Herters .223 Ammo Review

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Tear Bear: We've shot these thru a Windham and a Bear Creek Arsenal both carbine length. No failures and no visible wear on anything. A little dirty but we usually clean after every outing. Haven't cleaned the Windham for several trips and it's still running. It's nice not needing to pick up the cases or transport empties back. I have some more expensive ammo put back for shtf but have yet to have one of these not go bang. The boy just got out a couple hundred for the range tomorrow.

captainzanzey: My windham ar eats this stuff up, my gun was shooting high, just need to get better sights, shoots well, shot over 200 rnds of it today and had no problems of any kind

Padong Ly: 400rds through my fnx 9 no problem at all. Should be the same for rifles too.

oafaloaf: stuff worked great on my factory greased s&w m&p-15 sport.  The way i figure it is if the extractor wears out i will replace it. Only jam was operator error, I thought this stuff was copper jacketed steel case lead core? can anyone confirm this?

JediGTI: I shot it for the first time today and got a jam after about 60rds.  

brianminkc: Usually this ammo works fine. It does increase wear on your barrel and extractor by about 20%. The bullet has a very thin copper jacket and their is steel underneath ..... so it will wear your barrel if you shoot thousands of rounds. It is pretty wicked stuff though... it will penetrate better than any other .223 round I am aware of.

ROL SAL: I have been using this ammo and no problems yet, sometimes is the rifle it self with the problems. What I did do was change the original extractor spring to a wolf spring. But I still didn't had any issues with it before the change.

claddagh1000: same as Tula. I had no issues after 300rds in my Sport.

Hawk1946: No problem with Herter's, TulAmmo or Wolf at all. It all works fine in my Bushmaster.

Gordon King: Brandon Lee You tell me I don't know that much about guns i bought a DPMS AR 15 Panther Arms dont know if it's gun r bad loads. Is this model a bad gun let me know?

Brandon Lee: Cyclinder? Lol. Good AR's should run it fine I don't know what you are running but I have shot thousands of rounds of this stuff and have had 0 malfunctions.

Gordon King: This ammo is crap shot 60 rounds out of my AR 15 and it jamed in cyclinder. It swelled when shot. thought ok one bad shell then i shot it out of my M14 and same thing happened no more Herters ammo for me.

iluvmym4: I guess buy a box try it out & if your gun won't cycle the stuff don't get more-but it wouldn't cost an arm & a leg for one box! That's my take.

sniperbait171: got this stuff in 308 my ptr91 loves it with 3in groups at a 100yrds not the best but for 10$ a box cant beat it. i get 1.5in groups with fiocchi but thats 18$ a box

Tzintzuntzan Morales: The first time I used Herters I had a double feed. The rest of the mag functioned properly and so did the next magazine. I don't plan to buy any more

ELEL: i bought about 100 rounds of this stuff and my ar did not like it at all, its a shame. I shot wpa steel case out of my ar no problem but the herters would just not feed at all, in fact my bolt would get stuck and so badly i needed to get a screw driver to pull it back for it to eject the unfired round.

altops: If your gun can't digest every single kind of ammo without fail, throw it in the dumpster, get a gun that can, because when SHTF/WROL is upon you, you don't want to be too picky about what second guessing your gun your gun is shooting. I have two DPMS uppered guns and there's nothing they wont eat.

Drew McMahon: The only problems I have with Herters are that they jam in my barrel after firing. I keep my weapons clean, maybe too clean because this stuff needs to shoot through a dripping wet with lube rifle. Dont get me wrong, for half the price of brass I will shoot this at paper anyday, I just know I have to have plenty of Lube and a cleaning rod every time to get rounds out.

naeverse: I have put about 12 mags of this stuff through my Bushmaster Ar-15. Not a single problem. That was all in a single day too.

LTGOneill: I've shot a few thousand of tula, several thousand more brown and silver bear; overall, brown and silver work best for me, but tula rarely fails. Using, 16", 14.5", 11.5" barrels, both carbine and mid-length, both DI and pistons... What I've noticed is the tula made rounds have slightly week powder charge, if herter's is just rebranded tula, it should be fine. If someone's AR doesn't reliably eat steel case, it's the AR not the ammo. still recommend silverbear, but eveyone is out of stock
Herters .223 Ammo Review 5 out of 5

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Herters .223 Ammo Review