Bazooka Subwoofer Project

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ExpertOfSound: @AudX Hey, in my opinion I think a Dayton Audio Classic 18" 4 ohm woofer would work better for what you did here. It has a FS of exactly 25Hz, and it hits low frequencies like crazy. only 125$ too 300watts RMS

Tom Dodsferd: Video test ?

AudX: Heh it's a matter of taste. Some guys say Michael Jackson is the biggest artist on the planet ;)

geilewutz: nice sub , good building 5*

AudX: @mrPEPELDO Bil Bless - Squarnch. Tak - szfka jak szafka - pierwszy projekt, więc bez zbędnej fantazji. teraz rzeźbie ciekawsze rzeczy. skończe to pokaże.

skylinelad09: port area for that size box is way to small !!!!!!!

AudX: It's Bi Bless Squarnch album. Highly recommended ;) Buy it from Addictech web shop.

AudX: according to Thiele-Small equations they are just ideal... but I do investigate in the way of measuring the sub response. I bought needed equipment - but cannot measure indoors (at my flat) because of room modes, reverbs etc.

AudX: @skylinelad09 no way dude! it's actually quite big. 2 ports each 4x50cm. That comes to 400 cm2 and that equals one square port of 20x20 cm. Thats biiiig. And finally there are virually no port noise. So it's good!

Iulian-Vasile Cioarca: aren't those ports areas too small for the woofer?it's a 15 inch :-S

RockStarSoul: All that work and equipment and expense, just so you can listen to silly Super Mario music?

bsod4u2: WinISD is a good starting point, however your box needs bracing. These walls flex, even if minor flex you lose SPL this way. In have a clip of my wall of subs on YouTube, all home made cabinets(sealed), braced to the grills. Sto razy lepsze od wiely "domowej" roboty subwooferow YouTubie.

Tim Lewis: Nope it's background music

AudX: thanx ;) it definitely needs finishing, but sounds really good ;)

31Orcas: Many rap songs and bass testers contain a lot of sub-20 Hz frequencies, and not all songs are cut below 30 Hz. I don't think they do that anymore as I have found lots of subsonics in today's songs.

s1mm3g: and just hope that your neiburs like your music


AudX: sure it's 2,2 cm ;)

AudX: What you say is 50% true. This is what happens with most pop/dance music, but does not happen with eg. SOTEG tunes, some ambient tracks and many more electronic mixes. This is why I dedicated the sub to bless aka SOTEG ;) How do I know that? There is 30hz hipass switch on my crossover. Turning the filter on and off changes much in bass response, and it is easily and clearly audible... there is a subsonic portion below 30hz and it is really pleasure to experience that.

David Wójcik: średnio a moj sprzęcik jak sie podoba ???

Radu Emil Nutiu: tnx for sharing

5629hustlers9268: why isnt your subwoofer bouncing ?

blankpaper66: Dumb question, but how do you actually "Tune" a port to work best at a certain Hz? Always wondered haha

AllAboutMusic22: Awesome dude, can you upload this track playing if you get a chance.

Grzegrzerzny: Looks impressive! I can't wait to hear it! Especially with SOTEG's music! Good for you! p.s. Thanks for credits, I don't think I deserve it, but if I was in a slightest way helpful - YOU ARE WELCOME!

AudX: home of course! car got a fiberglass construction in place of spare tyre.

jawmjawm23: The quality sounds good if that's all coming from just that subwoofer.

AudX: well, I live in an apartament... I have enough problems with my neighbours already ;) another thing is that it is a high efficiency design - it means a lot of bass even at low wattages. 80W in bazooka equals around 300W in my car sub (sealed enclosure trunk mounted)

Fox Mulder: 2,2mm mdf? ^^ 22 mm :) or 2,2cm

AudX: ber are only options 2) take the volimeter, play sweeps look at the highest voltage points at speaker terminals. these are resonance freqiencies. compare this with your software model (winisd probably). You will notice it differs from theory. Change port diameters untill you get resonance at projected frequency. Fix the port diameter permanently. you are done. This can be done in your room. First option is much better though...

AudX: @vietstyle888 some ppl say car subs are too rough, harsh sounding for home use. they are mainly built to reach high SPL with powerful amps in mind, and home speakers quite opposite - less power capacity, ligher cones, more delicate suspensions, better sound precision. Car audio components are made to look good not exactly sound good but there are exceptions. All in all if you start the home project with no components - why not to go for these for home use. I'm happy with my Black Air

wakethedead89: what's the track called? :)

mrPEPELDO: wie ktoś jak się ta muza nazywa ? a co do pudła to nic specjalnego , stara szafka z głośnikiem :-) 0 weny twórczej !

dragonblood199: For your home or your car?????

bub1360: thanx thats a huge box

changoskillz: who drives around jammin this?

Tossdarice: I have one question though. but it might be stupid. Can you use a car sub as a home theater sub?

blankpaper66: @AudX Thanks for the large response man! :D

kkojot1: WTF!!! is that in a house!!?? biiig LOL

AudX: so cool to hear from a soulmate ;) squarnch is a masterpiece indeed

TRUCAJES: menudo burracon un poco mas y empotras el subwofer en un armario jajajajaja aparte que el subwofer es un mojon de que te sirve tanto cajon eso es una tartana

AudX: you quite right. internal stiffening elements would be highly wellcome in the construction. I could not use thicker MDF since this stuff is already heavy as hell. It vibrates a little but right now it is not working at high volumes. I will update the construction when I move in to my own house. Nails vs. screws - I think it is a matter of quantity... besides nothing is better than proper glue (and harded to use in amateur workshop)

AudX: @blankpaper66 You've got 2 options a) use your ears. put the enclosure outside (silent garden), stand couple of meters away (where the bass is strongest), play sine waves sweep, use db meter to see if the response is flat. If it is not - alter port diameter by putting eg. wooden stick inside untill it flattens out. Once you reach flat, punchy sound you are there. Change the port diameter by equivalent of added square cm of wood sticks. You cannot do it in your room! open space or anechoic chamb

AudX: haha good point!

AudX: it's approx 280 liters. that's "no replacement for displacement" design ;)

blankpaper66: @vietstyle888 Yep, i know it's a old comment buy there's no reason not too, but as the uploader mentioned, most of them aren't meant for home use. Many manufacturers actually make ones for cars and for home use, but SQ (Sound Quality) brands like JL Audio or even ascendant audio have several SQ subs which can be used inside. JL are #1 for SQ, yet they still slam, they also have a home range, while others like AA can be used inside, but aren't really meant for it.

AudX: thanx ;)

P90xFitnessExpert: Keep it Lound and Strong...

Francis Santos: niiiiice..... what's t he song by the way??

Ten836: to tell you the truth most music when mixed down the mastering engineers cut frequencies at 30-40 hz so how can it reproduce a 21 hz response?, and even so i doubt people wiull hear a 20hz freq. the idead is cool and attainable but not very usefull in the feild.
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ExpertOfSound: @AudX Hey, in my opinion I think a Dayton Audio Classic 18" 4 ohm woofer would work better for what you did here. It has a FS of exactly 25Hz, and it hits low frequencies like crazy. only 125$ too 300watts RMS
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