Pokemon Emerald CODEBREAKER Codes

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My boy Pokemon Emerald ♢ Cheat Codes!!
My boy Pokemon Emerald ♢ Cheat Codes!!
Pokemon Emerald Shiny cheat (Xploder SP)
Pokemon Emerald Shiny cheat (Xploder SP)
Pokemon Emerald Catching Mew  (with gameshark) gba
Pokemon Emerald Catching Mew (with gameshark) gba
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Pokemon OA Emerald - Review

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JaggsVore Gaming: all work exept for the shiny

Febie Rupinta: well the legnds only but not the shiny one

Cowdy Creeper: im using VBA and it doesnt work

Dr PurplePotato YT: So how do the shiny codes work?

diogando: faz meu jogo começ]ao de novo

Harsh Khedekar: how to get all genes starts in embled

Blackphoenix395: The encounter Codes just crash my game? (I'm using GBA4iOS.)

Momota Hana: oh my god thank u i got alot of cool things

rojo el legendario maestro pokemon: viejo estúpido

Chaosmaster3: I'm using Retro GBA so the master code doesn't work so I can barely get anything...

Heidrex Dampil: The Pokemon crash my game

Prince Bautista: No Eevee?😢😢😢

Ender_ Ghoul_player: yay its working you can sell rare candy i so cool 👍👍👍👍👍

brendan binomar: how do you use the rare candy??

Zibo Gaming: nvm the rare candy work now

Zibo Gaming: The rare candy and money cheat no work

Jvt 124: you the is not like

breixo paz: the pokemon thing doesn't work

Alex Reindeer: "Call Any Pokemon" cheats. It doesn't work in "My Boy" Android App.

earl jeffcold: It worked but it ddnt work. idiot goblok anjing cyka blyat kontol
Pokemon Emerald CODEBREAKER codes 5 out of 5

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Pokemon Emerald CODEBREAKER codes