Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun - Review, Field Strip, Range Test, Ghost Loading

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OneD33pTX: Hey crucible arms! Since you are a frog lube user like myself, do you run any extra lube on any specific parts after the initial "treatments"?

Dj Shepard: I'm having an issue with my 930 spx can anyone with experience help me out?

Brett Larsen: Great video.  Thanks!

Sue-Anne Orozco: things get tricky, camera cuts tape. lol

Sultan Al Hadidi: Thank you more videos plz 

Ron Really: Thanks for the video. Honestly, if you do not think racking a round in the chamber frightens people you are wrong on purpose. You wont believe it probably, and it does not matter to me, but I racked a round into my 870 as I pointed it at a guy sitting in a stolen car and he pissed his pants. Thanks anyway for the video. 

garageguy879: I've been looking at this in 20 gauge,most call it the SA20 but the model number says M920,,beautiful shotgun

Richard Recupero: My wife just bought one tonight. Looks nice!

bubblefish17: Nice video, thinking to get one of these, thank you! :) 

Old Grumpy: God dammm long ass spring  is that ..:)

turbotransam1980: These better than a Remington 1100?

monster max: Is it alright to keep your ammo in the magazine; will it damage the spring in the Mossberg 930?

A Steiner: Nice semi-auto for the money, who needs a over priced Benelli M4..

Bob Shore: Great video, I have this same shotgun.  Works well, no issue at all.  Part of me would rather have the traditional stock then the pistol grip.  I think I do get a bit more control with the pistol grip but the safety position is not great for the pistol grip, as you have pointed out.  over all, yes, I like it and would recommend it.  For home defense I have a double coach gun by my bed and a Mossberg 500 close by.  I think I am well covered!

Joffery Stone: Great review!  Thanks!  Just got this exact shot gun in a trade! My first Mossberg 930 SPX ( been a longtime Rem.870 guy for decades)  What's funny is I was just getting ready to purchase a Mossberg 930 JM tactical for 3 gun competition when this opportunity came along for this SPX model in a trade deal.   I cant wait to get it out on the range!!! (still gonna get the 930 JM model too)  I think I am becoming  Mossberg buy !  lol 

John Wayne: I have to say that, at first look, having the safety up so high was a concern of mine, but in a training exercise with a M16 using blank rounds, I have had the thumb of my nomex glove snag on the safety selector switch which prevented me from engaging my target and caused my teammates to have to drag back their "dead" battle buddy and his gear til the end of the exercise. Obviously you probably wouldnt be wearing gloves in a home defense scenario (but you might when hunting in cold weather) but I like a safety that is out of the way bc I have had the safety switch on my M16 move to the fire position while carrying it in a 2 pt sling.  

djalkaline1: I am looking to get a 930 not sure between the standard or the spx without pistol grip as I will prob get the new ATI Raven stock.  One question is can the rear ghost ring sight be removed easily from the rail, I may run an optic or may just want to run a front giber optic only, not a big fan of peep sights.  Thanks for any info you can offer on this.  Great vid 

PharmaTaco: When in doubt, start over. 

Frank Colucci: I am a new subscriber.  Really like your reviews simple and right to the point..

monster max: I shot my Mossberg 930 spx for the first time. After a while i notice that when I load the gun again. I didn't get the spring resistance. Like you do when you put load your weapon. Like the spring wasn't there and the bucks was just sliding in with no tension. And the gun wouldn't feed. Can you help me with that?
Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun - Review, Field Strip, Range Test, Ghost Loading 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun - Review, Field Strip, Range Test, Ghost Loading