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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Labzo441: I think he meant well but I caught that too.
FtDLulz: Man, I wish you would have done what someone else I watched did and bring his head to Ellie xD
Ana Paola: Mariana, também uso o corretivo da Intense (Boticário), e, em razão da minha pele ser mais madura (36 anos) ele acumula nas linhas de expressão.. mas, mesmo assim, vale a pena! ADORO seus vídeos! Bjo!
Suke Lchoff: @123JAILBREAKME this guys cool so freak off pickle
Alfred Brauner: This is an interesting motor. I was sailing in my boat three days ago (BRIG F400) with this exact motor, i hit three big wawes and lost controll. The boat flew sideways and knocked my around. I looked back at the motor which was still running, but it was hanging in to small guiding mounts. The main cast iron mount was broken in three pieces. I had my friend tow me back, again, with hes Yamaha. So if you are going to be jumping big wawes, you should choose another motor!
Urby Prah: You said that it doesen't work on iphone. Why? And any ideas how it would?

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