How To Forward A Call Using Straight Talk

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candicestewart86: Awesome!!

Serge Z: Thank you.
BTW you can control how many seconds you phone rings before it forwards. Dial

61[phone number]**[seconds]#
Seconds are in increments of 5 up to 30 seconds. So to set your phone to ring for 30 seconds before it's forwards dial 61[phone number]**30#

BTW it worked for my straight talk ATT simcard. This probably will not work for Verizon. If I remember right, verizon is *71

marc perkel: Doesn't work for me

Debbie Amaral: thank you thank you thank you

MrDustcy: Awesome, works for me on the Sony Z3 Compact using the app Call Forwarding from the Google play store, thank you so much!

TechBoy432: would this work for call forwarding on mac in el capitan?

RetroSpectr3: how useful, thanks bro

bodyworkz: doesn't work

Brian The PC Guy: This trick still works on iOS 8.1.2!

Ravi Teja Doppalapudi: Wow this worked for me, thanks man 

sandra hunt: It said call forwarding successful but when i tried to call the forwarded phone (my cell) it did not forward it to my house phone. It did not work

keith6216: thanks. worked perfectly with iphone 5 AT&T.  Also now mms works on straight talk without jailbreaking or sim swap method.  

Ron Denni: To use Call-Forwarding on Straight talk on Verizon network you dial*72 area code (410) Phone # (555-1212) then call... (example) To deactivate it you simply dial *73.

Paul Asr: Worked great for me I am also am the straight talk plan. Thanks for posting this video

Charles Brown: Works as long as the phone cannot receive calls (powered off or calls disabled).

Greg W.: did not work with my Verizon iphone 5 with a Straight talk T-Mobile sim. I get a list of "failed" services.

William Mickelson: Same here, Did not work on my Q either.

William Mickelson: Same here

MBlover99: Tried this but I couldn't get it to work. I am using an old iphone 3gs/8gb memory. Found a forum written by a telephone Co. employee that suggested doing this, and it worked on my system (ST cell $45/month, going to a ST homephone (works on the VZN network.)...*62*, number forwarded to, #, then turn the cell phone off on top, not just the round button, To cancel ##004#, then call

brad: GSM Network - AT&T or T-Mobile *004*1+TenDigitNumber# - Activates Call Forwarding (Busy/No Answer/Unreachable) **21*1+TenDigitNumber# - Activates Call Forwarding (Immediate) - This did not work on StraightTalk so they may be actively blocking it in the switch *67*1+TenDigitNumber# - Activates Call Forwarding (Busy) *61*1+TenDigitNumber# - Activates Call Forwarding (No Answer) *62*1+TenDigitNumber# - Activates Call Forwarding (Unreachable) - ##004# OR #002# - Disables all forwarding features
How to forward a call using Straight Talk 5 out of 5

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How to forward a call using Straight Talk