How To Camouflage A Rifle(AR15)

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Striker 12267: I wasn't sure it would look that great at first, but man that looks super cool. This video helped alot and was very professional.

Smiffer Smaffer: why didn't you hang it?

Jake Burris: Question: how long did you wait to let it dry. I've heard of people wait days before even putting on a second layer

ImSmxrfyJr PS3: and my pistol

ImSmxrfyJr PS3: I have a question, would I be able to do this for my airsoft gun

Joel Fernandez: I love your idea. Just have a couple of questions. How long with the smell of spray paint stay on the Rifle? and how is the texture of the rifle after its spray painted? I feel like it'll be gooey.

Gary Spears: Thanks for the ideas brother.

Robert Zeurunkl: Man, that actually turned out REALLY well. I wasn't so sure about your approach until about 4:50 when you broke from the norm, and decided to go for BIG blotches. My opinion - and it is my "opinion" only - is that a lot of guys go for a camo that looks good from about 8 feet away. Grass and leaf patterns are great if you are looking at the rifle against grass or leaf from about 8 feet away.

Really effective camo breaks up the lines from more like 200 to 400 YARDS away, and that means BIG blotches, and BIG angles. I also like how you left the grip unpainted. You don't want that stuff dissolving on your skin, and your hand is going to cover that part anyway.

So your results are really fantastic. I'm gonna make note. I've got a stainless steel Ruger .300 WinMag that I've been wanting to do. I'll let you know how it turns out.

John Smith: 30 round mags yet a bullet button? must be 10/30s or we pretend I didn't see that bullet button...

Dog Tag: Looks good to me I will us your tips

BluePantheR: Where Can i buy The AR15

Made At 5.56: Nice idea with the clear coat. New subscriber

Dep Qua: Request for range test of two 30 round mags fast fire back to back. If it paint doesn't cook off I'll paint mine.

Michael Townley: Gonna camo my pit bike

Ryan James: I see you live in California. nice pant job


Italys Finezt: That turned out better then I expected, my Ar was Hydro dipped and I'm trying to figure out how to take the hydro dip off lol.. Without ruining the original finish of the gun

bagel boy: no need for dura/cera coats... rustoleum works fine, doesnt bubble with heat.... and it gives your rifle that unique bad ass look when it starts to wear off..... also PRO TIP: acetone will strip off rustoleum, so you CAN remove this if you want too

Ryan G: Best camo I've seen on YouTube.

SNIPER 09911: good job.
How to Camouflage a Rifle(AR15) 5 out of 5

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How to Camouflage a Rifle(AR15)