Thien Dust Separator - Tablesaw Test

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Thien Dust Separator - tablesaw test
Thien Dust Separator - tablesaw test
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Steph Boeker: What is the clear plastic tube you're using?

Project Lemming: Does it matter what direction the cyclone spins? Does the height of the box have an impact?

Carmel Pule': It is quite impressive for a demonstration of the dynamics both those favourably required and those that shows imperfections. The input bend rear part offers a rather big obstruction and deflection for the swirl and there is a location where the change of momentum on hitting the rear of the band will cause some particles to be sucked up after bouncing off it. Also please do not underestimate the turbulence generated by those innocent looking three vertical rods , they are not as innocent as they look and they could have been installed on the outside rather than the inside, Also the flat face on the rear end of the slot is causing turbulence and the rotation is forming a little hill at some distance after the end of the slot, That flat part at the end of the slot could have been flared much more efficiently to incoming flow. I think that instead of the bend one could have used a straight pipe coming in through the top at a gradual angle and so the swirl would not have anything to hit on full circulation.
Flow dynamics are so fascinating.

Paul Manno: How did you bend the plexiglass?

GingerPlayzFIFA: Excellent! All it need now is a pleated filter at the top of the build.

1873Winchester: Looking at the dust spiral, I wonder if you could achieve better efficiency by rotating the baffle a bit clockwise. Looks like there's a little bit on the end that misses going down into the dustbin.

briggybear: I'm interested in just separating dust and water from air before it gets pumped somewhere else.Not in collecting it. What do you think would happen if there were no collection bin on the bottom? The escape slot would just open up back to the room. Would the process still work? Would the cyclone still kick the dust out through the slot or does it need the collection in order for the process to work? Thanks.

George Woodworth:  
Does anyone know if a Thien baffle will still work if the airflow is pushed into it vs sucked out of it? My planer exhausts it's own chips. If I were able bodied I'd simply build one and see, but I'm disabled and building things is difficult so looking for input and/or experience with this. Also any 'bad' design flaws to avoid?

Dust Extraction: Dust is very harmful for health. Very well demonstrated video on cleaning of all dust and debris accumulated in table saw cabinet.

freshpootube: That 90 degree bend for the inlet seems to work great. Lots of other versions, people go to great lengths to create a curved angled inlet on the outside of the cylinder. This shows it may not be necessary?

John Delaney: Nice video! That pretty much clears it up for me! LOL! Seriously, I think this is the way to go. 

Sirus: Thanks for the upload. seems to catch just as good as the cyclone shape ones. Nobody is going to win on the fine fine dust, so lets all give up and have a fine filter for that. I was thinking, seeing these are based on velocity and vacuum and gravity. Gravity seems to work on this fine. what would happen if you had the vacuum end a bit higher and just behind the input pointing opposite to the debris end with a slight tilt to aid gravity. Faster spin perhaps but less center vacuum.

Gid joiner: Hi, finally found a container suitable to make one of these, experimenting a bit for now but cobbled together a quick version of yours this Sunday afternoon & i was very surprised at how good it worked, Thanks seeing your see-through version has inspired me to build one in the first place & now I'll take it further, :-) ps I've put a crappy vid on my channel to show :-)

johnisnot: I did try installing another baffle, held up on the all-thread, mounted just below the inlet elbow. I was interested in seeing what was happening above and below the plate, and thought maybe it would provide even better isolation between the upper airflow and the collection can. Bottom line is it worked better without that plate, and I think a little distance is a good thing - it just makes the unit a little taller.

Five Minutes On The Water: I was wondering if you had done any experiments with the spacing between the collector cover and the baffle. I've notice Thein and several others have the cover and baffle much closer together than your design. If you have was there any difference in fine particulate efficiency?

Gid joiner: Thanks

johnisnot: It works great with my "lunchbox" style thickness planer. I even vacuum up handplane shavings with it when I clean the shop. Sometimes a long wispy shaving will get tangled around one of the threaded rods that holds it together, but it has no problem separating larger material from the airflow. Using the planer, I actually filled up the collection barrel, and half filled the top separator, and still nothing went through.

Gid joiner: Hi do you think this would work ok with thicker material from a thicknesser,like small shavings, would the slot to the collection area be big enough? all the demonstrations concentrate on finer dusty particles. Prob gonna try building one anyway but as you already have a clear one it'd nice to know Thanks.

Dave Smith: Thanks for the vid. You've just given me the confidence to build one myself. I couldnt work out how I was going to do the cone part and now I find that it's not necessary at all :-)

johnisnot: Note that you aren't seeing *air* going down into the slot, just debris... The bulk flow of the air is all above the plate, with mixing at the slot due to turbulence.
Thien Dust Separator - tablesaw test 5 out of 5

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Thien Dust Separator - tablesaw test