*YuGiOh* BEST! Constellar Deck Profile January 2014 Banlist

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*YuGiOh* BEST! Constellar Deck Profile January 2014 Banlist
*YuGiOh* BEST! Constellar Deck Profile January 2014 Banlist
Yugioh Constellar Deck Profile January 2014
Yugioh Constellar Deck Profile January 2014
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the925ninja1: what makes snowman eater better than man eater bug and those other flip guys

superstupid667: Ok it was good till you started talking about thrasher

MoonlightComet: idk why you name it the "best" is it just for views? well w/e it's quite the average deck, but not too good

necromancer3000: why not run pot of dicotomy since there all diferent types

JustTooGood: I've always loved Zenmaioh :D

Malcolm Torres: Take out 1 Algiedi and put in Rasalhauge he is really good and can rebirth an XYZ and immediately go into M7 or you can get your sombre out the grave and use effect or you can special out the hand for example if you have pollux and rasal in hand and you got kaus in grave you can summon pollux normal summon rasal use his eff to special kaus and use eff and go into pleideas it's a really really good card and underrated it won me a lot of duels 

Malcolm Torres: you consider running a 2nd Bear and Tensu it's good too

CardGamingOtaku: how would a dust tornado stop a royal decree?

Peter Dubois: My changes would be take out thrasher, t king, 1 sheratan, book, lances, compulse, and d prisons. Put in 2 veilers, 3 xyz reborns, 1 more m7 (for maestroke), 3 star chart, and 1 siat for more rank 5 consistency. In my testing I never went a game without first turn kaus, and sometimes, I would use a mirror force to protect him just so I could summon another to xyz, but that's just me.

erick morales: Nah hes right about thrasher i like how he describes it it doesnt hurt the deck cuz what if you try to go in to his xyz's he wants to actually get rid of those traps nice tech choice sam

Will Partridge: What about Constellar Siat? Special Siat, summon Kaus. Kaus changes level. XYZ for any Constellar XYZ.

DoNoHarm: btw sam this is a 39 card main deck, reupload maybe?

computerMASTA89: try dd warrior lady over snowman as it is searchable via rota and it is superb against bujins and evilswarms

TheBonds00: Why don't you play Duality?

TheBonds00: Why not Emptiness in main?*

Daniel Robinson: still prefer evilswarms nice deck profile tho.

Fenix Fénix: Awesome deck !!,

Patrick Hawkins: You should do a chaos dragon deck 2014

TheBonds00: And last question why don't you run a rank 3? Dont take any of my questions derogatory, I play Constellars and I have for a long time so I'm just trying to see why you play certain things and why you don't play others.

Arcane Cavern: why does everyone play tiras, i hate him. always gets mirror forced or dimensional prisoned and if you dont attack he still loses his material. replace with volcasaurus!!!!!!! volcasaurus + gaia dragon is amazing

PlayerPennen: Necromancer, just one Star Cradle cause you don't want it early game. And I've been running 2 Bear and it's been AWESOME.

Ryan Walters: i also think 1 m7 is good enough, everyone says i should bump it to 3 i don't think so, 2 might be good though

TCGcafe: Nice deck, great insight into Constellar strategy

Brett Bauer: That was 39 cards....

Mike Yost: imo I would fit at least double maxx "c" in the main deck. The only top deck that maxx c wouldn't hurt is Bujinn. I also main 2 Vanity's Emptiness since every top deck special summons and the card wrecks decks.

Edwin Rivera: You are missing one card. You only have 39 cards in your main deck.

Sentinel Prime: Extra deck personally i'd run 3 pleiades, 2 m7 and 2 omega. That being the constellar side of it..

iBlackula: I would recommend a Cyber Dragon and ChimeraOverDrag for a side for Geargia, Machina and CyDra decks. Also it works well with synergy of the Deck. Cyber Dragon + Kaus = Rank 5 XYZ.

TeamLightning Shock: This deck looks cool its so op ^^

xXNerdyAssassinXx: I promise I'd watch more of your videos of you'd just SLOW THE freak DOWN with your talking mate. Honestly... Just take a breather.. Talk slower.. Make it enjoyable.

Brian Pierce: Your running 39 cards

B-Town Duelists: i like it hey guys check out my build on my cvhannel and tell me what you think!!

TheBonds00: Why don't you play Duality?

Sentinel Prime: Why no constellar star chart or constellar star cradle???

james swank: Like the build its real fast

Michael Velazquez: Man good deck profile I got to say one of the best constellar deck profile i've ever seen keep up the good work and hope to see more deck profile

beachez132k: Uhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh too much uhhhs really nerve racking good deck tho 

tachyon lover: you guys might get on my case about this, but i have tried putting tour guide into my deck and its actually really fun because i go into number 49:fortune tune, if u don't agree then go try it, it was a 39 card deck so you could put one tour guide, then take out a sheratan or whatever, because i run one because its a bit slow in my opinion, but please somebody try it, is hilarious, the idea poped into my head when i found two random tour guides lying around and i found a way to use it, its so funny because just last week our locals played next format and i didnt have my deck together for it and the only thing i needed was a tenki (i'd swap for duality) and i played two chaos dragons and went into game three with the last one and sadly i left my side deck at home so i got my ass handed to me by bujins and got second lol but its so fun and i hit 12000 life points and it stalls for those plays that u can do, especialy if u get backrow with fortune tune its dumbu plus soo much and they just minus every turn when you gain, and just to let you know if you dont know it will recycle itself unless they have abyss dweller or soul drain, but they wouldnt waste materials like that for fortune tune so its just a slap in the face and fun as hell when u win, and personally it doesnt slow me down any and its such an easy side out for gozen or whatever :P thanks and please take it into consideration :)

HashtagKnobshot: Nice deck! Consider Heroic - Excalibur or Shark Fortress in your extra. Both make easy OTKs.

serath woods: full card names next time please but cool video nice deck

Andre Gunawan: why not main or side veiler ??

tachyon lover: just two even though it will be at 3 btw.

PlayerPennen: Have you tried Constellar Star Cradle? Since you're only playing 39 cards try it out. I've been playing it and it's been awesome late game to push ahead.

Jesus Lookalike: Side deck trap eater, allows you to send a face up trap card and go for more xyz plays.

barcelonasnowboarder: what was the xyz left of zenmaioh?

David Wood: Ur a fag

zrt2021: I'm curious on why you run the Marco, and D-Fissure. I understand the reasons behind it, but doesn't it interfere with Sombre too much?

Charos Maros: 3:15 i dont use photon trasher i tested it it always comes at wrong time i use D.D Warrior Lady and btw awesome deck,best constellar deck ever ,18 monster,11 traps,11 spells .best deck ever :))

TeamIJustCame: Do you think this deck will be hit in april? :/

ShikoTAG: Why not run Siat and Constellar Star Chart. Like Sombre, they're great for turning the game around. Not only that, you should consider Shark Forretress great for the otk
*YuGiOh* BEST! Constellar Deck Profile January 2014 Banlist 4.7 out of 5

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*YuGiOh* BEST! Constellar Deck Profile January 2014 Banlist