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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Admiral Bahroo: Dislikes are from those who don't understand sarcasm.
SUZmeister: @latnangel187 It's in the description box!
azgarogly: @0:46 there is a description of errors against regulations. Anyone trans into English pls?
Alexander Tellmann: Was soll man da eintragen ich glaube ich bin zu dumm
CGVORTEC: Have you found any better idea to water seal the clutch cover? I was thinking of silicone or something after my belt getting wet and leaving me in a 3 foot water hole lol
HH2489: +99corrigan1 you is amagazim my friend yli too :) selena fan :)
Humphrey Bogart: If its a ragtop impala does that mean the hood is retractable?

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