Nexus 7 Up To 1TB Storage Without Root

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Nexus 7 up to 1TB storage without Root
Nexus 7 up to 1TB storage without Root
Nexus 7 connects to 1TB hard disk without rooting
Nexus 7 connects to 1TB hard disk without rooting
Connect USB External Storage Devices To Google Nexus 7 (Without Root!)
Connect USB External Storage Devices To Google Nexus 7 (Without Root!)
external memory on nexus 7 without rooting.
external memory on nexus 7 without rooting.
Google Nexus 7 Commercial (Fearless)
Google Nexus 7 Commercial (Fearless)

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Cormacio Fino: Does this work with a 2TB hard drive? :)

David McCracken: Very Helpful Many Thanks !

Toni Buzzard: To use a flash drive you need the app Nexus Media Importer.

黃泉: 鬼扯半天.........沒示範 otg 外接 1tb 硬碟,搞啥啊?

Ewkoenig Onmc: Does anybody realize that he keeps saying uh? That gets annoying. Anyway very nice video!

Kip Murray: This even works on the lg g pad gpe. Thanks!

Paul Cash: Hi I have the 2nd generation nexus 7 and have tried using the OTG cable to connect to a Samsung 1 terabyte portable hard drive. Absolutely nothing happens or appears when I connect them together. The only thing that seems to happen is that I'm charging the portable hard drive. Any suggestions. I am wanting to use the hard drive as a portable travelling storage area. 


Nick Westcott: works great. Thanks for video. My 2nd Nexus 7, the 1st completely froze after updating to 4.2, Google were very quick in replacing it. I rooted my 1st one, no need to now.

bao truong (drbao): Bad explanations !

Jan Uhlir: Can you write to the attached drive or it is read only? If it is read only that is quite a significant limitation and should have been mentioned in the video. Also, what drive formats are supported? FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2, ext3 ? The USB stick can be formatted in any of those, not speaking about external drives.

4DogsTech: You can use USB controllers via the USB. You would need to be rooted to use a external drive as a virtual external SD card.

Miguel Apale: Can't you use the usb for games?

Kavo-Thizzla: Thats you're own fault for buying the 16gb version (and you knew you would need more) so quit bitching and move along

robert gonzales: Great video /USB HDD sometimes need extra power so I use a double male into power source instead of one .

MrCooldude4444: i have 32 GB aswell

00sAreTops: Have you tried formatting the 1TB as FAT32?

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Esco6698: PS3 controller works too.

Ben Potter: I has 32g nexus 7
Nexus 7 up to 1TB storage without Root 5 out of 5

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Nexus 7 up to 1TB storage without Root