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A PBusardo Review - eGo Twist - OvaleUSA

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Ethan Cramer: What would be an upgrade to this battery?

joseph Sanchez: What is that top piece you have

matthew miller: Alright from my experience i loved it until I turned it too much and broke my charger but the twist still works but doesn't feel the same and then when I was tightening my glass globe wax attachment the whole top part that's chrome came off like the glue ins ticked and I super glued it, still good just doesn't feel the same 

buffsabres09: will you review the kangertech protank mini

shant07: I have this piece of crap ego c twist, used it for about 4 months and died on me... somehow it still turns on. Even though I got a new cartomizer and new juice for it, for some reason when i hook it up the cartomizer's tiny little hole area turns red. Now I dont know if this is the cartomizer or the battery itself, back when i bought this crap it was 90 dollars.. i only used it for about 4 months. Ive researched and I havent gotten a legit answer to why this is happening.. no one knows its so annoying, I wish I never bought the ego c twist. It dies fast apparently... If anyone knows whats wrong with it, please reply to this message, it would be a great help for me. Ive been trying to fix it myself but it doesnt seem to be working :(

igetcha69: hi mate, did you mean Joyetech? ive not heard of JoeyTehc?? if you did mean Joyetech then i dont think they actually sell an e-cig called an Echo as the Echo is made by a different manufacturer (Hangsen) sounds like you may actually have an Ego-C copy? cheers scott

John Harris: yes, the Titan USB charger from TW will charge this battery.

bezidejni: I believe that you got battery with fabric mistake, it happens even to famous car manufacturers, so it can happen to e-battery manufacturers too. I'm using 650 and 100 mAh twist, and battery life is way longer that said in the video. 1000 mAh on 3.7.-3.9v goes for 12-14 hours on hard waping, on 3.3-3.5v goes up to 16h. 650 mAh goes from 8-10h, even if I dont let e-cig from my mouth. I'm using it on eGo Vision V2 clearomiser 2.1-2.5 ohm and eGo 2.4ml CC 1.8 ohm.

BulletFever1: I believe there is a link in the description of GrimmGreen's review of this ecig, other than that I'm sure it would be worth checking out other websites for these adapters :) hope this helps you somewhat!

runninonempiy: Like a walking stick..LOL!!...

Ericson Loveless: I have this one but a different model, I'm having a problem with the vapoing! There is none coming out. I recharged it and changed the mouth peice. So what do I do

igetcha69: hi mate, i think the iTaste comes with some nice tank atomisers to get you started? cheers scott

Thomas Dingle: I got my Tornado eGo-C Twist from Totally Wicked. And I have been using a RCS V3 Nova .. Had a load of fun trying the different wicks.. My personal best is 4.0ohm's and the battery set to 4.0 volts :) I bought 2 batteries back in Feb this year... My only disappointment is that after 5 months one has died and the other is starting to die. But This battery is my personal best. Keep up the good work with your reviews dude :)

robinmondorama2: nice review Scott - thanks.

chew lor: Hello I've been wanted to ask you. I want the best vape and the best batt what do you suggest I should get my price does not matter I just want know Ima change vaper.

afiqmaaz: Sorry scott! in terms of vaping which is better?and what are the diferences? but anyways thanks alot for answering! really appreciate it!

Metin Ekcan: The only E-Cig stuff i can purchase here in Cyprus would be from Totally Wicked(There are re-sellers here and the postal service is dodgy). Can you recommend a cartomiser that would be a close or even copy of the Boge one. Thanks in advance Metin

tank3481: thanks for that scott :)

VapeTape: Sounds obvoius now that you told me ; ) I don't know why it diden't come to mind. fact is I never owned an ego before and I also came across some pictures where the USB charging cable would connect to the bottom. Is that an older ego/tornado/riva! model ? Anyway, the ego twist I ordered arrived today and I'm really happy with it. thanks.

BU983: I think you're wrong in terms of the battery life. or the battery is bad or you did not test well :)

laurent sarian: mois jais sa;

Bernie O: very good i might get one thanks .

VapeTape: How do you charge the battery? Does the end cap come off like regular ego's, do you twist in one diretion till it comes apart or do you pull the cap off? I haven't found any info regarding this. Thanks.

