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Hunter bates: No joke I just got this game at Kmart for 2 dollars. 
DrummerBoy0109: First Last and all the above
Joe D.: 28- 135
cameplaitbeaucoup: does anyone know why they decided to cover Main Street with the glass roofing?
BatBrakesBones: She wanted it.
Charles Carpenter: One Year later and the car is doing great! I changed employers and now drive 72 miles a day with no issues. Car has 15,000 miles. I have yet to purchase a 220 Volt charger. Only issues I have is wife likes to drive it also and I have to share. One note of caution: Extremely cold days drop range by almost 20%. This happened to me when temps were in the high teens and the high that day was 32. Not normal for North Florida. I stopped by Whole foods for 30 minutes as they have a free charger for customers. Also, there was one day in which I actually ran out of charge 3 miles from home (according to car). But it made it with no problems. So there must be some reserve not reported on the dash.
breezy shaw: Ive done this soo many times and now im on level 35 plus i plant pumpkins, peanuts ( for xp ) and lettuce 

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