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DustinDep: +Chris Bermejo Hey thanks for the comment! and yes it has been slow lately but look for it to pick up alot in the near future! 
lisenyoudontknowme: my pencil is confused right now
RainbowLoom101: That was before super man
Brooke Jasper: Hey! You have experience so I assume asking someone like you is a good idea. Hahah, I want one of these, but I have a really low pain tolerance and I'm scared of needles. I have my eyebrow, cartilage, and ear lobes pierced...but still. Hahah.
ben hopkinson: mario is good at tenis
ResilientBeauty BlessedMomOfMany: I own the Riverside Rose & Fulton Street Colors...I absolutely love them!...and they smell sooooo good!...they all look great on you..thanks for sharing. .xxx
jason mena: Lenovo compro el 20% de motorola no toda

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