Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun - Review, Field Strip, Range Test, Ghost Loading

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zonseeker 137: Cant you load 2-3/4 & 3" in the SPX ?

HNTR KLLR: 13 inch pull is a lot

mozzberg: THANKS, now I can Ghost load my 930 as wellm

mars crain: awesome video!

Furious Styles: ghost load nice

Gerry K: Great Video!
So you can adjust the Lop with spacers?

OneD33pTX: Hey crucible arms! Since you are a frog lube user like myself, do you run any extra lube on any specific parts after the initial "treatments"?

Dj Shepard: I'm having an issue with my 930 spx can anyone with experience help me out?

Brett Patton: Great video.  Thanks!

Sue-Anne Orozco: things get tricky, camera cuts tape. lol

Sultan Al Hadidi: Thank you more videos plz 

Ron Really: Thanks for the video. Honestly, if you do not think racking a round in the chamber frightens people you are wrong on purpose. You wont believe it probably, and it does not matter to me, but I racked a round into my 870 as I pointed it at a guy sitting in a stolen car and he pissed his pants. Thanks anyway for the video. 

garageguy879: I've been looking at this in 20 gauge,most call it the SA20 but the model number says M920,,beautiful shotgun

Richard Recupero: My wife just bought one tonight. Looks nice!

bubblefish17: Nice video, thinking to get one of these, thank you! :) 

turbotransam1980: These better than a Remington 1100?

monster max: Is it alright to keep your ammo in the magazine; will it damage the spring in the Mossberg 930?

A Steiner: Nice semi-auto for the money, who needs a over priced Benelli M4..

Bob Shore: Great video, I have this same shotgun.  Works well, no issue at all.  Part of me would rather have the traditional stock then the pistol grip.  I think I do get a bit more control with the pistol grip but the safety position is not great for the pistol grip, as you have pointed out.  over all, yes, I like it and would recommend it.  For home defense I have a double coach gun by my bed and a Mossberg 500 close by.  I think I am well covered!

Kaliman99208: Great review!  Thanks!  Just got this exact shot gun in a trade! My first Mossberg 930 SPX ( been a longtime Rem.870 guy for decades)  What's funny is I was just getting ready to purchase a Mossberg 930 JM tactical for 3 gun competition when this opportunity came along for this SPX model in a trade deal.   I cant wait to get it out on the range!!! (still gonna get the 930 JM model too)  I think I am becoming  Mossberg buy !  lol 
Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun - Review, Field Strip, Range Test, Ghost Loading 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun - Review, Field Strip, Range Test, Ghost Loading