McBub - 7 Inch VIA WM8650 Tablet PC Battery Replacement Guide (1)

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fsx2013mike: what voltage battery for the wm8650

Luis DIAZ GONZALEZ: Algun lugar para comprar refacciones de este modelo? saludos

Alexander Aybar Ramirez: que jevi

SemblanceOfSanity: OK now make a video showing how to replace the touchscreen you just ruined.

z arslan: geri zekalı tabletin azına sıçtı

G Diddy: Its easier to just peel back the corners and remove the screws and re use the screen as it was before...

hytlerson: 0:27 AAAAAAAHH! how can you be touchin the lcd? fingerprints!!!

fapo8: May I use the tablet just connected to its power supply without the battery? I'd like to convert it to a (tiny experimental) server and I would removing the battery... thx

Kevin Daken: What a really rough job, no care applied to the job at all, glad it's not my Tablet.

Ashish Neupane: Hey i need a battery so can i get it online cause i am From Nepal.

angel fabian castro castro: is not necessary broke all tha tablet's wide, u can only release the 4 corners , i did it because i couldn't to charge my tablet with the adaptor, so i needed to ccharge it with a 9v battery. & it works!

NILDA TORRES: Gosh! You're a beast!

Mitchell Angel Gomez Ortega: hi =D that has the battery specifications? V & A.

Glen Borja: Got two galaxy note 3 batteries, series it and slugged it in. works very well.

jajaadjani: i think its a good vid except the part where he rips the protective screen of making it useless.theres no need for that all he had to do was expose one corner then gently pull it off around the tablet exposing the four screws at each corner making sure not to unstick it from the actual touch screen because the glue would be noticeable.once you finish watever you have to do to the tablet.

Marcelo Silvestre Rosa: Hello! To replace the screen as I do?

Bijay Shrestha: Hi...friend i lost its firmware by formatting its internal memory.. so how can i put its firmware again....?

Carlos Ortiz: where can i find replacement or upgrade battery?

Pravin Mitkar: Instead of removing the screen can't you just cut the small round portion of screen to expose the screws and then remove the screws ? That way you can save replacing the screen .

ongchorcool: can I upgrade the battery by replacing it with a higher mah one
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fsx2013mike: what voltage battery for the wm8650
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McBub - 7 inch VIA WM8650 Tablet PC Battery Replacement Guide (1)