Brochettes De Langostinos A La Parrilla

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Brochettes de langostinos a la parrilla
Brochettes de langostinos a la parrilla

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Charlie Martin: Muy buenos... los prepare y vaya que si... Acá en México les conocemos como camarones.


Allrecipes Argentina: Hola Agustin! El video no se corta, se ve perfectamente, pero puede ser que tengas una internet lenta, y eso hace que se corte, mientras lo va bajando. Ojalá que lo puedas ver, el video está muy bueno.

victor manuel carranza: esta muy bien

Agustin Gonzalez: Una CAGADA el video. A cada rato se corta.

TARAS MULYK: Super!А мені дуже сподобалось.Сьогодні приготую.

tickyandleo: debe ser tu pc, yo lo vi muy bien.

Antonio Treviño: riiicoooo..

tickyandleo: no lleva sal?

Maritza Landeros: Sal no lleva??

alejandro aguirre: ke buena receta

Recetas de Comida 10: Muy buena idea, seguro que están buenísimos, gracias por la receta. Un saludo de Recetas de Comida 10
Brochettes de langostinos a la parrilla 5 out of 5

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Camila Perez: thanks you!!!!! :DDDD
Ben Foster: This game was crap Derek wtf, why are you damage controlling it.
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Melissa Willard: just watched your intro and this video of your 7 day slimdown experience... your video is out the 15th I have seen about the 7day... ALL of the videos say about the same thing.. that you feel so drained and exhausted during it. Some say within the first couple days but all say by the end you just have no energy one girl even said she plugged the daily food into a calorie counter just to see how many calories the slimdown was calling for and was astonished to find that only 420 calories had been consumed all day... I have been looking into the TIU plan for a few months now... the plan itself seems to have pretty good reviews, but the slimdowns seem to all have the same effect... for ppl like me i am looking to START eating healthier and working out again my goal is more energy and feeling better... not the opposite. I know this is a lengthy comment... but i just wanted to tell you you arent the only one that had this happen... also was wondering if in your opinion the PLAN is truly worth the 150? I have saw a bunch of reviews that say yes, but most of the recipes you can find on their blog/videos and if you watch their vids/look at their site/watch other TIU members posts you pretty much know it any way.. and it is basically just a clean eating diet with no carbs after 3pm? Is this true?
Diego Rey: ola pudiste solucionar el problema? a mi me prenden las dos luces y no lo pude resetear mas
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Brochettes de langostinos a la parrilla