IRT 650 XL Dillon Reloading

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Automated Reload Machine
Automated Reload Machine

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joe blow: Nonsense

Tlicious726: are you selling these things or what?

TSWG00: Nice i need to get me a few do you buy one?

rifador: WTF?

FrigoGianni: @ROBERTLUCIAn no e a 220volt azzionata con inverter

Lucian Marin: The press runs on hydraulic power, right?

Lucian Marin: You even custom painted the presses and their feeders. Great job!

FrigoGianni: else in this movie is not gunpowder

italianrelic: Che Bello Machina; What a beautiful machine!
IRT 650 XL Dillon reloading 5 out of 5

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Tyler Wood: its 2020 and still no skate 4
onpsxmember: Please do a video of all sorts of japanese saws. I posted in more detail in the forums.
I'd choose an dozuki so i can grip the back and with a rip-cut to get a fine cut made on the pull. But which width should it have to make the best slots for fretwires?

ziljin: @TheDakiidDeal Thanks I will try!
slyer0: so let me get it straight I need to collect all these items at the vallues of them listed here so I have all the the items
needed to synthesize all the items needed to complete lists of synthesize items and then you can straight away synthesize ultima weapon?

IRT 650 XL Dillon reloading