Rob Baker: Hi mate looking to get the Torpedo Mini VVV 900Mah from TW and pair with some of your 3ohm Boge Cartomisers? I was wondering if you reckon that would be a nice combination as I don't want to have a stupidly massive setup. Also where do you get the White rubber tips for the boge cartomisers? Cheers.

igetcha69: hi mate, im not 100% sure but have a slight suspicion it may not be suitable......please contact the supplier and ask as they should be able to provide you with that information better safe than sorry, lol ;) cheers scott

Casey Peter: Bought one. Used it. Bought another one. Its true lub. :-D

fiddlybarkparka: Def getting one soon as I get some money. Getting funny looks round town with my lavatube!

igetcha69: hi mate, personally i have never had any issues with any of the Ego batteries i have used in the past and the Ego-C Twist was no exception cheers scott

Robert Murray: Meant to say where you got your drip tip?

igetcha69: lol, how would people know the size of your letter box?? :P

cassavetes1024: Great review as always, Scott. I love the ego twist. I have a ton of vv mods, but I find myself grabbing my 1000 mah ego twist when I go out. Lasts me all day and doesn't seem to drop off at the end of the day. I'm so jealous of noob vapers just starting out. They have such a selection. Cheers. :)

Andrew Ives: @BulletFever1 Where can you buy the adapters to make it look better when using a tank?

krusty893: thank you!!! wil give it a go :D

iREPda609: Why is it so loud?

igetcha69: hi mate, for those in the UK vapeescape also sell the plinths to make the tanks look better :)

TrainerCTZ: Haha! I'm on it

bezidejni: I believe that the battery was bad one. I don't have doubts about your rewiev, I have watched a lot of them for different products and they are great and in 99% of time verry accurate. But even if you were using it for 4 weeks, it doesn't mke difference if battery was bad one. I'm using twists same period of time and my expiriences (and a bunch of other friend vapers) are totally oposite. My kind sugestion is to replace this battery for another pc and give it a chance. ;)

igetcha69: hi mate, to be honest, 5 months of good use is actually pretty good for those type of batteries.....glad you like the vids and thank you for watching! :D cheers scott

Thezuule1: Honestly the battery life on the 650mah standard batteries with a standard resist atty isn't that great. I always recommend anyone considering an ego consider a 1000mah battery as well.

igetcha69: hi mate, yes, that will be a nice set up :) do you mean the white drip tip im using? if so, that particular one is no longer being manufactured (its actually made from Teflon) but most e-cig suppliers sell various drip tips in a variety of sizes, colours, materials and shapes :) cheers scott

Metin Ekcan: Thanks again Scott.

samik83: On some tobacco liquids the 3 ohm cartos tend to be alitte too much for this device. It almost gets there, but not quite. On a low resistance (2.0-2.2ohm) carto you'll get the most out of this. I use it with a LR at around 4.2v

igetcha69: hi mate, well if you don't want a 510 connection then you would probably be better off with the iTaste......but both are very good options to go for :) cheers scott

igetcha69: Hi mate, You want the one in the chargers section of the site called "Ego-Riva USB Charger With Cord (510)" Cheers Scott

igetcha69: hi mate, Boge cartos are made by Boge ;) Joyetech are the original manufacturer of the Ego and all the other ones are copied versions by different manufacturers. there are a few bad copies on the market, but in general they are all pretty good and not a great deal different to the Joyetech versions cheers scott

tgfunky: That's not a very impressive vape time on a 650mAh battery.

igetcha69: did you even bother watching the vid? i never said that i only take a couple of drags every 30 minutes so i suggest you get your facts straight........i clearly said that roughly every 30 minutes i will pick it up and have a good vape, and a "good vape" can be anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour! and when i refer to battery life I'm referring to the total "actual" vaping time and obviously do not include the time when I'm not vaping!! geez, i never realised that Joyetech had fanboys! :P

igetcha69: hi mate, there isnt much to explain to be honest, lol......i was using an Ego-C Twist with a Boge cartomiser cheers scott

igetcha69: Nice one mate, really pleased to hear you are happy with it! :D Cheers Scott

igetcha69: hi mate, best thing to do would be to watch both of the reviews to see the differences as i show them close up pretty clearly :) the iTaste has changed a little since i reviewed it though as it no longer has the magnetic adapters......instead it has a fixed 510 connector which is a lot better :) cheers scott

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