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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rafael Cesar Santiago: oie como inicio el juego viene en chino y le doy iniciar y no se puede que hago? me suscribo a tu canal si me dices xfas xD
Mateus Troiaa: Amigo e que vedação voce utilizou???na junta para não vazar oleo embaixo???
Ross N. C. Vince: I'm amazed at how many people rate that joker Arsonal.. Wack bars, wack flow, wack everything
Kervin Peguero: I know you guys don't like to make manuals 'cause spicework is always on the move, but is a fact there are basic behaviors that never changes, you could make a startup manual. 
NickonAquaMagna: I am astounded by how expressive these guys are.
Matt Medders: Yeah, J-Frames take awhile to break the trigger in. They're always super stiff out of box.
James S: No, Rioch was a tosser!!

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