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Nino vd: ik zie bardo de hele tijd op de achtergrond #waaromnoemtiedereenbardosnorlax 
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Jonas Ponciano: Faça um pra mim 50 pilas
dr07828: yeah, i love that radio.
Victor Gomez: welcome a board this ryanair flissshhh hahaha
Amber Milt: I appreciate all these great comments. While it is unbelievable to imagine the costs of all of this, I thought it best to provide some links. For hair, the extensions used were Platinum Seamless. While these are left in for about 2-3 months, the cost for a full head (on a regular gal) is between $1500-$5000 for the hair alone. Check out this bloggers experience. She mentioned the Great Lengths were more costly but we've found that PS is about the same. http://beautysweetspot.com/my-spring-makeover/ The hair and makeup costs for a top stylist cap out at $5000, but the low end for these services (when dealing with the best of the best) are $2000. See this article: http://www.forbes.com/2007/02/22/cost-oscar-carpet-forbeslife-cx_hp_0223redcarpetready.html We didn't hire a professional model for this. We used a colleague and asked for the makeup to only make her look like a better version of herself - much like a celebrity does. They often don't want to change their look. According the the stylist, the jewelry was on the extreme conservative end. Here's a link to the cost of what celebs are actually wearing: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/red-carpet-jewelry/5/ Overall, it is mind blowing to think that this is what it costs, but according to Forbes (and our volunteer crew) we weren't far off. What we were hoping to achieve by this, was to show women why they should stop comparing their own selves to the unrealistic celebrity photos out there. It's not fair to try and look like a celebrity when they have these incredible resources to help them do so. That said, there are so many talented makeup artists, hair stylists and gals who know how to dress out there. And thankfully we all have access to their incredible how-tos! Feel free to share your faves below.
Annika Min: @isabel arndt danke dir. ♥ ich habe mich bewusst für englisch entschieden, um mehr menschen erreichen zu können. :) du siehst ja, was ich mache, es ist also eigentlich recht selbsterklärend. :)

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