Proyecto Snowchains

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Proyecto Snowchains
Proyecto Snowchains
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Proyecto Snowchains
Proyecto Snowchains
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808pathfinder: plastic n cold weather dont mix

Rez Zircon: Very interesting concept. I live in Montana and I use tire chains a lot in winter but I drive a dually and getting chains on and off is hell. This would be so  much easier.

I think the other comments' complaints are fixable.

1) Snow chains ride rough, this wouldn't be any worse (probably better), and you are never supposed to go faster than 25MPH regardless, nor drive on dry pavement.

2) Probably the best construction for the 'wings' would be ribbed steel. Injection molded plastic will not hold up to the tens of thousands of PSI that tires develop, not even structural plastic, and it would become brittle in the cold (I have had to use chains when the temperature is below -25C). Also, if the wings are made of steel, it could be made so a broken wing can be replaced by the user. Likewise the center should be all metal, not plastic. Trust me, plastic will NOT hold up under the conditions where we use chains.

3) As to flying off, I think the flange on the back needs to be deeper. At least two inches of grip down the side of the tire. One inch is not enough, it will come off when the tire flexes over any bump. With a metal flange, the inside flange should be covered in rubber (same rubber as tires are made of) to prevent tire damage.

I think this is a great idea, it just needs to be implemented so it actually works under real-world conditions. People use chains under tough conditions, not so much for regular driving. The device's construction has to take that into account.

TIMEtoRIDE900: How about a tire that has studs on the edges?? You deflate the tire to 18 PSI and the steel engages AND you have a bigger footprint.  When the road is better, you re-inflate.

luna21kouta: Super. Where can I buy snow chains?

andres felipe Velasquez: What program did you use for animations ?

Tommy Taylor: Ugh, sorry that looks an awful lot like the Maggi quick trak or the Thule K-summit snow chains, except they're better because they don't wrap around the back of the tire…

emdman1959: While it looks easier to put on than the stupid tire sock it is still another stupid useless invention. if your going to drive in the snow and live where there is snow most of the year buy yourself a good set of snow tires.

Sacha R: Si, está más que inventando hace más de 5 años: /watch?v=G_hndafrj9k

Sacha R: /watch?v=G_hndafrj9k

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oliver peimbert: Its a nice idea, but not workable. It looks very flimsy and breakable. The ride will be bumpy.

Carlos Palacios: No! Ya me gustaría a mi, pero no se llevo a cabo la producción.

Carlos Palacios: Unfortunately...Is not in the market, is just a final student project. thanks

syl tau: Super. Where can I buy snow chains?

syl tau: Toll.Wo kann man diese Schneeketten kaufen?

Greg Épine: That is a sexy tire.

Julio B. Figueroa: I like this. Sure beats having to get out the car and driving over chains to get them on.

Elizabeth .JustElizabeth: I wish I had a set of these when I lived in Central WA. The old chains were a pain in the butt and chewed up my hands. There doesn't look like a lot of clearance at 5 and 7 o'clock. Are they much more expensive than the old chains?
Proyecto Snowchains 5 out of 5

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Proyecto Snowchains