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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Bedřich Hertl: super
Jennifer Parker: Finally! Thank you!.... I realize this was shared a few years ago, but somehow I'm just now coming upon your post. All these maintenance videos and forums do nothing but shove carburetor cleaning or crankshaft maintenance down your throat-- not once has anyone mentioned this to be a potential solution. I'm so glad I finally stumbled across this video. This is the ONLY troubleshooting video that actually solved my problem. Kudus to you for actually posting something useful and uncommon. Much appreciated. 
David Jones: I don't like how they changed the music in this version. Like having the Courtyard theme in the fight with Goro. That music just seems too "calm" for that fight.
Brent Seppanen: 6 days?!!! Theres no reason that little foundy should take more than a day and a half.
almajroh majroh: hahhahahah 4:23 you heard the crap
Jesper Sollie Varheim: That guy in blue hoodie is defantly gay...
Michele Childers: I am also hoping for a half-wig or just top covering tutorial? I am having serious hair loss in the front and my part is widening, but I have plenty of my own hair on the sides and in the back and would like to leave my hair out rather than having to dye it to match a full wig and leaving it out underneath the full wig.

VW SHARAN 1,9 TDI,rok 2001