Pokemon Emerald CODEBREAKER Codes

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Cowdy Creeper: im using VBA and it doesnt work

Dr PurplePotato YT: So how do the shiny codes work?

diogando: faz meu jogo começ]ao de novo

Harsh Khedekar: how to get all genes starts in embled

Blackphoenix395: The encounter Codes just crash my game? (I'm using GBA4iOS.)

Momota Hana: oh my god thank u i got alot of cool things

rojo el legendario maestro pokemon: viejo estúpido

Chaosmaster3: I'm using Retro GBA so the master code doesn't work so I can barely get anything...

Heidrex Dampil: The Pokemon crash my game

Prince Bautista: No Eevee?😢😢😢

Ender_ Ghoul_player: yay its working you can sell rare candy i so cool 👍👍👍👍👍

brendan binomar: how do you use the rare candy??

Zibo Gaming: nvm the rare candy work now

Zibo Gaming: The rare candy and money cheat no work

Jvt 124: you the is not like

TheMasterOfGames Gamer: the pokemon thing doesn't work

Alex Reindeer: "Call Any Pokemon" cheats. It doesn't work in "My Boy" Android App.

earl jeffcold: It worked but it ddnt work. idiot goblok anjing cyka blyat kontol

Boneset The Viridescent Witch: I cannot get any code I have tried to work. I have tried several codes(at least 6). I am playing Pokemon Glazed. I read it is an Emerald hack yet in my experience more of the Ruby codes were working than Emerald ones but a lot of inconsidtent ibfo is out on the game. I onky want the code for Articuno.

I have the correct feather and have went to Articuno in the game. It will not talk to me. It acts as though it is frozen. The animalmtion works and my character walks but I cannot interact with Articuno. It is a common glitch. i
I have been to 3 other parts of the game where it froze and I had to use a code to continue the gameplay. I simply want to be able to obtain Articuno and the game will not let me do it fairly so I need to hack for it because I cannot find info on fixing this glitch.

Jason Lemus: my game keeps freezing when I do the shiny cheat
Pokemon Emerald CODEBREAKER codes 5 out of 5

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Cowdy Creeper: im using VBA and it doesnt work
Gulfairuz Adilfan: Сними пожалуста видео что в моей квартире!
Matthew Ferrie: 1:56 is where the feels hit me.
Terence van der Woude: Hi there - I am really grateful for your video. The way you ripped that top off was impressive. You made it quick and easy to fix the Hoover!
Hoàng Võ: How to pair the PS3 controller with the phone?
Davien McCarty: i actually rather liked this game and feel if it wasnt for all of the countless glitches in the game it would have been great. sadly the glitches made it borderline unplayable
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Pokemon Emerald CODEBREAKER codes