IRT 650 XL Dillon Reloading

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Automated Reload Machine
Automated Reload Machine

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joe blow: Nonsense

Tlicious726: are you selling these things or what?

TSWG00: Nice i need to get me a few do you buy one?

rifador: WTF?

FrigoGianni: @ROBERTLUCIAn no e a 220volt azzionata con inverter

Lucian Marin: The press runs on hydraulic power, right?

Lucian Marin: You even custom painted the presses and their feeders. Great job!

FrigoGianni: else in this movie is not gunpowder

italianrelic: Che Bello Machina; What a beautiful machine!
IRT 650 XL Dillon reloading 5 out of 5

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T A beray: The best of the best 💪💪💪💪
CNC 3-in-1: As I mentioned earlier in another video post., I have since cut that table apart as it was too heavy (too high center of balance, especially with the lathe/mill on it). I am re-designing it and will keep you posted, but right now we are moving so I don't even have a garage to work out of at this moment.
JohnnyRingo86: i got it the Le Drapeau shirt from redscarfrevolution 
Max Backstrom: Read manual => watch tutorial Ask someone that can tell at the Forum 
I can't think Of a name: I wish they added a second OT stormtrooper head and a pair of black hands.
tebony34: I mean she made Oprah cry she is awful.
Jakecoolboy22: You suck monkey balls

IRT 650 XL Dillon reloading