How To Build A Gaming Computer - *NEW* 2013 Edition!

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a2wtommy: I'm building a new Gaming PC, and I can't tell you how much your videos have helped me. This is not my first build, but I am still a novice. And your videos are like having one's own personal tech teacher. I just want to Thank You so much. Keep up the Great work!

Flukey jr: good video i like the way you explained every single thing

Kenneth Barba: this guy is hilarious "people handle this like it's plutonium" but thanks for showing that stuff like the bag, going to build for the first time, less paranoid now

The Game Craft: Like if your watching this in 2015!

etho 130: +CareyHolzman dear carey, you are the most trust worthy pc builder I know. 125 dollars Paypal is a great price and I would have you build a pc for me any day! So keep your awesome work and carey on you deserve all the support 6
You get.

Thor Hansen: Cool watch though :D

Demoon Stark: What's the name of the schrewdriver he's using? Or when Can I find it? :)

52memor: Thanks for this video. You've inspired me to build my own.. Many many thanks

DragonScout: Carey, sir. You are a God.

Chris Rodgers: Thanks for sharing your expertise Carey, you treat every computer component with extreme care. Each video is well explained. Just wish you all the best and I have learned a lot.

Ess illusions: wish there was someone like this in uk! want to build best possible system avalible but just dont know anyone in u.k:(

tadentt: thanks!!!

Terfay777 Terfay777: This was verry helpful

onikiller10: Just installed my new gtx 970 , it was pretty easy to install because i watched your video so thanks Carey.

Khilan Santoki: Great Video!Really Helped Me A Lot To Build My First Gaming PC!

AngelZHable: Nice vid

Kristian Monczak: i can watch this guy for ever he´s shows is never boring

Kristian Monczak: he is good love he´s show wish he could build my computer but i live in sweden hehe

LazinessAddicted: Best guide ever ! Thank you so much CareyHolzman, got to build my computer in a couple hours without any problem thanks to this video when I don't know anything about hardware

daddy: hi Kerry iam eddie and I have a hp dx 7300 slimtower that was a Walmart piss of junk but 4 gb of ram and a 500 hard drive and windows 8.1 leter I have a cool pc thank to you telling us to go for it. thank you texas eddie and wife Debbie
How to Build a Gaming Computer - *NEW* 2013 Edition! 5 out of 5

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How to Build a Gaming Computer - *NEW* 2013 Edition!