell the car I hope you tell the new owner.

Volumptous Bousseum: Thanks.  After going crazy trying to figure out what it was i finally gave up and than I saw this video and now it is fixed.
How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter