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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Priscila Mendoza Milla: Que bello como te maquillas, gracias por enseñar tus tips ya que la mayoria solo nos maquillamos de una forma todos los días, solo por el hecho de no saber como aplicar ciertos productos, a partir de ahora me guiaré por tus videos... saludos desde Chile :)
Dylan Haas: gud job, well done. no bias here
lovyka chouhan: there such a cute coupul
yogertlvr: Incredible. It makes me want to go out and play penny slots. LOL Great job!
Charlotte Nelson: Hmm...wouldn't trust Andrew. The very fact he goes out of his way to say a few times hes NOT gay very well means hes likely to be (oh the irony) but thats how psychology works! If we are not something we don't feel the natural urge to try and convince others of that fact , because he does so UN prompted..which is the biggest clue.
TheVados84: what music playing ?
ianarno: What happened to parts 1 and 2?

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