How To Build A Gaming Computer - *NEW* 2013 Edition!

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samuel gregory: Just want to say thank you for this video. I followed your instructions step by step and when I finished it worked perfectly. Keep up the good work my friend.

jack teller (ud4v): just used this for my first build thanks a lot everything went well

Ade Jiboye: Great video! very easy to understand! thank you.

Levi Cannon: This video is so helpful

Rainier Pablo: I Like That the way you Start he he he I always watch you in this site he he he thank you you very helpfull

Jon Doe (Mr White Foxy): Have you looked at the Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6V Lithium Ion Dual-Position Cordless Screwdriver?

hugo02020202: In the beginning when you were holding the Minion and the dog came in he was like 'What the F*** are you doing?*

Marc Stockton: thanks again carey. another year, another computer

xxx420Blazeit_Faze_SmokeW33dEveryDay_MLG_MumGetTheCamera_OhBabyATriple_M0unta1nD3w_D0r1t0s_Y0L0Swag: Thank you so much! My computer wasn't turning on because the reset and power cables weren't plugged in the right spot. After watching this I got it working and built my first computer. Thanks again!

Zach Kokiri: Took the plunge, bought the parts for a new computer. Never built one before.... I'm so worried I'll build the whole thing and then when I hit the power button nothing will happen.

Based CIA: I'm building my own PC about a week from now and I'm really hoping that I could build it as well as you do. I get that building isn't necessarily hard, but I'm a complete noob at this.

Kacperek Miziurka: Thank you dood soooo much, this videp helped me. im only 12 but im verrry intrested in computers 😉with your video i arledy built 2pcs for my friends. THANK YOU!

Shaymin 97: Thank you for your video, it really helped me by building my new PC :)

Arun Ajay: Hey, great video! It really helped me out on my first build :)

gabo: Just assembled my first builf with you on the background. Thanks a lot cary for this great guide.

ItsEganTime: Great video! Very helpful because I am building a PC with this case :)

gabo: Thanks a lot Carey, great video for first time builders like myself.

Spartan Vale: you made this seem so easy thank you so much ♡ +1 Sub

Cameron Walker: Just wanted to say thanks for this video. I'm building my first PC in a few hours, and this answered a LOT of questions and I feel a great deal more confident about it.

darkknight: Awesome videos Carey, will be building my first pc soon and your detailed videos have been of tremendous help :)
How to Build a Gaming Computer - *NEW* 2013 Edition! 5 out of 5

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How to Build a Gaming Computer - *NEW* 2013 Edition!