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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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xEcaterina: Werd ich mir evlt. am WE ansehn :D
Moorcut: Hi Tommy, the drill was a Bosch GBH 4kg machine. A good powerful machine. The core bit was one of our own Moorcut brand. We know that it is better to use a dedicated drilling machine and all the other points our friend Mathew pointed out!! but we just wanted to demonstrate that you can use a normal machine that most professional tradesmen and DIYers have.
myassin78: So Mark, do we should buy the phone because the speed test good or bad? Or we should try it first in the real world.
LightElementLord: That embarresing moment when you notice the ennemie team has done no damage to any of your towers -_-'
BaumHater: Currywurst battle
GraphiconProductions: This seems all too similar to Fable...
RoundHouseFrenzy: Yeah I agree they're all very informative and on a side note he can be pretty hilarious at times lol. :)

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