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joyetech ego c kurulumu
joyetech ego c kurulumu
et voilou L’eVic-VTC Mini de chez Joyetech
et voilou L’eVic-VTC Mini de chez Joyetech
New Ego-C Twist VV Review - Ego Variable Voltage
New Ego-C Twist VV Review - Ego Variable Voltage
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matthew miller: Alright from my experience i loved it until I turned it too much and broke my charger but the twist still works but doesn't feel the same and then when I was tightening my glass globe wax attachment the whole top part that's chrome came off like the glue ins ticked and I super glued it, still good just doesn't feel the same 

buffsabres09: will you review the kangertech protank mini

Ethan Cramer: What would be an upgrade to this battery?

joseph Sanchez: What is that top piece you have

shant07: I have this piece of crap ego c twist, used it for about 4 months and died on me... somehow it still turns on. Even though I got a new cartomizer and new juice for it, for some reason when i hook it up the cartomizer's tiny little hole area turns red. Now I dont know if this is the cartomizer or the battery itself, back when i bought this crap it was 90 dollars.. i only used it for about 4 months. Ive researched and I havent gotten a legit answer to why this is happening.. no one knows its so annoying, I wish I never bought the ego c twist. It dies fast apparently... If anyone knows whats wrong with it, please reply to this message, it would be a great help for me. Ive been trying to fix it myself but it doesnt seem to be working :(

rnmarch22: what is your e juice typically? like PG/VG base

igetcha69: hi mate, personally i have never had any issues with any of the Ego batteries i have used in the past and the Ego-C Twist was no exception cheers scott

nicholas n: you blow nice O's my man

Ryan Romaine: With every Ego style battery I've used so far, the connections between the button and the heating element end up falling of so it no longer works... would this seem to be an issue with this?

igetcha69: hi mate, sounds like a great set up for a beginner :) cheers scott

Sig Shooter: What's your take on a beginner trying the ego c twist with vivi nova tank. Been smoking for more thank 18 years and the blu cigs sucked for me.

krusty893: thank you!!! wil give it a go :D

igetcha69: of course!! :P in fact they are the best possible way to move away from harmful tobacco........i was a 40 a day smoker before switching to e-cigs 5 years ago :D

krusty893: does this actually help you stop smoking??

igetcha69: hi mate, to be honest, 5 months of good use is actually pretty good for those type of batteries.....glad you like the vids and thank you for watching! :D cheers scott

Thomas Dingle: I got my Tornado eGo-C Twist from Totally Wicked. And I have been using a RCS V3 Nova .. Had a load of fun trying the different wicks.. My personal best is 4.0ohm's and the battery set to 4.0 volts :) I bought 2 batteries back in Feb this year... My only disappointment is that after 5 months one has died and the other is starting to die. But This battery is my personal best. Keep up the good work with your reviews dude :)

iREPda609: Why is it so loud?

Bob Paisley: In all likelyhood,yes itl fit through your letterbox .

igetcha69: you would need an Ego 510 would cause problems if you tried to charge it with a 510 charger designed for the regular / standard 510 batteries

igetcha69: lol, how would people know the size of your letter box?? :P

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