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joe: even if it was 1/4 at 100 (which it is NOT) then at 200 it would be 2/4=1/2. MOA is barely more than an inch at 100 yards but most people call it an inch because it's easier. so anything under 1" at 100yds, 2" at 200, 3" at 300 is smaller "SUB" MOA (Minute of Angle)

FreeWombling: I think you've misunderstood the question. I'm well aware of what MOA means in practice. What I'm asking about is if the rifle is capable of sub MOA groups if you shoot 5 or 10 shots? A three shot group can be part of a larger group, or just a fluke. As such I believe that a 5 shot grouping gives a much better indication of the rifle's accuracy potential.

thetatesoutdooradventures Tate: You can shoot as many shots as you like and as long as it is still under one MOA (1"@100y 2"@200y 3"@300Y so on and so forth) yes it is still sub moa.

thetatesoutdooradventures Tate: One minute of angle (MOA) is 1 1/60 of a degree so 1 MOA is 1 inch at 100 yards 2" at 200 yards 3" at 300 yards and so on and so forth. So a 2" group at 300 yards is 2/3 of an MOA. And last time I checked 2/3 was less than 1.

Mike Simpson: Chosenmarine, At 300 yards, a 2 inch group is sub moa. And for any questions. Minute of Angle (MOA) is slightly more than 1 inch at 100 yards. For simplicity they just call it one inch at 100 yards.

james burke: I thought SUB MOA was less then a 1/4 inch. and if you shot 1/4 at 100 then 200 would be 3/4 of a inch right then if you shot 300 your moa should be 1 to 1 1/4 right.

Jeff Niemann: Any trigger adjustments?

FreeWombling: As I said in another post (which hasn't appeared in this conversation for some reason), what I was asking about is the rifle's capabilities. As such, I would be interested in seeing how it performed when firing more than three shots.

roninpainbringer: all you need to measure MOA is 2 shots. most use 3. you measure the grouping of those shots. you shoot 10 shots at 300 yards and the group is under 3 inches inches then ya it's sub MOA. you shoot 10000000 shots at 300 yards and the groups are still under 3 inch groups then ya it's sub MOA.

FreeWombling: Sorry, I've just realised that it's not your video or rifle. I had been hoping for a reply from millerusaf as to the rifle's capabilities.

FreeWombling: Thanks, but what I meant was more with regard to the number of shots rather than the distance. So if you fire 10 shots at 300 yards (obviously giving time for the barrel to cool) is the group still sub MOA or larger?

roninpainbringer: no. MOA is measured relative to the distance being shot. for example a 0.5 inch group at 100 yard is sub MOA. just muliply that by 2 for 200 yards, 3 for 300 yards etc etc etc. so a 5 inch group at say...600 yards would be sub MOA.

FreeWombling: Are larger groups (5 or 10 shots) still sub MOA?

Tikka Koski: haha yeah wait that comment was 9 months old i'm sure you knew by now haha

Hashmountain: At 500 yards that's a hell of a good group!

Tikka Koski: To make it simple if you are shooting at 500 yards and get a 5 inch grouping that's 1 moa

Tikka Koski: Nice groupings the smallest I have ever gotten was 2 inchs at 100 yards with a m/91/30 but for it being dirtier than most people at my school and the barrel and receiver hotter than a freaking oven for speed shooting that's not bad

roninpainbringer: PWNED BIG TIME... NUB LOL

Josh Pollard: at 300 yards moa is 3 inches. two is less then 3 therefor he shot sub moa

cD GLY: any thing below 3 inches at 300 yards is sub MOA

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