My 2g GSX - Walkaround, 2 Step, And Pull

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My 2g GSX - Walkaround. 2 Step. and Pull
My 2g GSX - Walkaround. 2 Step. and Pull
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Trey Blue: CEL is Engine Knock

TheBreakfastClb: He got that Brian O' Connor setup

2GeclipseGSX: wow man very nice i really like the sound of your car when 2 stepping idk theres other 2 steps out there that sound wierd as freak yours is PERFECT!! what are you tuning with? dsmlink?

idleprechaun: 2:15 love the sound of that spool god damn

68camaro476: your runnin a lil lean arnt u?

tetsujin420: @RamirezSalgado909 Came with the car when I bought it. It's a short-route and most likely was custom made.

Davon J: this is sick

Matt Grinnell: @tetsujin420 it could but most dsms the CEL will flash under full boost because of knock...whats you timing at?

Roger Moreno: Nice! I used to have a silver 97 GSX. I miss that car dearly. Only had some BPUs, GReddy intercooler piping, boost controller, evo exhaust. So much fun to drive.

JD: @tetsujin420 Black on black is pretty rare, so is this one lol. Anyways car looks good :) and i wouldnt think it would show cel for that but i am not sure :) Nice accent btw haha.

tetsujin420: @Indianmalujl Actually wanted a black gsx, but couldn't pass this one up. The color eventually grew on me. Im debating on repainting it due to peeling. Didn't log any knocks. I think it's because the rubber caps on my unused vacuum ports were cracked up from heat, causing a leak under full boost. Would that trigger a CEL?

JD: love that color on dsm, thats my fav i'd take that anyday, do you have check engine light flicker for knock?

uH8nCHRONIC: @tetsujin420 Yeah all 6 bolts (Eclipse, older evos, galants, colts) are the same. The only difference is that the IM says Cyclone on it. All 7 botls are the same too. The mivec engines are not possible on a dsm. The engine and tranny are completly flipped on the newer evos. If you make your DSM RWD then maybe its possible. I have seen the newer evo engines in Mirages.

tetsujin420: @uH8nCHRONIC I know, right? Don't they share the same motor? Unless they're talking about the newer MIVEC engine. I have an eprom ecu running dsmlink so no need on the evo ecu.

uH8nCHRONIC: @rockthedrums4life your dumb, evo motor in a dsm lol

cody ray: they need a check brain warning light also.nice car hope to own a gsx one day i have a gs convertible...2g dsms are bad looking.....u can put a new evo motor and ecu in them if u have the right knowledge
My 2g GSX - Walkaround, 2 Step, and Pull 5 out of 5

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Dwight “Denjin” Johnson: I love the way Birdman kicked it off!
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Mauldropper: the seat looks like a mustang wide touring seat. i believe the backrest and luggage rack are outlaw customs

My 2g GSX - Walkaround, 2 Step, and Pull