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Carb Adjust on Poulon Pro 42cc Chainsaw
Carb Adjust on Poulon Pro 42cc Chainsaw
How To Easily Fix A Chainsaw That Bogs Down By Adjusting The Carburetor
How To Easily Fix A Chainsaw That Bogs Down By Adjusting The Carburetor
TOOL REVIEW - Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines
TOOL REVIEW - Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines
Tuning the carburetor on The Poulan Wild Thing Chainsaw
Tuning the carburetor on The Poulan Wild Thing Chainsaw

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kevin Harmony: donyboy, Your videos are great!They are very instructive an the audio is high quality unlike most others.Keep Up the good work.Thanks. This video prevented me from tossing ny saw out!

Roger S: How many splines are on the adjusting tool? I know they sell several tools with different amount of splines.

Kyle Young: isnt the L screw for idle and H for wide open?

Jason ward: my friend has a chainsaw that will idle for a second then cut out, it starts quite easily every time but it will not rev, I don't think the engine has any damage because of how easy it will start, I have changed the spark plug, the low and high screws have been messed about with, that is obvious by simply looking at them as they are messed up. how can I sort this out myself? I am good with two stroke engines but have never worked on a chainsaw

SrPOWNSALOT: Hi Donny I have an echo cs 302 chainsaw, it's an old chainsaw but runs. What's the best way to adjust the high screw? Is the Low screw only for idling or its for power performance as well? Thanks bro

Dean: Thanks for the vid. I got this saw three years ago. Never pulled it out for the first year, and when I did it never ran. I had people who said they could fix it, but they never could. All I did is screw them all in and then back out one and a half turns. Then a slight adjustment on the high and it works great. ....Then I ran out of gas. LOL. But I just wanted to say thanks. You were a big help.

Don clark: Thanks for the video, took two turns in on low and runs great

lip libert: Donyboy, I have a Poulan 3816 with a Zama carb. and it wouldn't start so I took carb apart sprayed everything down with cleaner. Put it all back together and it won't start. It won't even try to start if I spray ether into the carb. After many times of taking the carb apart and trying different things including changing the fuel lines I turned the adjustment screws all the way down and it started! It runs great on full throttle but that is all. Tried turning the adjustment screws during full throttle and no matter which one I turn it dies after 1 full turn. Any ideas? Thanks!

bobby williams: how would i go about adjusting the idle on a older style poulan chainsaw and adjusting the carburetor it is a poulan super 25?

joshuaburris2007: Headed out to do mine now. Thanks!

13antoanto: I have a poulan 3314 , I have the tool for the Low and High . I dont understand at what direction to turn it . also , is the Idle different from low and high .. I am having trouble even starting this shainsaw, I checked everything else fuel, spark etc ( sometimes it start but it would not stay on for more that 4 seconds...

Keith McKnight: thanks donny boy your videos are great and helped me fix a chain saw someone gave me. 5 dollars in parts and it runs fine

Esox07: I just picked up a Poulan 3416 from a guy who said it wouldn't run. He had been trying to get it to run for the last couple months but couldn't. It was full of gas and bar oil so I pulled the choke, pumped the primer and on the second pull, it fired right up. I kept it going but it wanted to stall at idle. I kept goosing it for two or three minutes and it got better but still wouldn't stay running. I will try adjusting the carb as well as the idle. I think the guy who owned it might have messed with the settings trying to get it running.

By the way, my saw has an Oregon bar on it like the one in your video. Is that a replacement bar or is that stock. I am used to a regular Poulan bar on them.

Thanks for the video.

Jake Miller: thanks a bunch

Steven Hardy: I have a 42cc Craftsman chain saw . I took the carb apart cleaned it all out .With the needles L & H out. Should i be able to blow thru the low side hole of the needle valve like i can the high side ? The high side blows thru easy. Also on any carb video if you know the factory number of turns out to start any saw you should say it . Thanks much .

Robert Fleury: donny boy. I have a crafstman like this one and my issue is when i fire up my saw it over revs and then dies within seconds why is it revving like crazy. lmk thanks rob

Dillon Castro: what if when you hold the trigger down it still wont start

Matthew Cox: +donyboy73 Thank you so much for this information. I acquired that same chainsaw. The issue I'm running into is the chain wants to spin on it's own when you get it started. Is that due to the idle being too high?

D. Murks: Its easy to take the bar and chain off...Is this ok to do?

laweez john: is the wood shark adjusted the same, cuz it will not attempt to start? it seems to be dumping gas in cylinder. is the carb junk?

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