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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Alvin H: It doesn't work! Their are additional charges involved that make it ridiculous to do this because you are just piggybacking needlessly on top of your cell phone bill. You need make sure you point that out or else you are just misleading people.
Alessandro Grazia: l'ho provato sulla 500 quand'è uscito, mi ha fatto una bella impressione, buon tiro dai 2000 giri in su, bel rumore caratteristico e allungo fin quasi a 6000.
AttilatheThrilla: Da freak is up with the skipping?? 
13megaprime: How do scout scopes and "regular" rifle scopes differ? Are they the same?
smartnerd1: my right ear enjoyed this video. really.
betodeth: Hahahaha casi me orino de la risa, de verdad que le hice así hahahahahah! XD
BruvLambo In The House: well done Shaun T you change people's lives

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