Taurus Raging Bull 44 Mag Review

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JB6789: Caveat: Ca-VEET or... ... ...Ca-VEE-at? LOL.

Thatdualsportguy: Fallout 4 suspicion confirmed

Brad Strong: One of the best reviews I've watched, thank you.

johnnyweeks1971: I cant decide if im going to get the raging bull or the 500 s&w.
Its my birthday and cant make up my mind. I love both

TyRCelto: After firing one of these at the range a couple of weeks ago I went and ordered one within a few days, in black:) Its good to know that the US price is fairly much on par with what i paid here in Australia. Good review, thanks for uploading.

Jerome Anio: Now that's a good damn review!

Javier Farías Sepúlveda: So this is where Patrick Bateman ended up. Makes sense. 

andujo211: It's bad ass. 

Jeff Kodiac: Is that the Taurus is really a reliable revolver ?? 

Jeramy Boone: Awesome gun, the steak wrapped in bacon of revolvers. I am looking to purchase one soon. I really wish that Taurus was still manufacturing the raging bull 500 though, can't think of a real use for it but I would sure love to have one. Great video

Deacon Nyte: good review - thanks

GriznitDshiznit: I like the look but we'll see when I get one

mikeydoubledee: Nice review Christian Bale. Did not know this was a piece of Batmans kit.

BR5499a: Skip to 1:30

Andrew Marrs: I bought it for its looks, and I couldn't be more happy with my piece! I display it on my coffee table, and admire its beauty! Shoots like a winner! Picked it up for $608, and im very please with it!

Andrew Marrs: I've put over 500rds of 240gr magtech, and I haven't had any problem with the reliability of my .444B8 Taurus, and my .44SS6 Taurus. These are great guns, and if you have any problems with your pistol, Taurus will email you a shipping label from Fed Ex with 2day shipping and 2day return, and fix it for free as long as you own the gun! Taurus has a great staff, and friendly customer service. You can even check the repair status online.

Andrew Marrs: I have the 444B8, and it shoots very well. Recoil is minimal due to weight, porting, and barrel length. I love it! I could not be more satisfied with this fire arm. I use 240gr magtech rounds, and its a blast. Make sure you use good hearing protection with 240s. I also own the Taurus SS6, and it also shoots with minimal recoil, because of the porting. I also have the Taurus 629 .357mag in 4". and my 444B makes it look like a .22. Get one!!!

2009mechanic: I own a Taurus model 608 in the .357 Magnum 6 inch barrel. I want to get the Taurus model 444SS8 revolver next. Have you ever tried the 8 inch or so barreled revolver yet ? I am curious as to what the additional 2 inches of barrel will do for the recoil as it is also ported just like my .357 Magnum. My thinking is : bigger caliber ,longer barrel. I'm not a big guy nor do I have huge hands either . I can't even wrap mu hands around a Desert Eagle in the same caliber. I like the Taurus better.

Mike Heinlein: Kaveet? It's caveat dude, pronounced "ka-vee-at" -_-

MegaCophater: Video or it didn't happen.
Taurus Raging Bull 44 Mag Review 5 out of 5

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Taurus Raging Bull 44 Mag Review