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Whatsitallabaaat: Well, I recently bought an iPad 4 and ever since I've owned it I haven't ran ANY apps on my phone (Android One X). The only things I use my phone for now is calling and checking what time it is. So, I think the 808 is a perfect phone for me now, I'll only use it for calling, checking the time and using the camera. I wish it had the stabilizer that the Lumia 920 has, but as a camera I doubt this'll be beaten for a long long time.
Kesha Bryan: So this company only gives good quality hair and packaging to those who are advertising their hair my hair came fast but I want my money back just as fast. The packaging was in lil bags which I can live with but the hair clips were broken I wouldnt trust it the description on the hair says synthetic not human hair like the site and the value says alot less than what I paid 
Robt. Watson: My EDC is a Glock 19, which I have carried in the DH for over 20 years. Never had a problem.
quedecree: @latidaspaceman Now there's a very good question. I haven't tried it yet. I suspect it will still work but maybe not as well because some of the steering is directed towards the main lines whereas with the depower bar it's all on the rear lines. I intend to give it a try at some stage.
305cid: Awsome!!! I have a station wagon and also put it in my films. http://www.youtube.com/results?search=kylecomeau&search_type=search_videos&search=Search check out the last two. My Pontiac is in it. Where are you guys from?
Elias Junior: gorgeous woman.
Panudda M: ทาส8นี้ถ้าเก่งบ้างกะ5-10ถ้าไม่เก่งกะลอง15คับ

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