Taurus Raging Bull 44 Mag Review

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Antonio Henrique Fernandes: Where to buy mount for RT444

James Jameson: That aint free HAND ...Bro!! Sorry ....Cant be posted up to ah tree...Free hand means drop the beed an let it fly

Shake Palmer: 44 MAGNUM ALWAYS

Laby 70: I want to get this scope rail. anyone know where?

Apocalyptic Nomad: I like the proprietary top rail. I can't find one online. Can you tell me what company has them? Taurus USA does not have them.

Bruce B: :39 boom, foot gone.

CyberPunk733: ui'm surprise you didn't mention he crapty site on this gun, that's really rhe only complaint i have about it, the sites are all completely black and it's very hard to use them in low light, I painted my front white and put red electrical tape on my rear one, just wish there was a better opton but no one makes a better site for this gun.. simmons make a nice handgun scope 4x32 and it's only $83, nice looking on this gun, thinking about getting it but the scope mounts are pretty crapty looking so still thinking about it.

CyberPunk733: nice vid, i actually like the laser etching and grip on this gun, it certainly makes it stand out over the others, plus the price on this seems reasonable, $700 vs $1200 for the ruger or S&W? i couldn't pay that for a handgun, that's just nuts.

Laby 70: What optic rail is that?

TrackemKY: my brother has the Raging Bull 44mag he loves it. I had the Ruger 44 Hunter 7 1/2inch barrel but had to switch to a Glock G40 10mm for my woods gun. Got nerve damage in my hand couldn't handle the punch no more really love the 44mag. Thumbs up great review

12GaugeDemoMan: I really enjoyed the review, thanks.

JB6789: Caveat: Ca-VEET or... ... ...Ca-VEE-at? LOL.

Thatdualsportguy: Fallout 4 suspicion confirmed

Brad Strong: One of the best reviews I've watched, thank you.

johnnyweeks1971: I cant decide if im going to get the raging bull or the 500 s&w.
Its my birthday and cant make up my mind. I love both

TyRCelto: After firing one of these at the range a couple of weeks ago I went and ordered one within a few days, in black:) Its good to know that the US price is fairly much on par with what i paid here in Australia. Good review, thanks for uploading.

Rome Anio: Now that's a good damn review!

Javier Farías Sepúlveda: So this is where Patrick Bateman ended up. Makes sense. 

andujo211: It's bad ass.

Jeff Kodiac: Is that the Taurus is really a reliable revolver ?? 
Taurus Raging Bull 44 Mag Review 5 out of 5

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Antonio Henrique Fernandes: Where to buy mount for RT444
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Taurus Raging Bull 44 Mag Review